Recently someone left a comment to rather forcibly let me know that he didn’t think the scenario was brutal. My correspondent evidently endures hours of scream worthy corporal punishment.

Hooray for him.

Our bodies and minds aren’t identically constructed. The physiological ability to handle physical pain and the masochistic gift to process it erotically are individual to each of us.

Sure I know many sadists really like masochists who can really take it rough. But the best sadists understand the subjectivity of S&M and that it isn’t an Olympic sport. They can appreciate that for some people thirty minutes with a flogger is the most they can take.

Treating masochism as a competitive event is risky since it can motivate a bottom to try to endure more than he or she should. It can be another form of rape.

‘Manly’ masochists should relish their own capacity but otherwise just shut up.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


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