Vampire Vampira Dominatrix

Given that women are most often thought of as nurturers I’m surprised that in female domination – at least the imaginations of submissive men – they often take on the quality of psychosexual vampires.

Surely that wasn’t how the guys saw their mothers?

I suspect this begins in the early or mid teens. When the hormones kick in and the difference between what the body wants and most people can accomplish becomes oppressive. It is in the male’s teenage years that he is apt to develop such weird and un pleasant images of womanhood.

Perhaps – in a general, not just F/m sense – the greatest reason to hope our society eventually matures in the handling of things sexual.

Originally posted 2008-06-05 11:25:58.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. Wes58 says

    I think the various fantasies we have, including the vampire one, originate with women themselves (or at least with our interpretation of their behavior). Some women are predominately maternal and nurturing, some are virginal nuns, some are prostitutes, some are indeed metaphorical vampires (gold diggers, etc.). It’s no insult to women to acknowledge their diversity.

    I admit, when I was an adolescent, the vampire fantasy provided me with a lot of fun. I enjoyed the old Vampirella comics. I always imagined myself as Vampirella’s slave. She never killed me or turned me into a vampire. She kept me in her castle and drank my blood when times were lean or she had to hide out. I was her sexual slave and her domestic slave as well (the castle has to be kept tidy, you know). I always diverged greatly from the original Vampirella stories in my fantasies, but hey, their my fantasies!


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