My Happiness in Being Submissive and Masochistic

I got a note saying that someone on Informed Consent swiped this without credit. (It orginally appeared on Down On My Knees.) Rereading it I find I still enjoy it and thought I’d repost the list here.

Submissive Man at Woman's Feet

Individuality – we each express who we are without regard to the bogus conventions, sham rules and kindred nonsense that is often propounded as truths on the web.

Erotic Beauty – Ordinary people they say have fifteen minutes of sex a few times a week. Pneumatic action followed by sleep. In our power exchange “sex” can last for hours and the afterglow for days. (Yeah, this is two words.)

Pet – I’m in love and on my knees. Resting my head on her knee and waiting for her hand to brush the back of my neck is one of the happiest spaces I can go to.

Creature – (Not really explored. But I want ten.) Less than human object. Existing to be used: inarticulate, obedient without thought.

Slave – My will vanishes. There seems to be an invisible wire that leads from her brain to mine. My brain becomes quiet, if I think it is only to make sure I obey.

Helpless – How odd it is to be a man who must struggle to reach these states. Thankfully chains and cuffs can help me find my way there.

Pain – I almost laugh as I type that word. My mind harks back to being bound at the dining room entry as she hit me. Would that next blog of the quirt be too much or not enough? Before she comes back I will go to my rose garden and cut a thick stem.

Suffering – As she hurts me it feels as if she is eating my heart like it is a rare delicacy. There is more than mere physical suffering to be explored.

Surrender – I prefer this word to submission. (And despise “sub” and “subbie.”) Doing what I’m told or really merely asked meshes deeply with my needs.

Worship – this is where the surrender is purest, becomes beatific. When this overcomes me I wish I were telepathic. There are no words, is no action with which I can really let her feel what is flowing through my heart.

Your words?

Originally posted 2010-08-04 10:14:02.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. Throne says

    I like the word UNFAIR. A Femdom relationship should be one-sided, with all the power residing with the female. The male can whine, “But that’s not fair,” as often as he wants to, but he’s not likely to get any sympathy.

  2. bootlicker says

    Throne writes: ‘The male can whine, “But that’s not fair,” as often as he wants to, but he’s not likely to get any sympathy.’

    One imagines that the Superior One’s response is a pleasant, amused “Of course not.” The key here is that the Superior One does not get angry at Her male chattel.

    She is simply amused that it is so naive as to think that it has any right to expect “fairness.” In fact, the term actually has no meaning with regard to a slave. Is is fair to kick a football, or to hit a nail with a hammer?

    A few soccer-ball kicks, or strokes with a cane, applied with love and concern for the slave’s education and enlightenment, would be in order, followed by allowing it to lick Her boots in gratitude.

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