Desirable Submissive Men

So many desperate submissive men write to dominant women on the dating sites offering themselves as worthless worms who’ll do anything.

Dominant women aren’t looking for worthless, inferior men:

Dominant women often look for highly intelligent men, someone they can talk to and discuss things with. Often men who are fairly assertive outside of the home, but have a gentle and submissive side too. A man who’s ok with showing his feelings. Physical appearance really depends on her individual taste… some dominant women like strong and masculine looking men, others prefer more effeminate men.

So give her a reason to think she might want to have dinner with you. Then she’ll be willing to consider whether or not she’ll enjoy controlling you.

In a female led relationship what is the woman looking for in her man?

Originally posted 2013-09-10 14:44:36.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. John says

    Any woman who enjoys excellent spaghetti and good food in general, a sparkly clean, sweet smelling house and classical music with a genial companion would like to have dinner with me. For me much of this is not even a matter of being sub so much as I like cooking and cleaning. From there I would let the right woman control me, around the house at first and we could see how it goes and grows.

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