Fashion Model

Submissive guys minds are often full of PVC clad dominatrices and high powered, suited female executives.

Does this stop you from realizing that the woman to take control of you may be wearing t-shirt and jeans and working in a shop around the corner?

Originally posted 2008-03-16 03:00:47.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. roo-roo says

    It’s important to maintain a realistic view. People aren’t dressed bdsm-ish all the time, just as people aren’t dominant or submissive in every single interaction. I’ve been dominated by someone in a t-shirt and jeans (or other non-fetishy clothing) plenty of times. It didn’t take anything away from the scene. Sure, either person (or both people) dressing fetishy can be a fun way to add to a scene, but variety is wonderful. Fetishy this time, t-shirt and jeans next time, naked the next, lingerie the next, etc. There are lots of possiblities. To me, “normal” clothes help keep me grounded in the reality that this is an actual *person*, not some fetish model. Plus, there’s a certain spontaneity available with everyday clothes; anything could happen at any time, whereas with fetish wear, that takes a little preparation. So while I do enjoy fetish wear, there are lots of other options too.

  2. nathanyl says

    I prefer dominate women to be dressed in normal clothing. I find this brings a sense of reality to the event and turns me on even more. My favourite BDSM style photo is of 3 women all house wife types dressed in normal housewife clothing (normal and modern not Leave it to beaver style) who are mocking a man they have just ballbusted who is naked and on his knees in pain. What a woman wears does turn me I just like it to be more normal and indicative of her personality.

  3. Anonymous says

    I’m turned on more by dominant women in regular clothes too. When I see women in fetish clothes it has the sense to me that the woman is trying to perform for the benefit of the submissive. But to see a woman accentuate her sexual power with clothes that she could wear out on the street…

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