Frustrated Submissive Males – Leave Your Wife

In reading the authentic – opposed to the fantasy – blogs I’ve observed the strain that men seeking to introduce power exchange (call it female led relationships or just plain old BDSM) bring their marriages and relationships.

Regardless of what the loving female authority cheerleaders say many women do not want to be the boss, head of the household or Mistress/Wife. They never will.

And I’ve witnessed some men who in offering their wife submission lose her. They wind up in divorce court.

That is sad, yes, but:

If your need to offer submission is so strong that it interferes with your functioning, your peace of mind and getting a good night’s sleep there’s something you have to face up to. You may love your wife or girlfriend but the two of you are incompatible.

For a man who wants to be a woman’s slave to continue to live with a vanilla woman is as futile as it is for a gay man to be a woman’s husband.

Leaving her – however painful it is – is the honorable and sane thing to do. There’s no shame in getting your needs met. And let her get on with the task of finding a man whose desires match hers.

Staying in a miserable marriage is often only the act of a coward.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?

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