Do You Really Want to Be Her Household Servant

Life of Servitude?

Juan Puyal Slave Husband
Juan Puyal

Many submissive men write about their (often fictitious) delight in being their wife’s or girlfriend’s household servant.

They boast of their intense and continual labors.

Is a role of service, as a woman’s servant, a lifestyle that you really want.

When your fantasies fade after, say, wanking do these dreams persist. Do you think you can sustain and delight in coming home from your paying job and working like a slave at home.

  • Will you thrill to wash the dishes?
  • Happily scrub floors and walls?
  • Wash, dray, fols and hand the laundry?
  • Will you be proud of how you make the bathroom sparkle: tub shiny, gleaming toilet?
  • Will you gladly every day insure that your Mistress never lifts a finger, performs a chore?

Will your life as a laboring slave of a woman truly be your perpetual source of joy?

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. chris hume says

    Serving a woman in any way is a privilege. Housework is a particularly humiliating way to serve, as traditionally it has been “women’s work.” A “man” gets emasculated, with a woman supervising him, punishing him for not working fast enough or well enough. The excitement can “fade,” but not if the woman does regular discipline and whippings. a male slave feels rewarded with her attention. The bruises and marks are badges of courage, of his willingness to submit, showing his love for her. he feels guilty not being better, not working harder. he thanks her for discipline. he worships her, as she really is a Goddess. She becomes more and more beautiful as she increases her control and dominance. Housework is basic, but it remains exciting, as it allows humiliation and discipline, control and total slavery. His Goddess rents him out, loans him out to girlfriends and relatives for service. He does housework for other women, and they beat him and tell his wife if he was not completely obedient. Slavery is a life of excitement and pleasure comes from knowing we please a woman. Making her happy is everything. That’s what males were created for, to serve women. Waking each day, to think about how to better serve, to be a better slave. Chores are a privilege, an honor. We should be thankful for any small thing we are allowed to do for women. Thankful for discipline, for beatings, for whippings, to help us improve, to bring pleasure to a woman. She deserves to beat us, if only for her pleasure, even when we have done our best and been a perfect slave. Thank you Goddesses, women who allow us to serve. We worship you. God is a Woman, and She dwells in all women. When you see a woman, think how to please her, that’s your first thought.

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