Male Slave’s Daily Prayer to Mistress

Enslaved Man’s Prayer to Owner-Goddess-Mistress

Male Slave Daily Prayer to Woman

This slave has no past
This slave has no future
This slave exists in an eternal present of woman worship

This slave worships no god
This slave worships one Goddess
This slave prays to Goddess silently throughout the day

This slave knowns its inferiority
This slave knows its Divine Mistress’ superiority
This slave strives for perfect humility

When this slave awakes it
Humbles itself in the heart
Kneels in its mind
Begging Mistress for another day as her slave

This slave has no desires, no wants
This slave needs only to serve and obey
This slave has no will
Mistress’ wish and whims rule its soul

This slave exist for its Mistress’ pleasure
This slave is happy only if She is happy
So it will be for all of this slave’s life

Originally posted 2012-11-23 06:40:42.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. chrissy says

    also add: If the Female Owner appears to make a mistake, the male slave will consider it an honor to be blamed for the apparent mistake. males slaves should be ready to apologize for anything that goes wrong. If others think they see the Female Owner do something wrong, the male slave must be ready to accept blame and defend the Female Owner. You’re in a store, buying glass objects. Your Female Owner drops a glass breaking it. You, the male slave should immediately take the blame, apologize for being clumsy and clean it up, offering to pay for it. Part of a slave’s purpose is to accept blame for what the Female Owner might otherwise receive as blame.

  2. guycybershy says

    We are on the verge of a great spiritual reawakening. The divine order of Gynarchy is the great vehicle for this transformation. The unconditional surrender of the male species is an inevitable part of this process. The sooner we understand this the more quickly we can begin on our journey to permanent peace and tranquility.

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