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Female Led Slave Husband

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And now, for the traits of a good slave/husband (inspired by the scout law). These are the ideals i strive for when when I give myself to a superior woman:

The slave husband is Trustworthy.
The slave husband always tells his Mistress the truth. He is honest about his feelings, admits all his secret, errors and wrong-doings and he keeps his promises. His Mistress can depend on him.

A slave-husband is Loyal.
The perfect slave/husband is true to his Mistress/Wife, and serves only her or those she instructs him to serve. He never seeks out other women to serve. When a man pledges to honor, love and obey Her, one tenant of this convent is to remain sexually and emotionally loyal to her. All of his emissions, works and efforts belong to her, and the best form of chastity is a male’s solemn pledge to obey her in this manner.

The slave husband is Hardworking.
The slave husband cares most about his Mistress’s needs. He willingly volunteers to serve her without expecting payment or reward. Always thinking of her comfort, he works hard to present his wife with his earnings, to keep her home clean and her life stress-free.

The slave husband is Thoughtful.
The slave husband always tries to find ways to pleasantly surprise his Mistress and to anticipate her needs. He does not need to be constantly bossed around to do what is expected of him. He constantly seeks to improve his skill range to please his Mistress/Wife, such as cooking, massaging and body care, anything which will serve to make her life easier.

The slave husband is Submissive.
The slave husband is polite to everyone regardless of age or position. He knows that using good manners makes it less neccessary to punish him for displeasing his Mistress, which reflects badly on her training. She is the guiding light in his life and his sole purpose is to serve HER needs. But his Mistress doesn’t want a broken worm, but a gallant steed who will strive to make her proud.

The slave husband is Kind.
The slave husband knows there is strength in being gentle. He treats his Mistress and other females with the utmost of respect and defference. He never lashes out or threatens violence against his Mistress or any woman.

The slave husband is Obedient.
The slave husband follows the rules of his family, Mistress and the women in his workplace. He obeys the laws of his Mistress to the letter and the spirit. If he thinks these rules and laws are unfair, he tries to accept this unfairness in order to please his Mistress, rather than disobeying them. He does whatever is asked of him, immediately and without regard to his own wishes. The slave husband exists to serve his Wife.

The slave husband is Cheerful.
The slave husband looks for the bright side of life. He cheerfully does all tasks that his Mistress sends his way. He tries to make Her happy at all times. He does not sulk or pout or in any other way bring disgrace upon his Mistress’s household.

The slave husband is Thrifty.
The slave husband works hard to pay his own way and to provide his Mistress with the luxury and comfort she deserves and is entitled to. He gives all his earnings to her to save for the future or spend for herself. He protects and conserves his Mistress’s resources. He carefully uses his time to bring prosperity to Mistress and to increase her property and wealth.

The slave husband is Brave.
The slave husband can face down any danger to his Mistress or her estate, although he may be afraid. He has the courage to take his punishments even if others laugh at him or chastise him.

The slave husband is Clean.
The slave husband keeps his body and mind fit and clean-shaven. He chooses the company of women who live by high standards. He keeps his Mistress’s home and possessions clean.

The slave husband is Reverent.
The slave husband is reverent towards the Goddess, and the Feminine Divine which is represented by his Mistress and all womankind. He is faithful in his worshipping duties. He respects her every wish as his Law, and seeks to enlighten all humanity about the true path.

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  1. says

    Insearch of a very special woman whos desires are to maintain a relationship with

    a submissive, Mallable male to be trained in a life as her total accepting cuckold
    slave where if it proves its worthiness to her can become contractually her total slave & possible slave husband if its her desire

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