Why Do You Worship Women?

The etiology of my own kininess fascinates me. Some folks also enjoy that kind of interior inspection, others are indifference.

Since I’m pansexual and am attracted to women, men, transsexuals, crossdressers and genders as yet unconceived this guy’s question doesn’t exactly fit me. But perhaps you to have wondered about the sources of your need to submit to a woman.

Ok i’m a guy and from an early age i have had submissive sexual fantasies and stuff, from childhood…i am extremely submissive towards girls and i also love femdom, i’m 17…but i’m not one of these submissives who is only interested in acting out sexual fantasies and stuff, i’m also very psychologically submissive and would love to give myself to a tough, dominant but kind girl, loving girl, i don’t have a girlfriend but if i did i would want to please and serve her…. also i became aware of my submissive nature about 2 years ago, but me being submissive i’m not weak i’m actually a shy, but strong person….and anyway i really want to know what makes me submissive, am i born this way? i’ve done loads and loads of research on the internet and i’ve found very little…..according to some people i am born submissive, according to others i have self-esteem issues or an “inferiority complex” according to wikipedia i’m trying to relive childhood abuse and according to some i’m just a rare type of guy that worships and respects women and looks up to them as god-like……..

Why do i want to worship Women?

This is from Yahoo Answers. I may post several pointers there.

Originally posted 2010-07-03 13:04:30.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


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    Found very little, even after loads and loads of research on the internet?

    But seriously…same as any character trait: part nature, part nurture. I recall every detail that transpired into a perfect storm of psychosexual development as a child, which manifested later in young adulthood as an overwhelming desire for FemDom BDSM. I’ve never been confused about that aspect in the least, and I knew from the moment I had my first sexual fantasy that this is what I would be in life – the sexual part of my life anyway. There was never any question. I agonized over this, until I learned to truly accept it, and now view this fascination as among the brightest parts of my interior life.

    That being said, it is unfair and untrue to place women – or any subset of human beings – into a role of assumed superiority. It is an infantile fantasy and cannot be realized, no matter how wishful the thinking. Some of the worst examples of human life have been females, and have also been males. The reverse of this is also true. In fact, there is nothing in reality that renders any human as innately superior to another. Sure, there are mental, physical, and geological advantages that certain folks enjoy, but that is largely a matter of happenstance, and in the end, we are all infinitesimal organisms on the face of a tiny pebble in an obscure corner of a galaxy on the edge of a comparatively unremarkable corner of the known universe, and here but for our hearts and minds will we forever remain.

    Have a nice day! :D

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