How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. slave j says

    It can be fun! It can also make the spanked person feel clean! The wrongs wiped away. So for those having not done it, go for it!
    If you do NOT have a significant other, go to a real Pro-Dom. Not some sleazy massage parlor.
    The pix shown have a major fault. Humiliating a guy with a small penis will cause E.D. Truthfully size has nothing to do with sexual power.
    If it did, one would need a tongue like the size of a cow!
    Only submit to a woman, who is worthy of your gift.

  2. says

    Barbara O’Toole’s work never ceases to entertain and fascinate me. Its realism creates a dimension of femdom that you can almost walk around in, see, feel, touch, hear, and smell.

    But would I like to inhabit that dimension in reality? The pictures, which depict realistic looking women in positions of both sexual and societal power (doctors, businesswomen, mothers-in-law, nurses, personal trainers)–also make me aware of my deeply ambivalent response to female power. I am sexually aroused by it–but I resent and distrust it.

    And this ambivalence is one of the main subjects of my own erotic writing. Sometimes I wish I could resolve the ambivalence, and just submit wholeheartedly to powerful women like some guys I know…but something will not allow me to.

    The complexity of my response to Barb O’Toole’s work is, I think, proof of its value not just as erotica but as art. I am sure others have an equally complex response in accordance with their own personalities.

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