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  1. richard walker says

    Hi ,
    I am spanked at home with hand slipper and strap by my wife and now her sister lives with us since her husband died.
    I speep in spare room unless the wife tells me to sleep in her bed for a night.
    Regards ,

  2. biff13 says

    My mom and sister have spanked me since I can remember.Now I have a girlfriend and my mom spanked me naked in front of her.My girlfriend loved the idea and now spanks me every Saturday at noon and any other time she feels I need one.Her little sister who is only nine years old has witnessed this and has also been allowed to help her big sister discipline me.I kind of enjoy being spanked but is really humiliating to be naked and spanked by such a young girl who laughs and teases me all the time.

  3. submissivehubby says

    It feels so good crying and letting go while she spanks me till I’ve learned my lesson and it feels just so good to be her loyal partner to cook and clean while she brings home the bacon. I love my red hot bare bottom in her arms after a long caning while she carresses me and makes me feel like five year old again. Comforting me after a mantanence or punishment spanking.

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