I Believe Women Are Better Than Mem

I Believe Women Are Better Than Men.

A man expresses his faith in the superiority of women

(Like many in the world today, i grew up in a home that was destroyed by the man.) You do not explain why he left, so your argument has no bases. Your Mother by taking out their anger on you is guilty of Child Abuse.

(my experience is not the only one, as there are millions of worthless men all through the world that will say anything and everything to a Lady, just to take her to bed and leave Her soon after. This is the lowest form of life… someone who is so concerned about self-gratification that he doesn’t think about how many lives he ruins in the process.) Did he force them to go to bed with him? No he did not they knew it was only about sex and enjoyed doing so themselves.

(Women generally i do not think would go to war or fight over foolishness like this.) Please I have seen women fight over less and even try to kill each other over a Girl Friend or Boy Friend.

(When i moved to Florida, i was fortunate enough to be allowed to serve a Mistress who was a firm believer in chastity. She felt that every male should be in chastity when they turn 10 years old. males have no ability to control their ‘urges’, and prove on a regular basis how inferior they are to Women by everything as simple as obsessing about pornographic material, to the ache and need to constantly touch themselves, all the way to much more violent crimes such as rape.) OK as a Dominatrix myself a chastity device is used for the enforcement of rules. Females and Males can be fitted with a Chastity device. Your Mistress mistreated you and trained you in the wrong way, she was not a mistress but a Female supremacist who imparted her views on you which is a violation of the Dominate and submissive values. Males can and do control their ergs because you could not is one of your problems. The difference is a Males arousal is physically noticeable where a Females is n
ot so noticable. Female also watch porn on a regular basses.

(i think some men, when properly trained and conditioned can be useful parts of society and assist Women, but so many men should simply be castrated to help society be a better place.) Yes males trained to be Sissies and be overlords of other males. Yes a Feminist way of thinking that castration is such a good Idea to control males,IE Eunuchs. Now I Know you must be one of them Gynarchists thinking you will save the Planet from males who went on a rampage.

Yes all who agree with this are #gynarchists who think Lesbians are the most advanced form of life on the Planet. We are not the most advanced form of life. We are just as human as males and just as apt to screw things up as the males did. Balance between both Feminine and Masculine would work best, but as equals.

GYNARCHY is a really stupid Idea born from a person who a Sociopathic Homicidal Maniac.

(i can only pray that Hillary Clinton is able to win the next election and at the very least, America can be under the power of a strong intelligent Woman and no longer ruled by male dictatorship.) Hilary Clinton is not strong or intelligent, She is only a figurehead her strings are pulled by someone else. She should never be Elected if she is Males will know a future of subhuman slavery. The extremists of Gynarchy have linked up all Female supremacy, Female empowerment, Feminist and Female rights groups together to form one Hugh association. If you doubt me visit their site. (Gynarchy international.)

I am a believer in Female superiority but see some vry disturbing things in the making.

This was originally posted as a comment on Femdom Government


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