Female Supremacist Wedded Bliss

Here you go, wankers. Fantasy material for you. The story of that great gynosupremacist, Peggy Sue:

I wished that all weddings could have been like mine when I came down the aisle dressed in a strapless gown with long white gloves to the shoulder then handing the bouquet to my sister I took chris’s hands and handcuffed them in front then taking the bouquet back and facing the minister said “you can start now” in front of the congregation. I told him that the cuffs were to stay on during the ceremony and the receiving line and picture taking until dinner.

I raised my voice thrusting a black leather gloved fist into the air said, “A new era has come upon this union of 2 people for this union will be called ‘A FEMALE DOMINATED MARRIAGE’”

With that I led him away as a lot of the younger women cheered and applauded while the older generation look in disapproval and his mom looked at me with anger.

I started training my daughters to be Dommes at age 12 when my slave husband kneeled and kissed their black leather knee high boots and their black leather gloves.

Peggy Sue Female Supremacist

Originally posted 2009-09-12 21:19:35.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. bernie says

    i think all woman should led in all ways and our roles are being reversed where men do the housework and ironing while woman lead in business, and this is happening more and more .

  2. faceunderu says

    Thank you for your post, in which you say,

    “I started training my daughters to be Dommes at age 12 when my slave husband kneeled and kissed their black leather knee high boots and their black leather gloves”

    How I envy your husband, what wouldn’t I give to be your daughters slave.

    To be the slave of a mature Woman is one thing, but to be the slave of a 12 year old girl would be out of this world. Especially if she were to punish me for no other reason than she just felt like, and it amused her to do so.

    faceunderu, a Woman’s toilet.

  3. faceunderu says

    I have always wanted to be a girl, at least that is since puberty. But before Puberty, I, in common with all other lads of my age we were glad that we were not girls, as we considered them to be rather weak silly giggly creatures.

    But after puberty, for me at least there was a complete reversal, I found that I desperately wanted to be a girl, I was bitterly disappointed that I had not been born female. What had I done wrong ? Was I being punished for something done in a previous life ?

    There were a number of reasons why I wanted to be a girl. 1. They are much more attractive than boys. 2. They have lovely smooth skin. 3. They have beautiful hair. 4. Their complete overall body shape is far superior to ours. 5. Their clothing is far better than ours.

    My number 1 fantasy was to wake up in the morning, and find that in the night my body had changed into that of silky smooth girl’s body, and that I could now wear female clothing. I would have two lovely firm well rounded breasts, and down below I would have two smooth lips, instead of that male appendage hanging down between my legs.

    In fact I would rather like the newfound need to have to sit down on the loo in order to relieve a full bladder.

    This last requirement reminds me that at an early age I discovered my submissive nature. In fact whenever I saw an attractive teenage girl, every fiber of my being cried out, “Beat me, beat me, please beat me”.

    For some strange reason I cannot explain I wanted so much to suffer at the hands of the sex I so much wanted to be.

    faceunderu, Use me for your pleasure.

  4. Ashesh S. Ghose says

    what happens to the girls who are thrilled with the traditional ceremony who say he scooped me up & carried me over the threshold ,my nipples & little clittie was erect with desire & inflamed lust for his man-meat !!!
    He put me across his knees pulled up my bridal gown & let fly with his strong manly hand my butt was tingling with lust tears streamed down my cheeks & i nearly orgasmed in sweet ,submissive surrender !!!

      • Ashesh S. Ghose says

        Richard ,i had’nt noticed your reply until yesterday i.e. International Women’s Day .sorry for delay in replying .
        That lady was a Reverend’s daughter & had never been subject to parental spankings but she needed spankings to feel she belonged to her husband ! & to achieve sexual bliss ! it was NOT pornography
        As for so-called “real women” only a mind devoid of Anger , Greed , Desire & Fear can perceive REALITY !

  5. faceunderu says

    faceunderu 2011.3.9 10:56
    Do you think that daughters should also use their mothers human toilet, and if so from what age, after puberty, or at any age ?
    faceunderu, a Woman’s toilet.

  6. jacob says

    the only way women will rule over men is if God was female and women were physically many times stronger than a man and had i.Q`s that were superior to men`s.

  7. bootlicker says

    Let’s face facts: all Women rule Their men, some of Them some of the time, most of Them most of the time, and a few all the time. It’s subtle, often subconscious, but it happens.

    The cruel part of it is not that actual whips and bootlicking are involved now and then, but that they are not. The supremely merciless ones refuse to acknowledge that They are Mistresses and will not treat Their males as the slaves that they really are — depriving the hapless husbands (or boyfriends) of the satisfaction of knowing and showing that they worship their Female Owners.

    Please, we plead silently, permit Your humble slaves to acknowledge their genuine and total submission at Your precious feet!

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