Females Should Rule The World

Robert Hardcastle writes:

Females should rule the world. I am a man that truly knows this

Robert, just how do you know this?

I think a female led world with us men submissive to them should be the way we all live. Women should be in controle of everything from the family to the highest goverment agencies. Once women do they should take our (men) rights away.This way women will have the power they should have.Now if i could finde a woman like this to give control to.

Originally posted 2008-08-27 03:20:13.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. says

    So many say, “If we had a female president, things would be so much better”, etc. If you really want to know how women do in high-level government, look to the government for examples. They screw things up just as much as the men. A politician is a politician, regardless of gender. Some people just can’t handle power.

    What really makes me laugh is that most of the people who tout some sort of gynarchy or female supremacy are usually the ones who have no actual experience with femdom. They sit at their computers and wank. If they ever met an actual dominant woman, they’d probably wet themselves and run.

  2. nathanyl says

    I don’t believe that if women ruled there would be less war or corruption at all. Margeret Thatcher went to war over the Falkland islands, fair enough the UK was invaded but isn’t the idea that women talk out their problems? Women have the same failings and faults as men do.

  3. wabond says

    This is a subject i am interested in and would like to make a few points.

    A female President or Prime Minister is not a matriarchy. A matriarchy would be when a whole government is dominated by Women. The reason for this is that female politicians in patriarchal political parties have to act and behave like men if they are to get any respect and promotion. A case in point is Margaret Thatcher who behave more like a man than a woman.

    To my mind men to a incredibly bad job in ruling our world. They settle disputes between countries through warfare. In the First World War this involved the deaths of 10 million people and in the Second World War it was twice that number. In the cold war between the USA and USSR men came very close to committing global suicide through nuclear warfare. And this insanity is still going on. In the Congo they have been fighting a civil war for eight years that has caused the deaths of over 5 million people.

    We also live in a world that is more than able to feed everyone on the planet but on average a million people die of starvation every year. This shows us how incompetent men are in ruling our world.

    I personally would very much like to see Women rule our world after all it would be very hard to do a worse job that what men do.

    William Bond

  4. Gruffalo says

    Let one sex rule the world and take away the rights of the other sex? Come on, Robert, you can do better than that. How about letting rabbits rule the world, and disenfranchising all other species? Transform the whole world into Watership Down.

  5. Chris says

    No gender should rule the world. Individuals should rule the world, as they can succeed in politics or whatever. It’s exciting for me to think about a totally female-dominated society, but that’s fantasy stuff.

    We don’t need the world. We live in relationships, and it is possible to live in a female dominated relationship, and very realistic. In fact, every male has the choice to live in a FLR whenever he wants. He simply needs to obey his wife at all times, and never argue with her. He is her slave, by his own design. The evolution of that FLR will be totally up to the wife. It is the husband’s duty to obey her, and not to argue with any decision she wishes to make, or to put pressure on her to satisfy his needs. It’s as simple as that. Give her your input and what you think should happen, but once she decides, that’s it. You are her slave.

  6. Lovecutefeet says

    Robert, I’m with you on that one. That would be wonderful. It may remain a phantasy in my lifetime, unfortunatly, to be (among else) attached naked or nearly so to a rickshaw whenever my wife and her sister want to go shopping. Would be great for my health, and good for the environment, too.

  7. Sachin says

    Females are Goddesses. They are the Creator. They deserves worship from men. The world is in a peaceless state since its men who rule the world. They can be only submissive to Women. They can’t rule. Only Women can control this world. She can change this world to heaven.

  8. femsup says

    Yes I would agree that there have been Womyn leaders as part of the patriarchy but they have been there in spite of the patriarchy not because of it.Elizabeth the first got there becasue of birth.It did not mean that Elizabethan society was Female Led.

    What we need is for the majority of society to be Matriarchal and not just legislative bodies.As Chris said we can have a one family at a time Female Led world as perhaps easier.After all if each family or couple is Female Led then the whole society will be.

  9. Linda says

    If women ruled the world the guys would be made to fight, like it or not, The idea therewould be universal peace is nonsense.
    Much more interesting is the idea of a female dominated society where government is run by femdoms. then the law could be changed to suit women; there would be strict laws about men assaulting and offending women and proper punishments carried out in Camps for Sexual Offenders, (My fantasy is to be one of the Guards).
    Rape and other serious asaults should be dealt with by Capital punishment, as it is in many countries. I also think Public executions are a good idea and should never have been banned. in times past they were always seen as great public entertainments. Nowadays I guess they’d be on TV. There’s an awful lot of nonsense talked about how “bad” it is but rape and gropping women is serious too and any man who did it would know what they faced.
    The only isue for me is whether it should be rope. electric shock, injection or the axe. As a British traditionalist I’d go for the rope and axe.
    When discussing this with Bob my silly boyfriend he said you’d never get people to do it; excuse me!! was he serious? I’d do it like a shot if it was legal and I’ll put my hand up for the job now, I think even today there must be men doing life sentences who would rather spend a few minutes wriggling on the end of a rope – especially if I was there to help them on their way!
    Women should have much greater freedom in the way they deal with men, less silly restrictions about assaults. There should be statuatory defences that allow for serious injury and even fatalities as “part of marriage”. I read of a case where a lady was prosecuted for suffocating her husband under her arse. Apparently she was in the habit of doing it as she watched TV and on this occasion when her programme had finished so had hubby! It was soon chucked out and so it should have been; who’d sit on a guys face if you thought you’d end up in the dock? It should be spelt out as a “no crime” so women can feel free when having a splurge. Was Mrs Bobbit prosecuted? I cant remember but again there should be a law making things clear and if in the heat of the moment a wife slices it off well there shouldnt be such a fuss, in my view its more hers than his anyway.
    So, Yes, women should rule the world and it will be a better place. And a lot more fun.

    • Darryl says

      I couldn’t agree more…especially about the Law being changed to allow a more Just and appropriate punishments being dished out to rapists and such like…i’d add Pimps and so called Gangsta’s to their number too…the bitches and Ho’s SUB-culture is abhorrant and anyone promoting such crass phillosophies should be added to the same category as sex offenders.

  10. femsup says

    Very tongue in cheek Linda.Especially the woman who had her husbands in hers and suffocated him.Men should deffinitely get out of legislating about womens bodies in abortion and other fields.Just imagine women legislating against men wasting spermatoza through masturbation.Millions of babies lost every day.Shouldn’t be allowed.

    • ron says

      Linda, Every time I read one of your contributions I am amazed at your originality. Once again a fantastic contribution here.

  11. John says

    Femdom fantasy and roleplay, even a lifestyle between a couple is all good if that’s what they want to do but those of you who honestly believe that women are superior are seriously delusional. I don’t think men are superior either. Some individuals do better jobs than others, some happen to be men while others are women, but their personality and character has nothing to do with their gender. This is a sexual fantasy gone mad, nothing more.

    Believing that we’d live in a utopia if men’s rights were taken away and women ruled with an iron fist is incredibly ignorant of human nature. It would be an old fashioned tyranny with the insanity that Linda fantasizes about in her post. I love women but I don’t harbor any delusions about them being mother goddess who can save the world from the evils of men. That is pure fantasy.

    Any woman, given absolute power, would abuse it. That is human nature. But I guess you guys would have marched off to the gas chambers in nazi Germany with a smile and a hard on if a woman with a whip and a nice ass told you to.


  12. Darryl says

    The idea of Cavemen clubbing their intended wives and dragging them back to their cave is just another falsehood to bolster the crass ideaology that this world has laboured under since mankinds ego exploded. The truth of this Pre-History is that women were venerated and revered as life givers. It was man’s role to SERVE, Provide for and Protect that which gave him life. The first God EVER worshipped on this planet was Female and if you want to know more FACTS please read ‘The Scars of Obsession’ available on Amazon.com

    • says

      That some behavior was practiced during prehistory is irrelevant. Ancient people used to cover themselves with dung.

      No one, no one actually knows what happened during prehistorical times. During time before history. People can do no more than speculate. Guess. And they always believe the things they wish were true. Including you.

      • Darryl says

        The female form is THE most beautiful thing this world has to offer. As for’ ‘WE don’t know what happened in Pre-history is untrue, so many artifacts have told historians and anthropologists so much and its these well informed people that do state that the first God ever worshipped was a Female divinity.
        If any one country had so much legislation aimed at demoting its citizens for so as long as has happened to women the world would be in uproar! However the fact that such legislation, traditions, religious beliefs and so called cultures feel the need to to demote the standing of the female sex just denotes the injustice of it. It is greed, Ego and insecurity that called for such legislation to come into existance and we are getting to understand this and know the crass truth of it.

  13. Darryl says

    As for calling Female Supremacy ‘Fantasy and Role Playing’ how crass and un-thought out is that ? YES there is role-play and men that Fantasise of being dominated. The fact that people do crave this shows that it exists. If you saw a civil war re-enactment would you say that it didn’t happen ? I for one have always had the desire to serve the woman in my life and pride myself on making her time on this earth as pleasurable as is possible. I would show her my Love of her every second of every day and what better way to show my Love than to lay at her feet of an evening, kiss her feet at the start of each new day and pleasure her in any way she desires at any time she desires?

    • says

      And how many women have asked you to do this for them? Are you married? Have a girlfriend?

      A reenactment by its very definition is doing something that happened before.

      Now people who play at being Klingons ….

  14. Patrick says

    As a submissive male I find it preposterous that a “female led” world would be some kind of utopia. I’m all for playing at D/s, even live it as a lifestyle in your own home if you want to.

    I’m all for women having equal rights. We should have women in government and other leadership positions – but not exclusively. This is a femdom fantasy run amok. If anyone actually believes that handing absolute authority to people based on gender and taking away the other gender’s rights is somehow just, or would lead to a social order worthy of human beings, you have no recollection of history and no understanding of human nature.

    Women, given absolute power, would become tyrants of the highest order – anybody would. I suspect that most of the men in favour of this are speaking of their fantasies, and as a fantasy, it is fine. However, it’s never going to happen in real life, nor should it ever.

  15. Celtic Queen says

    I’m not going to try and devise a new way to rule the world but here’s a thought. A good start would be to change our popular culture of “easy, low value sex”. Young women are constantly bombarded with images that show sexual equality begins with females adopting a male attitude to sex (ie very casual) and I don’t agree with this at all. We need to somehow get our next generation of girls to understand their sexual power and mete it out wisely rather than devalue themselves. I cringe when I see pop videos with squirming man pleasing girls and hate the casual cruelty of the “hos” lyrics of R N B music. Yeah, I sound like my Grandma but easy sex undermines the gender power structure more effectively than any amount of crap legislation, male dominated politics etc. Women don’t need to rule the world – they need to rule the men. In the UK, you could argue that our most inventive, far sighted and productive period in modern history was in the rather chaste Victorian era when men’s talent, drive and enthusiasm was not deflected by a sexualised culture. Keep it special, keep it powerful and keep it valuable and men will step up to the mark accordingly. You only have to look to the middle East to see the impact of a culture that does not value females in anyway.

  16. name says

    “As a submissive male I find it preposterous that a “female led” world would be some kind of utopia. I’m all for playing at D/s, even live it as a lifestyle in your own home if you want to.

    I’m all for women having equal rights. We should have women in government and other leadership positions – but not exclusively. This is a femdom fantasy run amok.”

    Well, this is where it’s going: whether you want it or not is irrelevant.

  17. name says

    “Let one sex rule the world and take away the rights of the other sex? Come on, Robert, you can do better than that. How about letting rabbits rule the world, and disenfranchising all other species? Transform the whole world into Watership Down.”

    What are “rights”? There is no such thing as rights – only what individuals and groups assert.

  18. ksguy4u07 says

    A femdom ruled world could be the answer to most of the problems we face. Men should be taught to be submissive to all women, young and old. A way to do this would be to pass laws that force all males of 18 years and older to be naked in public unless they were married. If a male were divorced, he would lose the priviledge of wearing clothes and have to go naked again. This law would force men to be submissive to the wishes of their wives or risk being divorced and forced to show their nakedness to all their friends and family as well as the rest of the world. Females of all ages would also know when a male was aroused by the condition of his cock. A cock is the most honest and true barometer of what a male is thinking and if he cannot hide it, his innermost thoughts are out there for everyone to see.

  19. sissyboycindy says

    If women controlled the world you know it would be a better place.Males would be put into different classifications depending on their build and strength and so on.Not all males will be able to be dominated,they will be the hig muscular type of men usually with large dicks that the women will want for sexual purposses and to enforce their laws and such.Every male will have a duty or job or purpose according to his size and capabilities all the way down to the males who are small in size,thin and definatly not masculine ,with smaller dicks and not able to do much more than serve as sissies and such .Most would be totally feminised 24/7 and locked in chastity devices to deny them to use their dick sexually,if it is not removed completely.Some males would not be feminised due to what they are used for,but those who were decided to would be feminised in every way and live as maids,slaves,servants,some would become wives to men,and sex slaves too.There wouldnt be women working as prostitutes because that is where sissies would be working as punishment when decided .I am tall and thin,long hair and love looking and acting feminine and will have no problem with hearing the women have taken over and rule the world,and will already know because of my size,strength,and all i will be sent to be totally feminised and placed with one or more dominant women who will be given ownership of me until i die or am sold.I will be used as their sissy maid,teacher,or store clerk among other things women will decide to have their sissy slaves doing.Our sex lives as males will end when we either have everything removed,or locked in restraint devices forever or until female horemones make them too tiny and unable to become erect and useless sexually.Sissies will be tortured by being forced to watch real men having sex with the women,and maybe being forced to lick the man clean after he has satisfied the woman.The sissy would have to use her tongue to lick him till he is clean,trying not to get the man aroused and she have him use as his sex slave if he decided.

  20. says

    Women ruling the world will not mean a femdom fantasy world. Women won’t want all men to just be furniture, or foot slaves! They will want men to work, for them! A female lead future might come in various flavors. Could it be a kind of
    reversal of what we see in Saudi Arabia? With men kept indoors, in chastity, under strict social and police control? In the public space, only women would be allowed.
    Or, might it be simply a society where women gradually come to dominate the top positions in government, business, academia, entertainment etc.? That seems relatively likely, looking at the west, and considering how far things have moved from say 1970, to now! In 1970, the thought of women like Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel and Christine Lagarde (IMF Director) sitting down to hash out global economic problems would have seemed “futuristic”, even impossible. Project forward another 40 or 50 years, what different social norms might we see? By then, the submissive males, the most deeply hidden in the closet of all sexual subtypes, may be “out.” It may be nothing special to know that a man is his wife’s slave, or that several men “belong” to a beautiful domme, who keeps them in a “stable.” Human social norms are malleable, and increasingly so in the cybernetic age.

    • whyguys says

      Quote: “Women ruling the world will not mean a femdom fantasy world. Women won’t want all men to just be furniture, or foot slaves!”

      But there’s a high likelihood they’ll expect us to dust the furniture and sit at their feet while they control the remote.


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