Justifying Female Superiority


Do submissive men feel guilty about their submissiveness?

To admit that who need to serve, obey, be punished by another can be very shaming. Perhaps more so for males because the social norm is strong, manly, virile, dominant.

If you assume that females are inherently superior then there is no shame in craving to be humiliated, controlled and even beaten by a woman.

It makes male slavery and submission an act of moral rectitude. Supplies a justifying philosophy for male submission.

And opens the door for all many of pseudoscientific justifications for being a masochist.

But masochism and submissiveness are sexual orientations. They don’t need to be justified. They are existential personal truths.

Do you need to worship a woman? Enjoy it for its own sake.

Female superiority isn’t a fact. But it does make a beautiful metaphor for some males to capture what burns bright in their hearts.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. chrissy says

    Women are far more beautiful than males. Women score higher on verbal tests. They are better able to communicate. Women were designed to be beautiful. males were designed for function, to work and serve women. It’s just the natural order. males are privileged to be a woman’s slave, because women truly are superior. All women. Every woman should own at least one male slave. Prisons are filled with males, and few women, showing the inferior nature of males. What prevents males from going to prison is for a male to have a woman to serve. Women know they’re superior. males are sometimes in denial, due to the male ego, a false self esteem. Crime and war are what happens when males are in charge.

  2. macguy4400 says

    I really do not feel inferior or ashamed about being submissive to a dominant lady. For me, to be controlled, punished, made to obey, be bound, be dressed as a slut, and many other things associated with being submissive is a very great turnon for me. When I have been stripped naked, hogtied and punished by a lady there is a feeling of release and also a feeling of harmony with where I am at the moment.

  3. guycybershy says

    On a level playing field, women will win every time. Only brute force and duplicity keep the male in the dominant position. In our lifetime we will see the end of this unjust and immoral social order.

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