Males: The Useful Property of Females

An excerpt from a commentary Charlotte posted on Men Are For Use

Are we first that far, and it will happen within the next couple of generations, we will of course look at men as utilities we keep for different purposes: workers, servants and clerks etcetera but also homemakers and in some cases as trophy husbands. They are there to be used as it suits us and to attract our interest they will need to adjust not only their physical appearances but also improve their manners and attitudes dramatically from what is typical today.
When men are liberated from all the responsibilities they are too childish to meet, limited and restricted by structures and norms and in all things depending on women it will be only natural for women but also for males to look at the male sex as created only for the purpose of being subservient and beneficial utilities for the females. This will be even more obvious when science makes the male completely unnecessary and also unwanted in the process of breeding.

Read all of Charlotte’s explanation.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?

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