How do you feel about it, what do you think?


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    How soon is soon, and how obsolete is obsolete? I hope not during my lifetime and not completely. I actually like men and would hate to have an all female society. Just imagine the cat fights and the clique forming Yikes!

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    Gynarchy strikes me as a concept better in fantasy. It certainly works when it’s put on a tabloid cover though, next to a pic of a pretty hot chick! Because if they all ruled us while wearing bathing suits like that, our minds might be so befuddled we would be ready to conspire in our own obsolescence! But if we men were made obsolete, what would remain in our place?

    There’s that Thomas Berger novel called Regiment of Women, which posits a future gynarchy…never got into it, though. Just read a few passages about a guy who wears a skirt and serves as some lady’s secretary. I guess something distracted me from my reading…

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