Mistress Sarah Palin

T. Parti

Sarah Palin is a conservative Republican – that proves how smart she is.

Sarah Palin is a powerful woman – she runs an entire state.

Sarah Palin proves women are the superior sex!!!!

Sarah Palin will become the first Matriarchal President of America! Men will finally be put in their place!

I will work for Sarah Palin’s campaign. All men should do so.

I wish I were lucky enough to be able to serve Sarah Palin. Wash her dishes. Iron her clothes.

I want a Mistress Wife who is just like Sarah Palin!

Originally posted 2009-11-11 17:55:23.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. tacslave says

    Hilary or/and Sarah as a mistress is a good fantasy but Women don’t have to be smarter to be superior. One must look to a persons talents… is she good enough to be President? Nope, I dont think Obama is either. The point of Female Supremacy is about the feminine attributes being better for the future world.. intelligence is too individually diverse to have either gender broadly considered more intelligent then the other. Both sexes are good at different things… its just IMO the future would benefit much more from the feminine biological attributes then the male ones.

      • tacslave says

        Yea the effect’s of the female hormonal soup as oppossed to the huge amount of testosterone in men. For men its positives are strength and spatial intellect, and Women its empathy and communication. Both genders have negative’s from their unique hormone’s but even there the mens negatives are much worse. Is the only thing you know about Women the clitoris and vagina Enoch!!!?

  2. Joe says

    Ms. Palin would be an excellent president. Not only is she intelligent and experienced, but she’s also beautiful. She would be a great roll model for other women and would help men admit that women are the superior gender. Also, she would be showing those crazy Muslims that times have changed.

  3. bootlicker says

    There are those who believe that Mistress Sarah Palin fails as a Dominatrix, the same as She failed as a political candidate. They will tell you that She lacks the intellectual and mental depth to be a true superior, and that She focuses so tightly on the political dimension that She cannot deliver as a Domina.

    She has endorsed Her own daughter’s acceptance of the male-controlling model, these detractors will point out, and knuckled under to a man to take second place on the ticket (although it was as vice-president!).

    Yes, Mistress Sarah has the look, and even some of the strut, but She doesn’t measure up to the Dominatrix image of Mistress Condoleeza Rice. Now there is a fox!

  4. dave says

    Having a beautiful woman as leader of this country would be awesome. Because there are so many fatherless families President Palin should make a law that ALL husbands be castrated so the population would be in check. That way the woman would have control over her husband since other women wouldn’t want a man who could no longer produce. I also think men in those relationships should have to shave their legs to further keep them in check, all the while if the wife needs sex she could get it elsewhere. So far the men who run this country have done a poor job so it’s time for a woman, a dominant woman, to take over.

  5. macguy4400 says

    Sarah Palin, yes Sarah Palin, there are so many images one can attach to Ms Palin and the main one for most men is of being tied and whipped by her as imagined she being your dominant mistress, but the problem she is a intellectual midget who quit as Governor of Alaska and made so many idiotic comments that she became un-electable except maybe as dog catcher. No, I would never vote for her but would like to submit to her and be disciplined by her.

  6. juno meriweather says

    Publicly I do not support her views or her politics. As a man and in her presence, I would probably become a babbling idiot. Yes, I believe she is a dominatrix and with the power to make drone conservatives out of the most liberal of liberals.

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