Woman Says All Men Should Be Castrated (Female Superiority)

Do Males Deserve Castration?

In response to the question:

How should a man be treated? How inferior are males in comparison to females, dogs, rats, and other animals? You decide. ALSO. Please write a brief description of what you voted and why you made that decision! Write a short summary on how inferior you think men are, and what should be done to them.

Alpha Female writes:

I expect the males in my life to feel and believe deep in their core that they are inferior to me in every way. My desires don?t stop there however, I expect them to believe that they are inferior to all women on a biological level. I want he males in my life to see me as their living Goddess, and their service to be a sacred duty to the Goddess. I expect my males to love me, and to fear me. I want to always give them reasons to love me, and reasons to fear me. The males WILL happily accept my absolute freedom, and embrace the fact that they hold no freedoms. You males must be taught immediately to believe that the world will be better off when women are in authority at all levels, and males must be taught to actively promote that belief system. I expect my males to fully understand and acknowledge that they are physical manifestations of violence and chaos, and that women are the intellectually superior sex. A male is a neanderthal-like sack of meat who can’t control its repulsive, primal urges. Of course, I want to impose these beliefs on all cultures, in all lands, for as long as the male species exists. The disgusting genetic mishap which is a male, if not exterminated, must become enslaved by their superior counterpart race: Females. I want to force these things on the whole of the pathetic male species. I am a female supremacist, I am not limited by the doctrine of consent. We only want males in relationships in which they are considered, and treated as, pathetic, inferior beings. Is that so much to ask for? No, I think that is perfectly reasonable, considering the fact that every male, deep down in his being, knows that he is spiritually and mentally inferior to the female species, and MUST be castrated to become Saved. Furthermore, I would like to add that all male slaves should be immediately castrated after their reproductive services are no longer needed. Yes, the true key to a calm, loving, docile male is castration, and castration only. By removing the testicles of the lowly male, a Mistress has successfully tamed and taught her slave its place. A castrated male is a beautiful thing, and should be practiced on all males in order to successfully cause the parasitic organism that is a male to become extinct. It’s perfectly natural for a male to acknowledge and embrace the fact that he is mentally incapable of exceeding a woman, and it’s a plus when he lets his Mistress rid of his pathetic foreskin, as well as his other bodily malformations. Men should never be equal to women. They should not even become second class citizens no matter how physically better science makes them become, a male brain is still a male brain. The days of men causing physical and mental damage with their disgusting dicks and balls are over with. Castration will be performed at birth much like circumcision is today. It will be a natural practice. And FEMALES will do the cutting. Grown males will be lined up and their c*cks and balls will be snipped off and ground up for dog food. Men are inferior because of the testosterone that disallows them from performing highly advanced, highly feminine brain processes.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. says

    That was one great fantasy… up to the point where she confused the female gender for a SPECIES, while claiming intellectual superiority to the likes of Einstein, Schrödinger, Kant, Aristotle, James Joyce.

    It gets even funnier when you realize that castration after coming of age, ie after reproduction could take place, won’t change anything in a male’s psyche.

    Talk about unintentionally breaking the fourth wall!

    All fine and dandy in fantasy land… sad thing is, there are people out there who actually believe this shite.

  2. slave j says

    FWIW a program aired on PBS where castration came up.. not fetish.The opinion based on facts, historical and medical was that the male castrated can not have any direction.. Aimless, lost forgetful, no caring, no sense of rewards or punishments. In plain language a dolt.
    Women thinking it would make for a “better” man would soon have total dismay.
    Such a being cannot serve as a Lady’s slave.
    The right way to have and own a slave is thru training. The right candidate will reward a Lady immeasurably.
    slave wrote about contracts.. mostly not required.
    A contract has been formulated that would be acceptable in a court of law.It would be permanent and not require consent.

  3. sandro says

    Castrated at birth ??!! … sorry, but if sexual impulse does’t existe anymore, this lifestye becomes a non_sense. Even the animals received a better treatment, so…show us some respect, if not for the masculinity we represent, ad least for human being we are.

  4. Jodi says

    OH yes I Love it sounds great, males should be castrated at birth, Just a few kept for milking of their semen and used as animals, Like they do milk cows.How do I get in touch with you I would Love to know more. How can I help make this happen?

    • slavecaptain says

      Mistress Jodi

      I would love to become a milked sperm slave owned by you.
      My ideal situation would be to be your TPE sperm slave animal and
      be not only kept forever in a slave Male Milking Barn, but also to
      run the barn for you and betray male slaves into becoming your milking slaves.
      This would save you the drudgery of actually running the barn and allow
      you the sole pleasure derived from it. But could also be profitable for you
      as a source of income in that the milked sperm could be sold to woman or sperm
      Also, when the males are “milked out” and no longer capable of producing viable
      quantities of sperm, it would give you a source of male slaves for other uses as
      pleases you. See below. If this interests you, than contact me.


  5. whyguys says

    CASTRATION? Universal… do you have any idea on how this would effect the hosiery industry on shifting manufacturing from stockings to nearly all pantyhose?

  6. Anonymous says

    although the Goddess’s ideas are extreme overall she is correct and makes sense. Castration of males- the sooner the better. May Women rule the male animal for thousands of years

  7. karen says

    Anom. above wrote that castration of males….the sooner the better.

    Ladies….don’t get too excited. Women WILL be the rulers over EVERYTHING that exists on this earth someday, but don’t you ladies feel that NOT castrating some males would possibly be a little sensible??? You will have to keep a fresh supply of SPERM to keep the sperm banks full. Not only this, some women would like to have a male around the house for many things such as housekeeping etc., etc. Some women would POSSIBLY like to keep a male for loving and friendships and whatever else a woman would want a male.


  8. Just A Guy says

    Anyone who has watched a circumcision video of a baby on youtube is disgusted by this topic…

    Isn’t it bad enough we’re mutilated ?

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