Woman Worship as Idealism

I’ve had in the back of my mind now how notions of female superiority can be thought of as idealistic. People do want entities, personalities they can admire, worship. They create that most famous figment of the imagination, God. And become the devotees of men who can kick and through rubber objects across fields.

Woman Worship.

I myself can see a certain beauty in the idealization of the feminine, in woman worship. It is a romantic – in both senses – beauty. But beauty really isn’t truth, sad to say.

Some of this began with the literary genre courtly love. And what really was courtly love. Rich and powerful people Christianizing sexual frustration and adultery. King Arthur was a cuckold. Courtly love was a form of culture produced for entertainment. Powerful men could hardly let politics and military affairs languish while they tried living their erotic fantasies.

In later times a woman’s imagined purity was directly tied to the idea that women weren’t as intellectually capable or emotionally strong as men. Really it was a pedestal of inferiority.

I like the feelings of woman worship as much as anyone. I’m guilty of liking the pleasure afforded by lending a false luster to people to whom I’m attracted. And in the form of female supremacy it makes for great homemade porn.

But idealizing even the best and brightest is always a mistake. It demands they be who they aren’t. Being out of touch with reality is one of the most common sources of misery afforded the bourgeoisie (poor people need food and health care).

And if you project the imaginary construct of female superiority on a woman you care for you do her a great disservice. Women like to be seen as who they are, not as men fantasize them to be.

Enjoy these feelings as an imaginative act if you will. But don’t forego clarity and actuality.

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How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. says

    Women like to be seen as who they are, not as men fantasize them to be.

    Truer words were never written, at least as far as I am concerned. I don’t mind that men fantasize about me or even that they have a fantasized version of me – as long as they realize that’s what it is.

    I receive quite a few nasty emails from people who visit my site or read my blog. Not tons, but far more than what I would have expected. For the longest time I kept asking myself why someone would go out of their way to be so obnoxious to me. Not just one someone, but several. Finally, one of my friends remarked that he thought it was because I dare to write the truth about myself and that truth disturbs a few peoples’ fantasized versions of me. I find that incredibly sad.

    I also think this idealization of the Domme is why a lot of Femdom relationships fail. There’s no way most of us could live up to the expectations of some.

  2. tacslave says

    Their is no requirement for worship to equate to control! All relationships involve changes in people by definition and I think you miss the point that Female worship is about empowerment of the Women, not fetishization. Naturally all relationships in their early stages require a degree of effort to find a common ground but the particular nature of a relationship only speaks to the sustainability of that relationship… not all relationships.

    Their is no need to embrace topping from the bottom as integral to Femdom. The end state should be one where the Female isnt dictated to at ‘any’ level by the submale.

  3. says

    There is and always will be e difference between the ideal and real life. Nothing and nobody is ideal, that is why people worship and idealise the unattainable. But when people go too far and wish to have the unattainable and nothing else will do, they fail to see their own part in the play and become unhappy.
    Nothing wrong with having ideals or trying to reach for them, but enjoy every step towards the ideal, not just reaching the end goal, As chances are the ideal was not what you thought it would be in th first place

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