Women Need to Value Their Sexual Power

By Celtic Queen

I’m not going to try and devise a new way to rule the world but here’s a thought. A good start would be to change our popular culture of “easy, low value sex”. Young women are constantly bombarded with images that show sexual equality begins with females adopting a male attitude to sex (ie very casual) and I don’t agree with this at all.

We need to somehow get our next generation of girls to understand their sexual power and mete it out wisely rather than devalue themselves. I cringe when I see pop videos with squirming man pleasing girls and hate the casual cruelty of the “hos” lyrics of R N B music. Yeah, I sound like my Grandma but easy sex undermines the gender power structure more effectively than any amount of crap legislation, male dominated politics etc.

Women don’t need to rule the world – they need to rule the men. In the UK, you could argue that our most inventive, far sighted and productive period in modern history was in the rather chaste Victorian era when men’ s talent, drive and enthusiasm was not deflected by a sexualised culture. Keep it special, keep it powerful and keep it valuable and men will step up to the mark accordingly. You only have to look to the middle East to see the impact of a culture that does not value females in anyway.

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Originally posted 2010-02-27 15:11:04.

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