Castration Games

This redheaded female sadist made her slave a promise. It was the day she brought him home from the slave market. One day her knife would slip between his legs and cut something off. Maybe his penis, maybe his testicles. Maybe even both.

He would never know when that day had arrived. His anticipation would surely fade. After he relaxed her knife would finally fulfill he words.

The slave has never forgotten. His dread has never abated. Mostly it is latent. Some nights she locks him to a bondage frame. Out comes the knife. With seeming carelessness the sharp edge caresses his skin. Occasionally his fleshed is nicked or lightly sliced.

He watches her eyes. There is no pity, no humor. Inside she’s laughing. Her slave’s trembling never fails to amuse her. She knows no blood lust. There is no real plain to maim him.

But she is a woman of whims. What may happen tomorrow or next year don’t interest her. Even if they haunt her slave. That is what he is there for.


Male Slave Gelding

On this Gynarchic planet many male slaves are kept on farms and ranches to aid in the production of food.

The slaves faces are often keep hidden behind hoods and masks. This limits bonding among the slave creatures. And diminishes any sense of individuality. Male farm slaves are most useful when they become just one of the herd.

After reaching full physical maturity the male slave is gelded. This aids in keeping the farm slaves docile and merged in the herd identity.

With these techniques and many cycles of breeding the male farm slaves are content with a simple life of servitude.


Should You Castrate a Man?

Male Slave Castration: Pros & Cons


Should all enslaved male creatures have their testicles removed?

Lack of testosterone will make a male more easily feminized. So it may be ideal for sissy slaves.

It will be an irrevocable statement of the male’s status as chattel. An inferior creature even more diminished.

If you enjoy making a man eat his own sperm that entertainment will no longer be possible.

His muscular power will diminish. This would be unwelcome in a slave employed in hard labor.

In removing the scrotal sac a sadist loses the most fit part of a male for torture. Testicle torment is a sport rich in variety.

You have to weigh the options if you are thinking seriously about castrating a male slave.

Penectomy Better Than Chastity?

Not by me. Left elsewhere as a comment on Cut Your Cock Off.

femdom penectomy
Typical Rubex Illustration

I have been permitted to make this comment:- As a permanently chastised companion – my lady doesn’t like the word slave – I would – if I may – fully endorse the idea of penectomy for permanently chastised males provided there are not medical reasons preventing it. Chastity devices have their limitations and are uncomfortable.

This discomfort is useful for showing the slave the permanence of his situation and the futility of resistance to his total submission but once he is completely conditioned and submissive penectomy would be a complete and final finish to his enslavement. From then he and his mistress can get on with their life-style.

Castration is not the preferred choice compared to penectomy since penectomy retains “sexual desire” that castration removes but both are as permanent – the unrequited desire is what makes the slave totally submissive in a way that castration does not.

The methods often employed are that the urethra is retained although the remainder of the penis is removed and relocated behind the scrotum for sit-down peeing – or that the the penis is simply cut off at its base with a small tube inserted into the urethra to permit peeing during healing.

This latter method can be problematic – infection control and /or bladder control as the penis helps with bladder function.
Two methods I submit would be worth considering are 1: Where the removal at – or near – the base is preferred a metal tube be inserted into the urethra and a elestorator band be placed on the penis so that it crushes onto the tube as in castration but still permitting peeing whilst the penis dies – it could then be removed later with the band and tube. 2: That the same approach be employed but only the head be removed – making the penis far less sensitive – then a small light weight chastity tube be permanently fitted onto the penis stump thus removing the ability for any sexual activity with minimum interference to bladder control.

Lastly I would respectfully urge all mistress to be strong in their will-power once such a step is embarked upon but be kind and gentle – but firm when necessary – to their slaves once this final step is taken – reminding the slave that all of this is for his own good within their lifestyle.

Thank you.

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I Believe Women Are Better Than Men

(A man expresses his faith in the superiority of women.)

i believe that Women are naturally more intelligent, as well as much more logical, and obviously more nurturing and Dominant than any man could ever try to be. Most men are faking it or trying to ‘compensate’ if they try to be Dominant. Most men are at heart, cowards who will simply beat their chest and scream loudly to try to get noticed. Women do not need to do this. A Woman can enter a room and easily entrance everyone therein with Her beauty and natural grace.

Like many in the world today, i grew up in a home that was destroyed by the man. my father left us when i was about ten years old, and prior to him leaving, there were constant fights and arguments and a lot of tension in the home. It was almost a relief when he finally vanished out of our lives, but at the same time, as the only male in the home, my Mother and sister were obviously very resentful and took much of their angst and frustration out on me, (rightfully so). They taught me to truly worship and appreciate Women in all they do and go through in their lives, and how truly self-centered, pathetic and worthless men truly are.

my experience is not the only one, as there are millions of worthless men all through the world that will say anything and everything to a Lady, just to take her to bed, and leave Her soon after. This is the lowest form of life… someone who is so concerned about self-gratification that he doesn’t think about how many lives he ruins in the process.

The male doesn’t bother to take responsibility feeling that it is the Women problem now.

While its true, that there ARE some more responsible males in the world… for the most part, they still do not equal the power, wisdom, or intelligence that any Woman has. There is no compare for all They do, and endure on a regular basis.

Its simple to look at history, and all the failings of men, and all the violence and wars created, including all the blood that has been spilled by men. Ironically, these men often will do or act in this manner, over a Woman. So much violence has been caused by one man ‘claiming’ a Woman, and another man challenging him. Basically acting like spoiled children in a playground over something they have NO right to in the first place.

Women generally i do not think would go to war or fight over foolishness like this. i think for the most part, if there are problems or issues, Women would work things out between themselves, which is something no prideful man would ever consider. Unfortunately, men are raised and groomed to be very prideful creatures, which often gets in the way of ‘real’ thinking. The usual joke about men not wanting to stop and ask for directions is a perfect example. men do not want to think of themselves as ‘less’ than they build themselves up to be in their own mind.

If i may also point out the general endurance and hardships a Woman is able to put up with, that would essentially bring any man to his knees.

Every five days out of the month for most of her life, a Woman has to endure the discomfort of experiencing Her period. There is no way a man could ever truly understand what a Lady has to go through every month, but its something that men have zero compassion or understanding for… and yet a Woman continues on with Her every day life, accepting the biological changes Her body is making.

The typical man can barely handle a stomach flu without heavily medicating himself, and laying down to avoid the entire world for a week before considering getting out of bed to put forth any practical effort into the world.

Beyond that, let us look at the miracle of childbirth. Something that Women have done since the dawn of time… and they survive it generally, and are able to do it again and again. Men are inferior in the fact that not only do they NOT have the ability to give birth… they could not endure the pain involved, nor do they have the responsibility to care for the offspring (as mentioned above).

In the end, Women’s bodies are so much more complex and detailed than men’s bodies. This is the biological proof of Their perfection. Much more effort is put into their forms, so therefore, men should ideally worship this perfect form.

Of course, beyond the biological, there is the physical as well. Women traditionally have been made into beautiful works of art. Paintings and sculptures throughout the centuries have all been highly regarded, and the majority of them are appreciated, because they are representations of the perfect being… a Woman.

This is another way Women are far superior to men, just in their beauty and the efforts they put in to maintain this perfection. Women will be artists as they apply makeup, however a man is far to lazy and arrogant to ever consider anything like this. A man will be lucky if he washes his face and shaves. But Women can spend time perfecting their ‘art’ over the years of their life, and create such soft smooth features by arranging the right lines and colors and textures along the pallet of their features, easily accentuating what is already there.

Women also will endure everything from complex garments, including heels, pantyhose/stockings, corsets, garters, bras and other finely developed outfits, all to enhance the beauty They posses. As a general rule, men once again prove their laziness by not bothering to make more of an effort than jeans and t-shirts. The simple fact is they have no concept of how to properly dress themselves.

One of the biggest problems males have, is simply the amount of testosterone in their bodies. Again, Women have a much more complex balance of hormones, but men simply have too much. With all this testosterone in their bodies, it makes them much more aggressive and brutal in general. Basically a man is almost always ‘looking’ for a fight. Some men are able to temper these feelings and have been trained to behave to live in modern society, but in general, many wars, brawls, and altercations would have been prevented if Women were simply to keep males in check and on a tight leash.

This is easily proven by how quickly a mans aggression level lowers after any type of castration. my Mother and Sister both liked this concept a great deal and talked about having it done to me on a regular basis. She felt they just get in the way… not only with simple things like dressing, but in more complex physical and emotional ways as well. In the end, it was not done, but it would have made me a much better behaved male in a Female dominated society.

When i moved to Florida, i was fortunate enough to be allowed to serve a Mistress who was a firm believer in chastity. She felt that every male should be in chastity when they turn 10 years old. males have no ability to control their ‘urges’, and prove on a regular basis how inferior they are to Women by everything as simple as obsessing about pornographic material, to the ache and need to constantly touch themselves, all the way to much more violent crimes such as rape.

Female superiority is very obvious when compared to a males sex drive. While a Female does have ‘urges’ and desires, She is able to keep them under check and take advantage when able to. A typical male needs a device locked on to prevent him from doing something foolish at the wrong time, or to prevent him from focusing on his own needs instead of Others.

A typical Woman has no need for such a device, because they naturally have much more control over their desires and urges. Women have the instinct to know what is more important and what should take priority and what can wait for a better time.

The most important thing to note from all this, is that is not so much that women need to be, (and naturally SHOULD be) in control… as much as it should be human nature that men should be restrained and kept in very close check by the more in control, nurturing and more civilized Woman.

For many years now, men have tried to desperately ‘beat down’ Women by trying to take away their rights and try to prove they are superior, but on a regular basis, a strong powerful intelligent Woman will come along and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that once again, the man is wrong.

Psychologically, Women always come out on top, (as they should be). If One looks at the number of serial killers comprised of men, and the number of serial killers comprised of Women, this is one of the times that men should hang their heads in deep shame. The men will always prove they are more mentally screwed up than Women. And yet on a regular basis, men create excuses and reasons to try to claim Women are the ones messed up in the head. And yet, why are the prisons filled with many more male prisoners than Women? Why are there so many more men on death row than Women?

Its very clear to see. Women are naturally more nurturing and logical beings. They are truly the one pure form that men could only pray to be… instead have to accept the opportunity to grovel at Their feet and do the best they can to please as often as they can. It is sad though how many men just don’t know this or see it ever.

i personally often imagine a perfect Amazonian type of world, where men are only collared and live to serve and worship the Women in all their glory and perfect beauty, no matter how old, or how young, how big or how small. All Women should be put so high on a pedestal, and every males eyes lowered as they are not worthy to look upon Their beauty.

i think some men, when properly trained and conditioned can be useful parts of society and assist Women, but so many men should simply be castrated to help society be a better place.

Of course i do not have all the answers, because i am only a male myself. i will always accept the decision of a Woman to what should be done or how society should operate.

i can only pray that Hillary Clinton is able to win the next election and at the very least, America can be under the power of a strong intelligent Woman and no longer ruled by male dictatorship. In a perfect world, She will be able to gather together the other Female Leaders of this world, and begin to truly recognize where the ultimate problem is… which is the male gender.

If we are truly lucky… maybe one day the religions of the world will be replaced by some form of Matriarchal religion as well, where men can go and truly worship Women in all their perfect glory.

Unfortunately, this perfect world is a very long way away, and for now, all men can do is try to do their best to serve Women any way that they can, in a very imperfect society. Maybe little by little, maybe one man at a time, each Woman of the world will be able to put a man properly in his place… but it will not happen overnight.

(Old Usenet post.

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Castration vs Male Chastity

By Bootlicker

Castration takes all the fun out of orgasm control.

If a male has nothing to surrender (he’s already lost it to the meat-cleaver) there’s no victory for the animal’s Owner.

Much better to leave the male capable of performing, but submitting to control by One that he obeys out of love, than to be unable to choose.

Consider a slave crawling on its hands and knees. It could stand up and walk, but kneels in voluntary surrender to the Owner it loves with devotion, passion and intentional obedience.

If Mistress pleases to flog Her slave, it eagerly fetches Her favourite whip for Her, prostrates itself for Her convenience, then reverently thanks Her for the privilege of serving as Her victim by kissing Her boots in gratitude.

Total Permanent Chastity and Virtue

By Companion

I feel that has fallen to me to speak on behalf of some dominant females – and the males who serve them – and I hope that our female betters do not think it too presumptuous of me to do so.

Unlike some dominant females Mistress Lori has proven time and time again that she does not hate males – she just knows us for what we are. Mistress Lori has developed a life style over a number of years where she is served by obedient males who to do so have given up their selfish male habits and placed themselves totally in their mistresses hands to do – and be – whatever she wishes them to be and I believe that they are totally happy in their servitude.

They have embraced total and permanent chastity – retaining male desire – but not the ability to indulge in self-serving male sex – as opposed to castration which removed the “desire” also their chastised condition means that they will never again be any sort of sexual threat to the female.

Their continual sexual frustration – which is normally never discussed – added to their catharsis that any of their previous sexual prowess is of no consequence their mistress – only their obedience and loyalty – leads inevitably to their total submission. A question that one might ask is “Doesn’t Paulie resent being told what to do all of the time?” The answer is of course “No”. To obey his mistress is as natural as breathing and he does not feel oppressed – if she tells him to do something then it becomes his desire to please her and do it. None of this would happen if Mistress Lori were not strong willed enough to enforce permanent chastity on her slaves but in all other respects she is very kind and gentle.

I believe that males who complain about “this or that” aspect of her life style are those who are not ready to enter into such a life style themselves but only want to “play” at it. Mistress Lori doesn’t play. If you read Paulie’s Story you will discover that Mistress Lori “led” Paul aka Paulie into his chastised submissive state – for her own ends it is true – but “Paul” could have walked away if he wanted to but he chose to stay. There are those who complain that their relationship isn’t fair – that is one sided – my answer is that is that that is the nature of their relationship – their life-style – I don’t think that Paulie would agree – he is happier being Mistress Lori’s “slave”.

At the end Mistress Lori had to use certain ploys to push Paul to accept her total authority over him but he had to decide there and then – not dither or sit and think about it. Once the subject has become as submissive as the “then” Paul was – and was ready to move on to the next phase in his conditioning – there was little point in Mistress Lori asking “him” if he agreed.

Mistress Lori’s life-style with her slaves is perhaps not for everyone although her following is growing among both sexes but the question as to whether a male becomes a better person if he is chastised and enslaved – my answer is that perhaps “He” would never get the chance the be a worse one.


Regularly I receive communications from men assuring me of their profound inferiority to women. They advise me that they are worthless and fit only to be enslaved by a female.

A frequent assertion is that they don’t deserve to have sex and propriety demands they be forbidden orgasms forever. Hence the need for those expensive and imperfect male chastity devices. MCDs can be such a bother: it can be difficult to buy one that fits well, the clever man can elude the promised security.

Now some men opt to have themselves castrated. Naively they expect the operation to rid them of their wicked male sexual appetite. Castration doesn’t work that way. You may not produce semen but you can still achieve an erection, enjoy friction and have an orgasm. Eunuch made good guardians of the harem because they were unable to reproduce not because they couldn’t commit coitus.

So castration isn’t the perfect form of male orgasm denial some men think.

A man who is serious about permanently and irrevocably ending his sex life should choose to have a penectomy. Once his cock has been chopped off he won’t have to worry about MCDs, cleaning or ever failing his vow of chastity. (Perhaps the Vatican should adopt this for priests.)

You can have the surplus flesh stuffed and mounted and your Mistress-Wife can display this as a trophy on the mantle. Imagine how delighted she will be to be married to a man who no longer has a penis. And the envy of all her women friends.

And you can still be moved to involuntary ejaculation by prostate massage.

So if you are a male of absolutely no value, deserving nothing call your doctor today and tell him you want a penectomy. Won’t he be surprised.

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Woman Says All Men Should Be Castrated (Female Superiority)

Do Males Deserve Castration?

In response to the question:

How should a man be treated? How inferior are males in comparison to females, dogs, rats, and other animals? You decide. ALSO. Please write a brief description of what you voted and why you made that decision! Write a short summary on how inferior you think men are, and what should be done to them.

Alpha Female writes:

I expect the males in my life to feel and believe deep in their core that they are inferior to me in every way. My desires don?t stop there however, I expect them to believe that they are inferior to all women on a biological level. I want he males in my life to see me as their living Goddess, and their service to be a sacred duty to the Goddess. I expect my males to love me, and to fear me. I want to always give them reasons to love me, and reasons to fear me. The males WILL happily accept my absolute freedom, and embrace the fact that they hold no freedoms. You males must be taught immediately to believe that the world will be better off when women are in authority at all levels, and males must be taught to actively promote that belief system. I expect my males to fully understand and acknowledge that they are physical manifestations of violence and chaos, and that women are the intellectually superior sex. A male is a neanderthal-like sack of meat who can’t control its repulsive, primal urges. Of course, I want to impose these beliefs on all cultures, in all lands, for as long as the male species exists. The disgusting genetic mishap which is a male, if not exterminated, must become enslaved by their superior counterpart race: Females. I want to force these things on the whole of the pathetic male species. I am a female supremacist, I am not limited by the doctrine of consent. We only want males in relationships in which they are considered, and treated as, pathetic, inferior beings. Is that so much to ask for? No, I think that is perfectly reasonable, considering the fact that every male, deep down in his being, knows that he is spiritually and mentally inferior to the female species, and MUST be castrated to become Saved. Furthermore, I would like to add that all male slaves should be immediately castrated after their reproductive services are no longer needed. Yes, the true key to a calm, loving, docile male is castration, and castration only. By removing the testicles of the lowly male, a Mistress has successfully tamed and taught her slave its place. A castrated male is a beautiful thing, and should be practiced on all males in order to successfully cause the parasitic organism that is a male to become extinct. It’s perfectly natural for a male to acknowledge and embrace the fact that he is mentally incapable of exceeding a woman, and it’s a plus when he lets his Mistress rid of his pathetic foreskin, as well as his other bodily malformations. Men should never be equal to women. They should not even become second class citizens no matter how physically better science makes them become, a male brain is still a male brain. The days of men causing physical and mental damage with their disgusting dicks and balls are over with. Castration will be performed at birth much like circumcision is today. It will be a natural practice. And FEMALES will do the cutting. Grown males will be lined up and their c*cks and balls will be snipped off and ground up for dog food. Men are inferior because of the testosterone that disallows them from performing highly advanced, highly feminine brain processes.

First Church of Female Supremacy

It has been ages since I first ran across the First Church of Female Supremacy aka the Cybelians.

A cult – of sorts – pushing female led marriages. Among the cult’s dogmas are these mandatory aspects of Cybelian marriage.

The first statutory aspect is that the man has absolutely no freedom – while at home he must always be naked and collared, the collar to be of the lockable variety. The second statutory aspect is that the man has no status other than that of a toilet for the woman’s use

When I first discovered them the Cybelians seemed humorlessly fanatical about the piss business. It was like sharing bread and wine are for Christians. They’ve also come to push sissyfication and cuckoldry.

Other aspects of a Cybelian marriage which are a matter of choice include cuckoldry – wherein it is the wife’s option to have sex with as many other men as she chooses, compliant physical punishments, humiliation, and extended restriction of freedom. Details of all these options can be found in the Cybelian Marriage Manual, available as an eBook direct from this website.

Human male castration tool.

Aside from the marriage manual there’s a host of ebooks for sale. Topics include ancient secrets known only to the Cybelian elite, golden showers, extreme female domination.

I’ve always thought that the church and its messy interlocking set of websites exist to lure in the most sexually frustrated of men. Lonely submissive men make easy targets.

The name comes from the ancient cult Cybele: religious ecstatics who castrated themselves. Ancient castration device on the right.

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