Female Superiority & Fatherhood

Charlotte writes about the status of the male parent in a female supremacist home:

For almost 20 years I have intensively and systematically trained my husband to be humble and subservient. With the same solicitude and thoroughness I have taught him to acknowledge and respect that the female is superior to the male. …

Read about fathers submitting to daughters

Femdom Supremacist Marriage

A scene form a household run in accordance with the philosophy of female supremacy.


The Domme Wife is serenely radiant confident of her beauty, superiority and power. Her slave husband – if he is even that – has been feminized to eliminate false notions of male power and ability.

His faces reflects the somber knowledge of his inferiority. That his only purpose in this world is to gratify the whims of women, to serve their every need.

How long before this is the picture of the average household?

Holy Femdom : Women as Religion

Woman Worship

Supreme Celestial Femdom Goddess Divinity
Supreme Celestial Femdom Goddess

I’m surprised that I haven’t seen more people trying to use the spiritual notions of the Neo-Pagan view of Woman as divinity or at least semi-divine through a connection with a Mother Goddess that pervades, forms, nourishes and maintains the universe.

Perhaps some men actually believe that women are in some way holy and sacred that men are not. Even supernatural in some fashion. I do remember a wiccan female dominant who claimed to have magical powers.

The wacky one that male has no souls, only the female. (Pretty sure I’ve read that at least once.)

And of course all spiritual leaders from the local pastor to the Dalai Lama must make way for the superior spirituality of women.

A sort of female supremacist theology.

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Drinking Piss as a Sacrament of Woman Worship

Gynosupremacist Marriage and Liturgical Urination

Sacramental pissing in the First Church of Female Supremacy:

The fundamentals of a Cybelian marriage are as follows: (a) the wife is the one who is in control, (b) the wife has the option to cuckold the man, if she so desires, and (c) the wife urinates on the man every day. This last is the most important, for two reasons – firstly, the wife is assuring the good health of her husband by urinating in his mouth so that he obtains all the benefits associated with urine therapy. Secondly, she is cementing her authority over the male on a daily basis by the act of urinating on him and ensuring he drinks it. It is a workable lifestyle, which both creates and sustains a long-lasting marriage – as it obviates many typical domestic disputes. Often, a marital contract is drawn-up, embodying all of the chosen aspects of the particular couple’s marriage. Help can be obtained from the Order in the compilation of such marital contracts.

From the description of a woman worship female supremacist Cybelian marriage.

Female Manipulation of the Male

Once again Charlotte has left a long and thoughtful comment; a couple of excerpts:

Males are primitive and therefore easily manipulated. It has always been the same in poorest hovel and in the king’s castle; the wise woman knew how to get her way by tempting, enticing, giving small appetisers but never giving all what the man wants and never giving too often. The good old recipe is to give the man only a little sex, only rarely and most importantly always give it demonstratively reluctantly. It is the recipe that has enabled thousands of generations of wives even in the most patriarchal times and societies to put a damper on their men’s foolish behaviour.

Now things have come so far that all the men can do is to realise that they are superfluous, to surrender and to hope that women will give them a new role and a chance to despite their inferiority be useful in subordinate and subservient occupations.

Read all that Charlotte wrote.

First Church of Female Supremacy

It has been ages since I first ran across the First Church of Female Supremacy aka the Cybelians.

A cult – of sorts – pushing female led marriages. Among the cult’s dogmas are these mandatory aspects of Cybelian marriage.

The first statutory aspect is that the man has absolutely no freedom – while at home he must always be naked and collared, the collar to be of the lockable variety. The second statutory aspect is that the man has no status other than that of a toilet for the woman’s use

When I first discovered them the Cybelians seemed humorlessly fanatical about the piss business. It was like sharing bread and wine are for Christians. They’ve also come to push sissyfication and cuckoldry.

Other aspects of a Cybelian marriage which are a matter of choice include cuckoldry – wherein it is the wife’s option to have sex with as many other men as she chooses, compliant physical punishments, humiliation, and extended restriction of freedom. Details of all these options can be found in the Cybelian Marriage Manual, available as an eBook direct from this website.

Human male castration tool.

Aside from the marriage manual there’s a host of ebooks for sale. Topics include ancient secrets known only to the Cybelian elite, golden showers, extreme female domination.

I’ve always thought that the church and its messy interlocking set of websites exist to lure in the most sexually frustrated of men. Lonely submissive men make easy targets.

The name comes from the ancient cult Cybele: religious ecstatics who castrated themselves. Ancient castration device on the right.

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Are You Submissive or Masochistic?

Power Exchange vs Sadomasochism

Vintage Femdom Supremacy

I remember wondering once if I were really submissive or soley masochistic. I saw no shame in that but in not being sure of my own nature I couldn’t be sure what I could offer a dominant partner.

Here’s part of an old discussion:

The lines aren’t always very cleanly drawn. There’s a lot of overlap. A lot of people are into some of what we do, some of us are into a lot of what we do, some of us may even be into almost everything that we do (howdy, Philip!), but nobody is into everything that we do. We’re all a blend of some of the ingredients, and in each of us, that blend has a different flavor. In some of us, a spoonful of the stew shows a heavy proportion of sadism. Some of us taste more like bondage, and others of us taste like a whole pot of submissiveness, with nary a trace of masochism.

But in the end, you are what you are – if you think you’re submissive, but don’t consider yourself a masochist, then that’s probably what you are. That’s what I am, in fact. I hate pain, but then again, I need it as a component of my submission. So even though I’m not a masochist, when my sadist lover crops me or clamps my nipples, she’d doing sadism – so therefore, we’re doing sadomasochism.

I would suggest that you don’t need to understand it much more deeply than that – it’s not that complex. Submissive but not a masochist? That’s actually quite common. They key is to know who you are, and what you need, as well as who you *aren’t* and what you “don’t* need – if you’ve got that sorted out and you can keep it clear in your mind, then that’s a big step towards feeling at peace with it. And feeling at peace with it is the key to self-acceptance. Once you’ve attained self-acceptance, you’ll probably find that the exact definitions aren’t really that important.

As for a lot of the BDSM literature seeming inappropriate – well, you’re not the first to notice that. If you’re referring to the fiction, it’s mostly fantasy material. It’s only appropriate if it fits you. Most of it doesn’t fit that many real people. Don’t feel ill at ease if you find that you’re one of those it does not fit. You’re not alone.

Just be who you are, and you’ll always be on the right course.


The first thing I think is that I get a little uncomfortable when I see this put in one *VS* the other kind of terms. That seems to imply some kind of tension between the two things that, IMO, just doesn’t exist. Having said that, I will offer up and old and tired analogy – Kink, BDSM, WIITWD, or whatever you want to call it is like a smorgasbord. There are so many things to choose from. People can choose whatever they like, in whatever combination. They can have all one thing or a little bit of everything or anywhere in between.

It does seem that there is a lot more information out there about S&M than there is about D/s, but I think that’s to be expected. It’s a lot easier to write a how-to about flogging or suspension or whathaveyou than it is to write about how dominance and submission work. The basics of S&M play are about the same for everyone – the same safety factors and such apply pretty much across the board. But, IMO, D/s is a much more individual thing. I’m not saying that’s better or worse, just different. I suspect it’s easier to write fiction about S&M, too. A lot of it is very D/s-y, but I don’t think I’ve seen much that doesn’t have S&M elements. It can be hard to describe one’s kink to others. Most often, unless one is describing one’s kink to a potential partner of whatever sort, it’s just not all that important that they understand exactly where one is coming from.

I guess at parties and such, it’s the S&M play that gets noticed. That’s where the action is, after all. But if one looks, there’s a lot of D/s play going on, too. It just doesn’t require special equipment or a lot of space. While I think there is a perception that S&M is the predominant kink, I don’t think that people who aren’t into S&M are rare. I think there are a lot of kinky people who are neither sadists nor masochists. Just like there are a lot of kinky people who are neither dominant nor submissive.

In my own case I discovered that I’m very masochistic. And – with the right person – very submissive.

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Sumuru: Female Supremacist

Madonna Sumuru: Female Supremacist Icon

Sumuru – Our Lady Madonna Sumuru – was the central focus of a few novels by Sax Rohmer.

She is the most beautiful woman in the world, brilliant and omnicompetent.

Sumuru leads a worldwide cult of followers devoted to carrying out her will. Sumuru is a pure female supremacist who believes that the world can only be saved if it is run by beautiful women. Her goal is personal dictatorship of the world.

At least a couple of the novels are available on Kindle.

Thee have been a few Sumuru movies. I doubt any of them are much good. But may provide enjoyable scenes of female domination and feminism.