Should Men Be Castrated?

When once politically omnipotent will the supreme women castrate men?

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Gelding a man will stop testosterone production. He will become passive.

Contrary to popular conceptions many castrated men still desire sex but unable to produce sperm cannot reproduce. And lessening testosterone reduces muscular development making a slave man less useful for hard and demanding labor.

Who knows what decision these superior women will come to.

Men Are Furniture: Male Slave Chair

When a man becomes the property of a superior woman his life becomes on of service.


Whatever his old self-image he is now valued for utility, meeting his Mistress Owner’s needs.

Males become mere objects and a common form of utilitarian objectification is using a male slave’s body has human furniture. A woman can turn a man into a chair. It affords a place to sit wherever she is.

Such grueling service keeps a slave man alive to his status as woman’s property.

She is Better Than You

She is stronger than you. She has more physical endurance. She is smarter than you. More quick witting. A more profound thinker. She is wiser and more intuitive. She is more honest and ethical.


Accept your place. As a male your only desire should be to serve your female superiors. You ask nothing because you deserve nothing. You obey quickly and unhesitatingly.

When she disciplines you with painful whippings you are thankful. Your suffering will make you a better slave of womankind. That is the best you can ever be.

She is everything. You are nothing.

Worship her.

Superior Woman’s Use of Male Chastity

Charlotte writes about male orgasm denial and sexual manipulation to condition and control a male:

.. This mental emasculation is the result of long firm and consistent training that has taught him not only to feel inferior and to be ashamed of his sexuality but also to fear his sexuality as a dark, dangerous power that if unrestrained jeopardises his safety and his good living as a good little domesticated male and therefore he experiences the chastity device as humiliating to have to wear but also as a security device ensuring that his sexuality will not be able to take control of him. It is much like the aching welts on his buttocks and back thighs ensuring him of being safe and secure in my care and therefore despite the pain and shame providing him with a comfortable and reassuring feeling of belonging and being controlled.

I doubt that he still would want to abuse his sexuality by masturbating if he got the chance to do so; he is too aware of his inferiority and too ashamed of his sexuality to want it but he knows that the physical urge and temptation would probably be irresistible and this frightens him and makes him appreciate the chastity device that effectively restricts his sexuality and spares him from temptation. …

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Matriarchal Legislation

Charlotte has posted more explanation of the matriarchal future:

… Of course the men will to begin with have difficulties understanding that they too are better off with legislation that already before the matriarchy is a reality will restrict and limit them in order to make society safer. It is for instance undeniable facts that males commit more crimes than females, cause more public disturbance than females and more often than females are drunk and cause accidents and disruption. Consequently it is common sense and will make society considerably safer to impose a curfew on all males and to restrict their access to alcohol and to pubs and bars etcetera.

Such legislation will no doubt be a fact in the most progressive and feminised countries within the next ten to fifteen years and the most appreciable results will encourage other countries not only to copy it but also to speed up the feminisation process. …

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She is the First Matriarchal Dictator

Female supremacy is now real. She is the first Matriarchal Dictator of the new world government. The old male politicians and senior civil service staff are permitted to serve her. They have knowledge that only practice can bring. Under her guidance they will bring forth a new world ruled by superior women. Men will become mere property. Sometimes cherished. Always used, often disciplined.


A generation from now only women will serve in government. Males will be at best clerical workers and secretaries. Utopia will evolve from the permanent enslavement of men.

Female Supremacy: Marriage & Sexuality

Charlotte writes about how female superiority will change marriage and subvert heterosexual norms:

… If I one day decide to live together with another woman I will probably keep my husband as servant and homemaker and I do not see any reason why his status as the subordinate and subservient homemaker should in any way change because a woman moves in as my intimate partner and confidante. …

… There is no doubt that lesbian sex and lesbian relationships will continuously become more common as we come closer to matriarchy where it will very much be the norm and where few women will prefer limiting themselves to a monogamous heterosexual relationship. The predominant norm will be that two or more women are living together with their children and are keeping one or more men as domestic and other kinds of servants. Occasional sex with a man will be an opportunity used rarely and only for variety. …

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BBW Female Supremacy

Her visible power and superior strength keeps this slave man mindful of his inferiority. He knows that it is an honor to be permitted to serve a superior woman. Her swift and stern discipline – brutal lashings with her cane – keep him also conscious that when he service is not perfect she will correct him with pain.


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