Femdom Male Chastity Contract: An Example


Example Femdom Chastity Contract: You Should Always Write Your Own.


1. To train the Submale to not disrespect his Mistress Owner by masturbating
2. To train the Submale quality over quantity with his sexual releases
3. To affirm the Submales submissive nature to his Mistress Owner and satisfy his desire to be kept chaste while learning to get his pleasure only from Her pleasure.


1. Chastity Device – A tool which locks in place and uses confinement or discomfort to prevent a male from engaging in sexual intercourse, masturbation, or having erections
1. This contract will be in effect for (1) year
2. At any time the contract may become permanent if agreed to by Mistress Owner and Submale
3. The contract may be cancelled at any time, but only at the sole discretion of the Mistress Owner
4. This contract and its option for a permanent extension remain in effect regardless of the status of the marriage

Responsibilities of the Submale:

1. To provide honest and complete information to his Mistress Owner on the most effective chastity devices available, both now and in the future
2. To assist in measuring and fitting of the devices to ensure proper fit and security
3. To have his genitals pierced as needed for any devices selected by his Mistress Owner
4. To submit full control of his sexual organs to his Mistress Owner for the length of this agreement
5. To keep the chastity device clean and in proper working order and immediately report any problem with the device to his Mistress Owner
6. To immediately report any unauthorized ejaculation to his Mistress Owner
7. To provide pleasure to his Mistress Owner on a regular basis without expecting any reciprocation
8. To never expect he will be unlocked only because his Mistress Owner wishes to be intimate
9. To never expect an orgasm only because his Mistress Owner wishes to unlock his chastity device
10. To never hesitate or complain if he is relocked in his chastity device without any relief
11. To acknowledge that there are no guaranteed orgasms and his Mistress Owner may choose to not remove the chastity device for the duration of this agreement
12. To always thank his Mistress Owner for any opportunity to provide her sexual gratification because his sole focus should be to provide his Mistress Owner pleasure and happiness
13. To understand his genitals are no longer his property or his concern, and that his Mistress Owner may do with him sexually as she sees fit, whenever she sees fit- or nothing at all
14. To always remember “This is what you asked for”

Responsibilities of the Mistress Owner:

1. To select one or more chastity devices for Her Submale
2. To assist in measuring and fitting of the devices to ensure proper fit and security
3. Establish a “Training Period” to get Her Submale accustomed to wearing chastity devices of increasing security for increasing amounts of time to experiment with work, exercise, sleep, comfort, etc. This training does not count toward the (1) year chastity period
4. To inform Her Submale of his chastity “Start Date” and decide on his initial confinement period, making sure it is long enough to “break” Her Submale of his masturbation habit
5. To be the sole decision maker on when and if Her Submale is ever allowed to be unlocked from the chastity device and/or have an orgasm
6. To be strict and vigilant in her efforts to keep Her Submale in chastity by watching for signs of his cheating and keeping all keys to the chastity device secure and well hidden
7. To tease Her Submale often to maximize his excitement level between possible releases
8. To not be manipulated by Her Submale in any way- and only remove the chastity device for Her own pleasure, enjoyment, or amusement
9. To never feel obligated to grant Her Submale an orgasm even if She wishes to remove the device for activities and then lock him back up when those activities are done
10. To use prolonged chastity to improve any aspect of Her Submale’s behavior she sees fit
11. To use prolonged chastity and teasing to assist in negotiating any modifications to and/or the permanent extension of this agreement
12. To never disclose when or how She intends to grant Submale an orgasm
13. To never under any circumstances allow him to masturbate or stimulate his own penis
14. To always keep Submale guessing even if it means telling him he is going to have an orgasm and stimulating him to almost-orgasm or ruined-orgasm and then locking him back up
15. To always remember he is in a chastity device for his own good
16. To allow the device to be removed for certain medical visits, which She may accompany
17. To not impose any requirements that could negatively impact the Submale’s work status
18. To not use the chastity device to manipulate any ordinary household joint decisions
19. To adhere to and strictly enforce all Mandatory Penalties listed below (All minimums)
20. To always remember “This is what he asked for”

Mandatory Penalties:

1. Nagging or otherwise being a pest about initiating intimacy by the Submale will result in an automatic 10 Day Minimum confinement (Polite and respectful offers for a massage or something similar are always fine)
2. Whining, complaining or asking questions about when is the next removal from the chastity device by the Submale will result in an automatic 30 Day Minimum confinement
3. Refusing to perform or receive any intimate act directed by the Mistress Owner, while locked in chastity or not, will result in an automatic confinement period equal to the length of time it takes for the Mistress Owner to enjoy 50 orgasms of her own, however long that may be
4. An unsuccessful attempting to tamper with or defeat the chastity device by the Submale will result in an automatic 60 Day Minimum confinement
5. A successful attempting to tamper with or defeat the chastity device by the Submale will result in reassessment of the device security and an automatic 90 Day Minimum confinement once reestablished


1. This agreement may be modified from time to time as the Mistress Owner sees fit and as the Submale agrees to.

Acceptance of Initial (1) Year Period:

__________________ _____ _______________________ _____
Mistress Owner Date Submale Date

Acceptance of permanent extension:
___________________ _____ _______________________ _____
Mistress Owner Date Submale Date

Male Slaves Locked in Cages When Sold

Matriarchal civilizations often reach a stage where men become the property of women. Males become the owned slaves of females.

For various reasons the female slave owners will need to acquire and dispose of slave men. Slave brokers and used slave dealers find buyers and sellers and when necessary arrange the transport of male slaves.

Slaves who are sold to owners in distant towns and nations are always caged for shipment.


To save money the slave man be shipped by the cheapest and hence the slowest means possible. Slave men spend days, even weeks locked in their cages. Gagged to keep them silent. Minimally nourished to minimize problems of waste disposal.


If the new owner is an extreme disciplinarian or the slave has a record of inappropriate actions the cages often have spiked floors and roofs. When the slave meets its new owner it is completely docile.


There are inevitably slave men that are sold several times during their lives. Cramped cages become their second homes.

Sissymale Erections: Should They Be Permitted?

What ever resides in the depths of a sissy male’s heart and soul the creature was born male. It has a penis. During the early stages of feminization should the sissy’s penis be permitted to become erect?

Sissy males in variably locked in chastity devices. They have chaste, sometimes permanently denied lives. Allowing the sissy’s cock to hangout exposed is part of the feminized males humiliation: the organ is a subject of mockery and sarcastic pity. Allowing the penis space to become large and solid gives sissy memories that will magnify his frustration once his ‘manhood’ is locked behind steel and Lucite.

The available and erect penis permits special training. If its penis swells punish the sissy. Whip the sissy’s penis. But clamps on it. Teach him that an unwanted erection brings punishment. How a Mistress Owner will smile as the sissy stops having erections: fear of punishment leaves the sissy impotent.

Their is no better lesson to teach the sissy his lowly status as the least slave of woman.


Male Slave Gelding

On this Gynarchic planet many male slaves are kept on farms and ranches to aid in the production of food.

The slaves faces are often keep hidden behind hoods and masks. This limits bonding among the slave creatures. And diminishes any sense of individuality. Male farm slaves are most useful when they become just one of the herd.

After reaching full physical maturity the male slave is gelded. This aids in keeping the farm slaves docile and merged in the herd identity.

With these techniques and many cycles of breeding the male farm slaves are content with a simple life of servitude.


Pig Slave

Pig slaves are the most degraded and lowly male slaves.

Pig slaves discard their humanity and dignity. The image below gives us an example.

The slave wears the mask of a pig. His human face, human identity disappears from memory. He is no longer allowed to stand. The pig slave lives on his knees and moves only by crawling.

Permanent chastity is this pig slave’s fate. Who would want to have sex with such a wretched creature? Why should something so worthless be permitted the pleasure of an orgasm.

Pig slave eat food discards and scraps. If those are scarce it eats mash from the feed store.

A pig slave lives only to be humiliated by its Mistress Owner. Disgusted by the pig slave she offers it no kindness. It worships and serves her. Often the pig slave is kept locked away and forgotten.

This is the life – for reasons only it understands – the pig slave has chosen.


Mistress Owner / Submale Chastity Agreement

Enforced Male Orgasm Denial Regulations


  1. The Mistress Owner will have complete ownership and control of the penis.
  2. The Mistress Owner will decide if and when the penis will be allowed to ejaculate. She may deny giving permission for any period at her sole discretion.
  3. The Mistress Owner may hint at or even promise relief, but in most all cases change her mind later and refuse.
  4. The Mistress Owner will decide the method used to cause the penis to ejaculate. She may, for example, have the Submale masturbate in her presence, or She may choose Her preferred method applied by Her or Her designee.
  5. The Submale is not permitted to ask for any sexual favors, such as rubbing of the penis, insertion into any animate or inanimate objects (except as described below), licking or sucking unless directed or initiated by the Mistress Owner. 10
  6. The Submale is not permitted to touch the penis without permission, except to shave his penis and balls under the Mistress Owner’s supervision. The Submale must keep his genitals free of hair at all times.
  7. The Submale will wear a chastity belt when ordered by Mistress Owner. Wearing the chastity belt symbolizes the Mistress Owner’s absolute domination and control of the penis.
  8. Submale is responsible for daily cleaning of device.
  9. Submale will notify the Mistress Owner immediately of any concerns regarding function or cleanliness of device.
  10. The Mistress Owner will supervise at least one removal of device in a seven-day period for cleaning and shaving.
  11. Submale agrees to all terms of release as set forth by Mistress Owner, including restraints if deemed necessary.
  12. Submale agrees that during release for cleaning he will shave accordingly to keep genital area free from hair.
  13. Submale agrees that he will immediately re-secure device after all cleanings unless specifically ordered not to by Mistress Owner.
  14. Submale will not attempt to defeat the device in any way or possess any keys.
  15. Mistress Owner will make one emergency key available to Submale for use in medical emergency, doctor appointments, and any other situation in which excessive bodily harm may be present to Submale.
  16. Submale agrees that in such emergency he will notify Mistress Owner immediately and that no sexual release is permitted. If self-release is attempted and/or carried out, punishment as outlined in the contract will be applied.
  17. Submale agrees that once medical condition has been rectified Submale will re-secure device immediately and notify Mistress Owner of said action.
  18. Submale acknowledges and agrees that Mistress Owner has certain sexual needs that may need fulfilled and such releases for Mistress Owner do not constitute a release for Submale.
  19. Submale agrees to immediately and enthusiastically satisfy Mistress Owner by any and all means Mistress Owner requests for sexual and sensual gratification. 10
  20. Submale agrees that sexual releases may be accompanied by being restrained as determined by Mistress Owner.
  21. Submale agrees that Mistress Owner may release Submale for the means of sexual play but that no orgasm is permitted unless Mistress Owner specifically permits one.
  22. Submale must always ask for permission to ejaculate. 20
  23. Submale agrees to use any sexual aids such as (but not limited to) strap-ones, vibrators, dildos, and other artificial aids to satisfy Mistress Owner.
  24. Your rules start here. Have any?

Men Should Wear Chastity Devices All Their Lives

Lifetime Male Orgasm Control: My Ideal

By Mistress Christiana


At puberty I believe males should be issued with their first chastity belt. This would prevent masturbation and allow ejaculation according to a schedule designed to maintain their sexual health. This would occur at most once a week and at least once per month at their guardians, mothers discretion. This would immediately impose a great amount of discipline. In cases of disobedience the boy would simply be denied his weekly ejaculation.

The ejaculation would be facilitated through a special procedure. The boy would be handcuffed. He should stand in front of a high table and on this there should be a book, preferably with a religious text he should read out loud. This is to prevent lewd thoughts. He should wear a condom and a masturbation machine should be used to stimulate him. he should wear the machine for at most 2 minutes. If he does not ejaculate by then he may try again next week. Think of the help this would be in bringing up an unruly teenage boy!

At his 18th birthday he will be allowed to date and see girls. The key to his belt will though remain in possession of his mother, legal guardian. The girls he dates are free to use him any way they choose, except that intercourse is of course impossible. This affords and excellent opportunity for women to evaluate a future husbands performance. She would make him massage her, perform cunnilingus, do housework and serve her in any way she sees fit.

This would be a great benefit to teenage girls and unmarried women. They could pick and choose men who would be happy to serve them and have no possibility of sex, unless of course they married. The prevention of date rape and pressure by men on unwilling females would be a revolutionary change. Young men and women could sleep and even live together for periods of time and the woman would never have to worry about arousing him too much or being nude around him. Men seem to think if they are alone with a naked female it gives them some kind of license for sex. This is far from the truth and a chastity belt would drive this point home. Should she decide he is husband material she will ask his mother for his hand in marriage. This is of course entirely up to them. The boy/man will be informed the day before his marriage.

After marriage, sex will be under the wife’s control. She will recieve the key to his belt at the altar. She might prefer her husband remains a virgin his entire life! She could have children by using artificial insemination. She would control the chastity belt key and allow ejaculations as she sees fit. Think of the implications! Males would be obedient creatures bent on pleasing the female in any way. A man deficient in any way would simply be denied ejaculation until he improved.

Cuckolding Relationship: 12 Rules

Mistress Cuckoldress’ Rules


  1. Discretion maintained: outsiders will not know of cuckolding relationship.
  2. Cuckoldress will choose her sexual partners. The submissive cuckolded male must accept her choices.
  3. Cuckolded male’s presence at sessions between Cuckoldress and boyfriend/bull will be decided by the Cuckoldress.
  4. Submissive cuckolded partner agrees to accept any offering as his own children.
  5. Cuckolded male will remain faithful to the Cuckoldress. If he is permitted orgasms it will be with her only.
  6. He will provide the Mistress Cuckoldress any sexual services she demands without any expectation of his own sexual fulfillment.
  7. If it pleases the Mistress Cuckoldress the cuckolded submissive man will adopt articles of feminine attire. This may range from his wearing panties to full-blown enforced transvestism.
  8. The cuckolded male may assume the role of sissy maidservant when bull/boyfriend is present accepting the superior male as Master.
  9. Cuckolded male may be required to sexually service bull/boyfriend.
  10. Sissy cuckold’s services may include licking up all semen from the two superior persons bodies.
  11. If the cuckolded male’s behavior is unsatisfactory this Mistress Cuckoldress may spank, whip or punish him in any way she deems appropriate.
  12. All rules are wholly at the whim of the Mistress Cuckoldress who reserves the right to modify them at will.