Pegging & Male Chastity

An owned man may be forever forbidden to have an orgasm. But he may still have sex with his dominant girlfriend or wife. Her life is rich in orgasms.

Pegging – Femdom strap-on sex – is all the owned male needs. He’s the bottom. The dominant woman’s frequent penetration of his anus repeatedly reminds me that she is top. The boss. She wears the pants. He wears frilly pink items that mark him a sissy.

The owned male craves recognition of his submissiveness. Worships a woman’s power. Being pegged by a woman thrills him. It embodies the truth of his lowly status.

He may miss his orgasms. But knows that being only on bottom really makes him a happier man.


Male Chastity: 10 Things to Remember

Mandatory Male Orgasm Denial for Men


  1. Sexual impulses are the root of much male misbehavior. Enforced chastity is better for man, better for the woman who owns him.
  2. As the property of a female owner how your body is used (or disused) is determined solely by her desires.
  3. Never ask why you are denied orgasms. Accept her will uncomplainingly.
  4. Do not attempt to manipulate, thwart or bypass your chastity device.
  5. When your owner decided to milk you and drain you of sperm assume the proper position instantly.
  6. The chastity device will forestall any attempts by your penis to become erect. Do not complain or make noises when this causes pain.
  7. When asked share freely with your Mistress Owner your feelings about your enforced chastity. Your frustration will provide her with considerable amusement.
  8. She will play tease and arousal games with you. This is to insure that you experience maximum erotic desperation.
  9. Showing your chastity device in public will be one of your Mistress Owner’s entertainments. She and dominant women can compare devices and, penile in adequacy.
  10. Daily thank her for denying your sexual self-expression. Tell her your glory in her authority and appreciate that she bothers with you at all.

Benefits of Being a Male Chastity Keyholder


My husband approached me about a year ago with what I thought was his craziest idea ever. He had been doing some online reading and decided that he wanted me to control his orgasms through the use of a chastity device. Not being the dominant type sexually, and being rather intimiated by the whole BDSM concept, I wasn’t really sure how to react to such a request, so my initial answer was to simply say no. He continued to pester me with the idea and finally I gave in. I figured it was probably another case of an unfulfilled fantasy that would go away once he experienced it for a while, but it turned out to be just the opposite.

Had I known then what I know now, I definitely would have jumped at the opportunity the first time he asked. And so for those women who might have been similarly approached by their significant others and don’t know what the story is, I’ve put together this little page of information and tips. I hope you find it useful and educational in some way.

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Masturbation is Forbidden

In this matriarchal society ever male is given one chance to prove himself trustworthy and virtuous.

Every man fails. Once caught masturbating his penis is locked up in his first male chastity device.

The woman have perfected many male chastity devices. For elderly submen there are moderately comfortable MCDs that are reserved for male who have reached total submissiveness.

Most are adjustable and can be loosened when the subman is properly obedient and submissive. Only to be tighten to give him a painful reminder of his status.

Other MCDs have receptacles for special attachments. Many are electrified and can be activited or manipulated by wifi. Punishment MCDs can be heated.

A very special MCD can masturbate the male for hours. Painful friction ruins any orgasms obtained and over sometimes left to run overnight when a subman needs an unforgettable lesson.


Pull the Sissy By His Penis

Despite stringent regimens of sissification and feminization some sissy male retain illusions about their genitals. Even though the penis remains attached to his boy it is the property of the woman who owns the sissy.
While a metal or Lucite chastity device is the quotidian solution forcible reminders can be useful psychological reinforcement.

Give the sissy’s phallus a hard yank. Better yet pull on it and lead him about the room at a fast pace.

When sissy’s chastity belt is restored the memorable experience and residual discomfort will help him stay mindful of the reality of a feminized man’s life.


Total Male Orgasm Denial Rules

By these ten rules male are required to be submissive to females and live in a permanent state of sexual arousal but forever denied orgasms


  • Rule One: Boys Don’t Cum
  • Rules Two: Boys Obey Girls
  • Rule Three: Cocks Stay Hard
  • Fule Four: Balls Stay Full
  • Rule Five: Ten Edges a Day
  • Rule Six: Boy’s Don’t Cum
  • Rule Seven: Boy’s Stay Naked
  • Rule Eight: Girls Use Boys
  • Rule Nine: Boys Don’t Cum
  • Rule Ten: Girls Cum


Do you know the name of the artist?

His First Experience of Enforced Chastity

I have written about aspects of my life with Dolly before, but things between us are subtly changing and I would value very much the thoughts, comments and suggestions of both men and women reading this on the situation now and on where it might lead. We used to argue a great deal, but mentally I admit that I SURRENDERED to Dolly completely some weeks ago. Day-to-day things between us are much much easier now. It is as if there is nothing to argue about anymore, we just do things Dolly’s way. If she bosses me around I do what she says instead of complaining about her tone or resisting her wishes. I have to hold my tongue sometimes, but I am becoming used to that.

I told her this to her face recently, saying that she was the boss at home and that I would always try to do things her way. She looked at me with her bright blue eyes and clearly liked my submission a lot – as if I had finally finally realized the way we obviously had to live .

She prefers me not to orgasm often. She says that she has noticed that if I squirt I am less attentive and less obliging to her generally, but she has also noticed that if I am deprived too much I become difficult, so she says she tries to measure things to keep me sweet.

- Only, she does not seem to realize that men want to have sex often; and she seems to rate my needs in line with hers – and she has always been able to go a long time without needing sex.

Since 1st Jan 2006 for instance, she has had SEX with me ONLY 4 times, on 8th Feb, 19th March, 5th May and 6th May (obviously a sexy time of month) – about once every 7 weeks.

She has allowed me to SQUIRT just one other time, on 18th June; although she tolerated two other accidental squirts, on 21st Jan and 5th Feb – she was there and she was thrashing my bottom when it unavoidably “happened”.

She reminds me to be faithful to her and good and restrained generally by keeping me in “frilly panties” as she calls them. That is, she discovered a while ago that I was fascinated by girls’ underwear and I now wear panties daily as a reminder of her control over me and as a physically restraining factor in bed. Firm pairs of panties keep the male parts more or less strapped in, and less likely to protrude in bed and bother Dolly. They are also a reminder of who is in charge of the home and sexual part of our relationship – the female.

At times, when full of lust in the night, I used to cling to her in bed and slowly grind myself against her with frustration and passion, but she has now FORBIDDEN that and any “grinding” is now against the mattress only, quietly, or purely mental.

Dolly doesn’t seem to be in the mood for sex with me much (usually too tired), but keeps me “calm” by way of regular severe hairbrushings on my bare bottom, panties pulled down by her, lying on the bed in front of her – a little thrill for me in lieu of sex she says, and usually in lieu of squirting too.

Very very rarely does she allow me to squirt on these occasions, and they finish with Dolly showing me in the mirror my severely reddened bottom and sometimes upper thighs too in the mirror, with my part standing hard and straight, ignored by her, except our of curiosity to see whether there is any moisture at the tip…

I find myself begging for more morsels of sexual attention, and Dolly may sigh with annoyance, but “allow me” to kiss her panties – more often just on the back over her deliciously curvy bottom, and sometimes on the front too, where the cotton covers her mysterious pussy which I have not even seen for many many weeks, maybe two months or more… She lifts up her nightdress just enough for me to kneel by her feet and perform my acts of worship and restrained lust before telling me, “That’s enough.” Her panties are invariably white cotton, like mine (she likes me to wear the same styles that she does) and plain or with intricate feminine patterns which I love. My eyes seek out the folds in he panties which indicate that her pussy cleft is just beneath, trying to kiss her panties sexually enough that she might become aroused and we might find ourselves making passionate love on our bed.

In my deprived state, kissing even her bottom through her panties becomes a HUGE thrill for me and for my unsatiated desire for her.

Other favours she may grant from time to time include stroking my bits through my panties before she turns over and goes to sleep, curled up facing the other direction; or tweaking my nipples enough to make me pant with desire and buck against her like a wild horse – before she similarly ignores me.

I have read about the “SUBZONE,” and this is where I must be when Dolly treats me like this. I enter a mental zone in which I will do anything for her, gladly, willingly and with love. My mind and body wallow as if in a warm swamp of love, lust and tenderness. Part of me wants to orgasm immediately to relieve the stresses of frustration, but part of me luxuriates in the waves of dreamlike repressed desire, avoiding the sudden halt which an orgasm would unavoidably bring.

The next day, I will spend the whole day or the next days thinking of Dolly and wondering whether she might grant me any favours that evening or whether I will merely tuck myself up in bed, panty-clad and hugging my firm, unyielding woman, my bits hard in my underwear, my mind luxuriating in repressed lust.

I now wear the apron more than Dolly does, as I do more and more chores around the house and offer to do things while she relaxes with the newspaper or a magazine.

I last saw and entered Dolly’s pussy 7 weeks ago, 6th May. She won’t even let me see it these days (and she wears underwear in bed, so I do not get glimpses). “I’m not like a picture in a magazine,” she said when I gently asked her on Tuesday if I could just SEE and maybe kiss her pussy.

I last squirted nearly 2 weeks ago and I have no idea when she may allow me to squirt again. “You will have to wait and see!” she replied when I last asked. It may be a week or it may be a month, or it may be even longer. I truthfully have no idea. If I ask, I may annoy her. If I do not ask, she may think I am not interested. It is a difficult balance to find.

I love Dolly with all my heart and with all my desire. But I do not know what she will do with me, and whether she will come to want sex more often.

Some months ago I was concerned she might be seeing another man and that this was the reason she was less interested in sex. I never completely got to the bottom of that question, but I feel that now at least she only has me, but is enjoying keeping my sexuality under control in this way.

Do many women follow this path? Do many men “surrender” as I have done? Our arguments have disappeared, so have I found the answer to a happy relationship or have I merely given in to a dominant, bossy woman who likes me wrapped around her finger?

Where will we go next? Perhaps she knows. I do not. That in itself is a thrill for me.


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Keep Men Mindful of Their Inferiority

Female Supremacy Must Be Reinforced in the Male Mind


Even submissive men and enslaved males are apt to occasionally fail to act in ways consonant with their recognition that women is superior. The the male’s inferior status demands constant humility, consistent self-abasement.

This is why many Femdom tools and rituals are required.

Chains and bondage remind a man that any freedom to act is contingent on his Mistress’ wishes.

Shaming and degrading males keep them mindful of their lowly status.

Prayers and rituals reinforce their remembrance that every woman is a goddess to be worshiped.

Enforced chastity: the ache of being denied the primary male pleasure always deepens submission.

Spanking and other physical punishments keep a man disciplined and obedient.

Cuckold Parenthood

Robert asks:

I am in a very happy marriage for three years. My wife locked me up in a chastity belt since our wedding day. I have been orgasm denial for the past three years, never entered my wife at all. I have accepted that I will never inter her, nor have an orgasm again for the rest of my life. She sees other men, and I clean her out orally.

We have talked about having a family for the past six months now, and our wedding anniversary is coming up in one month. I am thinking about offering to my wife, as a anniversary present, to be knocked up by another man so she can have a baby and start our family.

My question to you is, would my anniversary present to my wife be reasonable, and am I wrong in my willingness to have my wife get pregnant by another man??

I would like to know what your thoughts are on this.

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