How Do I Shrink My Penis?

Truth may or may not be stranger than fiction. Some people can’t even tell the difference between the two. Here’s one fellow’s unlikely question for knowledge:

Dear friend,

I’m trying to find accurate information on the effects of long-term chastity on penis size. It’s not easy. My lifestyle Domme has me permanently locked in a Gerecke device. With changes we had made at a local machine shop, it’s impossible to violate.

My hope is that i can find medical info which confirms your observations. It would be wonderful if my mistress and i can take pleasure in watching my “Pee Hole” as She now refers to it, slowly diminish and become useless.

Also, do you know where to find out about the effects of restricting nocturnal erections and how that may relate to reducing the size of the penis?

Thanks so much,

In response to Lori’s Tube.

Castration vs Male Chastity

By Bootlicker

Castration takes all the fun out of orgasm control.

If a male has nothing to surrender (he’s already lost it to the meat-cleaver) there’s no victory for the animal’s Owner.

Much better to leave the male capable of performing, but submitting to control by One that he obeys out of love, than to be unable to choose.

Consider a slave crawling on its hands and knees. It could stand up and walk, but kneels in voluntary surrender to the Owner it loves with devotion, passion and intentional obedience.

If Mistress pleases to flog Her slave, it eagerly fetches Her favourite whip for Her, prostrates itself for Her convenience, then reverently thanks Her for the privilege of serving as Her victim by kissing Her boots in gratitude.

Male Milking

Male Milking: massaging a man’s prostate gland forcing him to ejaculate without an orgasm. This helps insure the male’s prostate health is maintained during long periods of enforced chastity. Forcing him to cum without actual sexual release is another technique for maintaining his humility.

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100% Chastity

That a man should be subjected to complete and total orgasm denial is one of those funny little things you sometimes run across. Particularly in the out of control comments some men leave on LFA / FLR blogs.

Funny isn’t it how the image never, ever being allowed to orgasm excites some guys. A sure sign that someone’s fantasies are out of control. They doubtlessly wank at the prospect of being forbidden to wank.

Much, much more rarely – professional online dominatrices aside – to you see women advocate doing this to men.

People who practice sanity-aware consensual orgasm denial in real life often note that when taken too far chastity becomes boring. Often instead of creating the suffering hunger men imagine it causes the male sex drive to flatline, to die.

The chastity game becomes pointless and boring.

So wank to permanent orgasm denial if you enjoy it. But never forget that in a real relationship it is just a plain nutty idea.

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Japanese Women Force Men to Wear Chastity Devices

From a report that women in Japan are starting to place chastity devices on their husbands and boyfriends. Japanese women don’t seem to trust Japanese males at all.

“The users seem to be single women who are extremely possessive,” says “pink” industry journalist Yukio Murakami, explaining why lower decker pecker checkers have come into vogue all of a sudden.

“They can’t stop fretting that their lovers will cheat on them. So they make them wear chastity belts made with metal or plastic tubes that slip over the entire length of the glans, and can be fixed with a lock and key. It’s got an aperture at the tip to permit urination.”

This is the saddest – and I think unfair and unlikely – reason for a woman wanting to place her husband in a chastity device I’ve ever encountered:

“Many of them feel insecure because they’re unattractive and worry their boyfriends will be stolen by other women, so they buy the belts via mail order, and then insist their lovers wear them,” he adds. Hmmm, naruhodo. First mail order, then ordered males.

Um, if she orders the device in advance there’s a good chance it won’t fit.

Work odd hours? Don’t want your boyfriend or husband to wank while you are away?

Nurses who work night shifts also favor such clampdowns on their boyfriends recreational activities.

Rouge romantics wrapping on restraints below the beltway

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Total Permanent Chastity and Virtue

By Companion

I feel that has fallen to me to speak on behalf of some dominant females – and the males who serve them – and I hope that our female betters do not think it too presumptuous of me to do so.

Unlike some dominant females Mistress Lori has proven time and time again that she does not hate males – she just knows us for what we are. Mistress Lori has developed a life style over a number of years where she is served by obedient males who to do so have given up their selfish male habits and placed themselves totally in their mistresses hands to do – and be – whatever she wishes them to be and I believe that they are totally happy in their servitude.

They have embraced total and permanent chastity – retaining male desire – but not the ability to indulge in self-serving male sex – as opposed to castration which removed the “desire” also their chastised condition means that they will never again be any sort of sexual threat to the female.

Their continual sexual frustration – which is normally never discussed – added to their catharsis that any of their previous sexual prowess is of no consequence their mistress – only their obedience and loyalty – leads inevitably to their total submission. A question that one might ask is “Doesn’t Paulie resent being told what to do all of the time?” The answer is of course “No”. To obey his mistress is as natural as breathing and he does not feel oppressed – if she tells him to do something then it becomes his desire to please her and do it. None of this would happen if Mistress Lori were not strong willed enough to enforce permanent chastity on her slaves but in all other respects she is very kind and gentle.

I believe that males who complain about “this or that” aspect of her life style are those who are not ready to enter into such a life style themselves but only want to “play” at it. Mistress Lori doesn’t play. If you read Paulie’s Story you will discover that Mistress Lori “led” Paul aka Paulie into his chastised submissive state – for her own ends it is true – but “Paul” could have walked away if he wanted to but he chose to stay. There are those who complain that their relationship isn’t fair – that is one sided – my answer is that is that that is the nature of their relationship – their life-style – I don’t think that Paulie would agree – he is happier being Mistress Lori’s “slave”.

At the end Mistress Lori had to use certain ploys to push Paul to accept her total authority over him but he had to decide there and then – not dither or sit and think about it. Once the subject has become as submissive as the “then” Paul was – and was ready to move on to the next phase in his conditioning – there was little point in Mistress Lori asking “him” if he agreed.

Mistress Lori’s life-style with her slaves is perhaps not for everyone although her following is growing among both sexes but the question as to whether a male becomes a better person if he is chastised and enslaved – my answer is that perhaps “He” would never get the chance the be a worse one.

Ruined Orgasms vs. Enforced Chastity

(I’m not one to argue with what people are searching Google for.)

Which is more sadistic: plain enforced chastity or ruined orgasms.

Enforced chastity simple means that you aren’t allowed to have an orgasm (which may or may not include orgasmless ejaculation via prostate massage, aka, male milking).

Or …

Ruined orgasms: a man is brought to the initial stage of orgasm but in such a way that it isn’t satisfying. I think the most common technique I’ve seen described is to remove the pressure and friction on the penis the moment the orgasm begins. So the neurological thrill is minimal.

Which is more sadistic?

You might want to look at my summary or orgasm ruination and milking kRuined Orgasms Theory & Practice

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Collaring a Submissive Male

Collaring a submissive partner can be a very serious experience:

Collared female-led male slave.

A dominant woman wrote:

My relationship with my sub has grown to a level that has gotten me at least thinking about collaring. He is more than ready; he told me that in his mind, he ~feels~ collared to me, even though he has made it clear that he is happy to proceed at my pace (me being the newcomer to the scene and all), even if I eventually decide that we are not a good couple. But I’ve recently realized that I am ready for some sort of formalized commitment, though I am not sure I am quite ready to collar him yet.

For those of you in a collared relationship, when did you realize it was “time”? What did collaring mean to you and your partner? What was your relationship after collaring (i.e. a full-time, living- together sort of relationship, or otherwise?) I know many people here have said that collaring means what you want it to mean; I would very much like to know what it has meant to you.

A response:

Collaring a slave used to be a bigger deal. Lately it seems people are very casual about collars, but I think it should be equivalent to an engagement ring: that it should mean something about the level of your commitment to your D/s relationship. Still, there are friendship rings and there can be more casual kinds of collars. I’m not even counting the collars subs adorn themselves with to look servile.

I pierced my husband’s nipples when we were engaged to be married. Already by that time (Mid-80s) a collar didn’t seem to be enough. Of course, there’s collars, then there’s collars. I know of several slaves who opted to accept lock-on, 24/7, stainless steel *chainmail* collars or wrist cuffs. Some people go further and get their slaves sized for chastity devices which lock on.

In general, people collar a slave when they are ready to claim ownership and exercise exclusivity rights as a mistress or master. If your slave is someone else’s spouse, a collar is probably the only way you can mark them as your slave. Exclusivity doesn’t mean monogamy. You can collar more than one slave, but slaves traditionally only wear one person’s collar, and it means that, as a slave, they are devoted to that one person.

Nothing stops your fella from buying one and wearing it to honor you, as a form of self-expression. If your man feels collared and that means he feels he belongs to you, a collaring ceremony would be a nice gift for him, assuming you want to encourage him. If you don’t want him for your own yet, try to figure out what your reservations are, and, if it’s something he can control, explain it to him. Give him a chance to perfect himself and win the right to wear your collar.

Maybe you are enjoying the relationship but don’t want to solidify it yet. That’s your prerogative. Just understand yourself, and be clear with him. He may just need to have a firm idea about where he stands with you.

I found wearing a collar deeply moving. It wasn’t necessary but the collar was a potent symbol, external embodiment of my feelings.

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Sitting to Urinate

I always find some of this alien and baffling, hence I’m limited to the words of others.

My Mistress/Wife and I have been involved in D/s for several years now, mostly as play, but with time, it is becoming more of a lifestyle for us. For some time now I have been kept in panties. It started as part of the game. Every now and then I was told to wear a pair of lacy panties to work. As my panties collection grew my male underwear was eventually taken away.

I had to make all my own purchases, sometimes with Mistress, sometimes when she watched from a couple aisles away. This led to occasional wearing of nighties around the house, picked out for me by Mistress. I’m now in nighties nearly all the time. Most recently we went shopping and Mistress chose a ladies tank top and pair of ladies casual shorts. I now wear these out in the yard on household errands and go to the door in them when pizza is delivered, etc.

None of these acts has made me feel feminine. It’s a sign of my submission to Mistress, as her slave. Even being denied penetration sex and servicing her orally while being called her “little bitch” is more submission, as a submissive male.

Our latest expansion of our lifestyle has brought a change though. Due to my failure as her slave to stop my masturbation, I was finally locked in a chastity device. Again, we’ve moved farther into the lifestyle and I’ve noticed a big change in Mistress. We’ve gotten to this point with me “topping from the bottom”. She followed “suggestions” put forth by her slave and seldom led off any of the play sessions. That changed almost overnight, once the lock snapped shut on my genitals. She’s much more assertive and I’ve become more obedient and submissive.

Guess this ended up with a lot of history to get the point I want to post on feminization.

Due to the chastity device I now wear, I have to sit to pee. This, more than anything we’ve done over the years, has made me feel more feminine and able to start seeing things from a woman’s perspective. Even while released from my device for a while this weekend, I still sat when nature called.

Also, while at the movies this weekend I noticed all the women standing , packed together in the Ladies Room when someone went through the door. I can now related in a limited way, to the wait for a free stall, as opposed to a bunch of guys standing at a urinal.

Surprising, yet understandable. All the elaborate play of women’s clothes, shaving body hair, make-up, etc. yet, it’s one of nature’s most basic functions of relieving one’s bladder that’s brought out my feminine side.

Feminization Art

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Male Orgasm Denial: Serious or Sensual?

Enforced Male Chastity: Morality or Fun

Solid Metal Male Chastity Device

Chastity, orgasm denial play seems one of the fundamentals of interaction between dominant women and submissive men.

One of the most common notions surrounding male orgasm modification and denial is that it makes the man more wholesome, loving, responsive, kinder: he’ll take the trash out. Really if garbage disposal is a serious issue in a romantic relationship then you can only wonder if the is a good reason they haven’t divorced.

Less commonly written about but probably more relevant and true is that controlling orgasms makes sex after the chastity device comes off ever more passionate and sexy. All that repressed lust and desire leaves a man molten and that – Femdom propaganda aside – is what most women want.

The foolish folklore about chastity play seems to mainly be propagated by men who feel frustrated that no woman is frustrating them.

What is your own take on orgasm denial and consensual male chastity? Is it morally improving or fun?