His First Experience of Enforced Chastity

I have written about aspects of my life with Dolly before, but things between us are subtly changing and I would value very much the thoughts, comments and suggestions of both men and women reading this on the situation now and on where it might lead. We used to argue a great deal, but mentally I admit that I SURRENDERED to Dolly completely some weeks ago. Day-to-day things between us are much much easier now. It is as if there is nothing to argue about anymore, we just do things Dolly’s way. If she bosses me around I do what she says instead of complaining about her tone or resisting her wishes. I have to hold my tongue sometimes, but I am becoming used to that.

I told her this to her face recently, saying that she was the boss at home and that I would always try to do things her way. She looked at me with her bright blue eyes and clearly liked my submission a lot – as if I had finally finally realized the way we obviously had to live .

She prefers me not to orgasm often. She says that she has noticed that if I squirt I am less attentive and less obliging to her generally, but she has also noticed that if I am deprived too much I become difficult, so she says she tries to measure things to keep me sweet.

- Only, she does not seem to realize that men want to have sex often; and she seems to rate my needs in line with hers – and she has always been able to go a long time without needing sex.

Since 1st Jan 2006 for instance, she has had SEX with me ONLY 4 times, on 8th Feb, 19th March, 5th May and 6th May (obviously a sexy time of month) – about once every 7 weeks.

She has allowed me to SQUIRT just one other time, on 18th June; although she tolerated two other accidental squirts, on 21st Jan and 5th Feb – she was there and she was thrashing my bottom when it unavoidably “happened”.

She reminds me to be faithful to her and good and restrained generally by keeping me in “frilly panties” as she calls them. That is, she discovered a while ago that I was fascinated by girls’ underwear and I now wear panties daily as a reminder of her control over me and as a physically restraining factor in bed. Firm pairs of panties keep the male parts more or less strapped in, and less likely to protrude in bed and bother Dolly. They are also a reminder of who is in charge of the home and sexual part of our relationship – the female.

At times, when full of lust in the night, I used to cling to her in bed and slowly grind myself against her with frustration and passion, but she has now FORBIDDEN that and any “grinding” is now against the mattress only, quietly, or purely mental.

Dolly doesn’t seem to be in the mood for sex with me much (usually too tired), but keeps me “calm” by way of regular severe hairbrushings on my bare bottom, panties pulled down by her, lying on the bed in front of her – a little thrill for me in lieu of sex she says, and usually in lieu of squirting too.

Very very rarely does she allow me to squirt on these occasions, and they finish with Dolly showing me in the mirror my severely reddened bottom and sometimes upper thighs too in the mirror, with my part standing hard and straight, ignored by her, except our of curiosity to see whether there is any moisture at the tip…

I find myself begging for more morsels of sexual attention, and Dolly may sigh with annoyance, but “allow me” to kiss her panties – more often just on the back over her deliciously curvy bottom, and sometimes on the front too, where the cotton covers her mysterious pussy which I have not even seen for many many weeks, maybe two months or more… She lifts up her nightdress just enough for me to kneel by her feet and perform my acts of worship and restrained lust before telling me, “That’s enough.” Her panties are invariably white cotton, like mine (she likes me to wear the same styles that she does) and plain or with intricate feminine patterns which I love. My eyes seek out the folds in he panties which indicate that her pussy cleft is just beneath, trying to kiss her panties sexually enough that she might become aroused and we might find ourselves making passionate love on our bed.

In my deprived state, kissing even her bottom through her panties becomes a HUGE thrill for me and for my unsatiated desire for her.

Other favours she may grant from time to time include stroking my bits through my panties before she turns over and goes to sleep, curled up facing the other direction; or tweaking my nipples enough to make me pant with desire and buck against her like a wild horse – before she similarly ignores me.

I have read about the “SUBZONE,” and this is where I must be when Dolly treats me like this. I enter a mental zone in which I will do anything for her, gladly, willingly and with love. My mind and body wallow as if in a warm swamp of love, lust and tenderness. Part of me wants to orgasm immediately to relieve the stresses of frustration, but part of me luxuriates in the waves of dreamlike repressed desire, avoiding the sudden halt which an orgasm would unavoidably bring.

The next day, I will spend the whole day or the next days thinking of Dolly and wondering whether she might grant me any favours that evening or whether I will merely tuck myself up in bed, panty-clad and hugging my firm, unyielding woman, my bits hard in my underwear, my mind luxuriating in repressed lust.

I now wear the apron more than Dolly does, as I do more and more chores around the house and offer to do things while she relaxes with the newspaper or a magazine.

I last saw and entered Dolly’s pussy 7 weeks ago, 6th May. She won’t even let me see it these days (and she wears underwear in bed, so I do not get glimpses). “I’m not like a picture in a magazine,” she said when I gently asked her on Tuesday if I could just SEE and maybe kiss her pussy.

I last squirted nearly 2 weeks ago and I have no idea when she may allow me to squirt again. “You will have to wait and see!” she replied when I last asked. It may be a week or it may be a month, or it may be even longer. I truthfully have no idea. If I ask, I may annoy her. If I do not ask, she may think I am not interested. It is a difficult balance to find.

I love Dolly with all my heart and with all my desire. But I do not know what she will do with me, and whether she will come to want sex more often.

Some months ago I was concerned she might be seeing another man and that this was the reason she was less interested in sex. I never completely got to the bottom of that question, but I feel that now at least she only has me, but is enjoying keeping my sexuality under control in this way.

Do many women follow this path? Do many men “surrender” as I have done? Our arguments have disappeared, so have I found the answer to a happy relationship or have I merely given in to a dominant, bossy woman who likes me wrapped around her finger?

Where will we go next? Perhaps she knows. I do not. That in itself is a thrill for me.


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Keep Men Mindful of Their Inferiority

Female Supremacy Must Be Reinforced in the Male Mind


Even submissive men and enslaved males are apt to occasionally fail to act in ways consonant with their recognition that women is superior. The the male’s inferior status demands constant humility, consistent self-abasement.

This is why many Femdom tools and rituals are required.

Chains and bondage remind a man that any freedom to act is contingent on his Mistress’ wishes.

Shaming and degrading males keep them mindful of their lowly status.

Prayers and rituals reinforce their remembrance that every woman is a goddess to be worshiped.

Enforced chastity: the ache of being denied the primary male pleasure always deepens submission.

Spanking and other physical punishments keep a man disciplined and obedient.

Cuckold Parenthood

Robert asks:

I am in a very happy marriage for three years. My wife locked me up in a chastity belt since our wedding day. I have been orgasm denial for the past three years, never entered my wife at all. I have accepted that I will never inter her, nor have an orgasm again for the rest of my life. She sees other men, and I clean her out orally.

We have talked about having a family for the past six months now, and our wedding anniversary is coming up in one month. I am thinking about offering to my wife, as a anniversary present, to be knocked up by another man so she can have a baby and start our family.

My question to you is, would my anniversary present to my wife be reasonable, and am I wrong in my willingness to have my wife get pregnant by another man??

I would like to know what your thoughts are on this.

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Should a Male Be Required to Wear a Chastity Device?

Should a Woman Force a Man to Wear a Male Chastity Device?


Some submisive males claim to be able to remain chaste and forgo orgasms by willpower. That the desire to obey the female will restrain their sexual impulses.

Who can trust a man’s promises of sexual self-restrained. Especially in long-term or lifetime orgasm denial?


It is easier for a woman to put a man’s penis in a prison rather than try to discern if he has honorably gone without orgasms.

So locking he man up is the safest means of orgasm denial. Prevent his ejaculation with metal and plastic. You can maintain prostate health by milking your submale.

Psychologically the enforced impotence is a perpetual reminder if the woman’s right to forbid and deny him anything she chooses.

Slave Husband’s Rules

Female Led Slave Husband

By … ?

And now, for the traits of a good slave/husband (inspired by the scout law). These are the ideals i strive for when when I give myself to a superior woman:

The slave husband is Trustworthy.
The slave husband always tells his Mistress the truth. He is honest about his feelings, admits all his secret, errors and wrong-doings and he keeps his promises. His Mistress can depend on him.

A slave-husband is Loyal.
The perfect slave/husband is true to his Mistress/Wife, and serves only her or those she instructs him to serve. He never seeks out other women to serve. When a man pledges to honor, love and obey Her, one tenant of this convent is to remain sexually and emotionally loyal to her. All of his emissions, works and efforts belong to her, and the best form of chastity is a male’s solemn pledge to obey her in this manner.

The slave husband is Hardworking.
The slave husband cares most about his Mistress’s needs. He willingly volunteers to serve her without expecting payment or reward. Always thinking of her comfort, he works hard to present his wife with his earnings, to keep her home clean and her life stress-free.

The slave husband is Thoughtful.
The slave husband always tries to find ways to pleasantly surprise his Mistress and to anticipate her needs. He does not need to be constantly bossed around to do what is expected of him. He constantly seeks to improve his skill range to please his Mistress/Wife, such as cooking, massaging and body care, anything which will serve to make her life easier.

The slave husband is Submissive.
The slave husband is polite to everyone regardless of age or position. He knows that using good manners makes it less neccessary to punish him for displeasing his Mistress, which reflects badly on her training. She is the guiding light in his life and his sole purpose is to serve HER needs. But his Mistress doesn’t want a broken worm, but a gallant steed who will strive to make her proud.

The slave husband is Kind.
The slave husband knows there is strength in being gentle. He treats his Mistress and other females with the utmost of respect and defference. He never lashes out or threatens violence against his Mistress or any woman.

The slave husband is Obedient.
The slave husband follows the rules of his family, Mistress and the women in his workplace. He obeys the laws of his Mistress to the letter and the spirit. If he thinks these rules and laws are unfair, he tries to accept this unfairness in order to please his Mistress, rather than disobeying them. He does whatever is asked of him, immediately and without regard to his own wishes. The slave husband exists to serve his Wife.

The slave husband is Cheerful.
The slave husband looks for the bright side of life. He cheerfully does all tasks that his Mistress sends his way. He tries to make Her happy at all times. He does not sulk or pout or in any other way bring disgrace upon his Mistress’s household.

The slave husband is Thrifty.
The slave husband works hard to pay his own way and to provide his Mistress with the luxury and comfort she deserves and is entitled to. He gives all his earnings to her to save for the future or spend for herself. He protects and conserves his Mistress’s resources. He carefully uses his time to bring prosperity to Mistress and to increase her property and wealth.

The slave husband is Brave.
The slave husband can face down any danger to his Mistress or her estate, although he may be afraid. He has the courage to take his punishments even if others laugh at him or chastise him.

The slave husband is Clean.
The slave husband keeps his body and mind fit and clean-shaven. He chooses the company of women who live by high standards. He keeps his Mistress’s home and possessions clean.

The slave husband is Reverent.
The slave husband is reverent towards the Goddess, and the Feminine Divine which is represented by his Mistress and all womankind. He is faithful in his worshipping duties. He respects her every wish as his Law, and seeks to enlighten all humanity about the true path.

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Male Chastity is Sexy

Chastity is one of the most popular topics in female led relationships.

While men often boast of how much better being forbidden orgasms – sometimes even erections – makes them that really isn’t the issue.

It is almost always the man who introduces chastity. The man who seduces his wife or girlfriend into having him wear a male chastity belt. After all women normally bond with men assuming there will be mutual orgasms arrived at in fairly conventional ways.

Really it is the man who seeks to find expression for his submissive desires in the loss of orgasms. It is his thrill. One that women easily adapt to. Either because their spouse or lover is sexually lazy or selfish or because they assume him a slave to them already.

But I think men should admit that for them is a hot part of voluntary erotic slavehood: there’s no shame in liking it. They enjoy feeling the woman as keyholder’s power. And how good sex feels when it is allowed.

No need to dress up something done for fun as a kind of solemn morality play.

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Complete Male Submission & Chastity Contract

Binding Male Slavery & Chastity Contract

This Contract between submissive male and Mistress covers the terms of the training of submissive male by his Mistress to the optimal level of utilitarian and intimate service, as judged by the Mistress. The Mistress may use any and all means of enforcement as described herein necessary to achieve the results she desires. It is the intention of both parties that the submissive male shall become the sex slave of Mistress for the term of this Contract, to be formally trained to serve her, and that the Mistress commits to firmly and consistently using whatever force may be necessary to accomplish this goal.


  • submissive male admits that he had difficulty staying focused and completing tasks that he knows he should complete.
  • submissive male admits he has not provided Mistress with the affection, support, love, and deference she deserves and wishes to be trained to treat her as the superior She is.
  • To remedy past faults and any other faults Mistress identifies, submissive male desires to submit to his Mistress’s authority and desires to give his Mistress all tools necessary to forcefully correct his behavior and train him to serve the Mistress as she sees fit. Training tools at her disposal specifically include, but are not limited to, orgasm denial, humiliation, restraint, and corporal punishment.
  • submissive male acknowledges that Mistress undertakes the duties and role herein described at submissive male’s insistence and that Mistress did not compel or coerce submissive male’s participation.
  • submissive male acknowledges that the purpose of this Contract is to provide complete satisfaction to the Mistress and that she shall have no responsibility for submissive male’s satisfaction.
  • In consideration of submissive male’s commitment to be trained, Mistress commits to physically discipline submissive male to compel his specific performance under this Contract.
  • Mistress is willing to undertake the training and discipline of submissive male as described herein and enthusiastically administer whatever discipline is necessary to train submissive male.
  • submissive male wishes to be trained and disciplined by Mistress according to this Contract.


The term of this Contract shall be for one year. If the Contract is not cancelled by either party at the end of the first year, it shall become permanent.

Chastity Device

submissive male will wear a locked chastity device acceptable to Mistress at all times, except as provided herein. If requested by Mistress, submissive male will acquaint Mistress with the various models and types and agrees to obtain and be restrained in any device specified by Mistress.

Numbers shown below represent the Minimum Punishment Penalties which accrue during the week for specific infractions. One MPP = 1 stroke of the whip. MPPs earned during the week must be worked off during that week’s punishment session. Each week, submissive male automatically accrues MPPs simply because he is Mistress’s trainee.


  • submissive male is responsible for daily cleaning of device.
  • submissive male will notify the Mistress immediately of any concerns regarding function or cleanliness of device.
  • The Mistress will supervise at least one removal of device in a seven-day period for cleaning and shaving.
  • submissive male agrees to all terms of release as set forth by Mistress, including restraints if deemed necessary.
  • submissive male agrees that during release for cleaning he will shave accordingly to keep genital area free from hair.
  • submissive male agrees that he will immediately re-secure device after all cleanings unless specifically ordered not to by Mistress.
  • Both parties acknowledge that a release from device may be permitted for medical or extreme discomfort issues. However during such release no sexual releases are permitted and submissive male agrees once medical condition is rectified immediate return of the device will commence without delay.


  • Mistress will retain all keys to said device and all other devices, locks, restraints.
  • submissive male will not attempt to defeat the device in any way or possess any keys.
  • Mistress will make one emergency key available to submissive male for use in medical emergency, doctor appointments, and any other situation in which excessive bodily harm may be present to submissive male.
  • submissive male agrees that in such emergency he will notify Mistress immediately and that no sexual release is permitted. If self-release is attempted and/or carried out, punishment as outlined in the contract will be applied.
  • submissive male agrees that once medical condition has been rectified submissive male will re-secure device immediately and notify Mistress of said action.

Sexual Release

  • submissive male shall have no sexual release without the explicit permission of Mistress.
  • Mistress agrees that submissive male will be entitled to at least three releases in any sixty-day period, provided his service meets the requirements set by Mistress. Releases will be for a period of no less than 8 hours but no more than 24 hours.
  • Mistress is given sole discretion of how releases will be carried out.
  • submissive male acknowledges and agrees that Mistress has certain sexual needs that may need fulfilled and such releases for Mistress do not constitute a release for submissive male.
  • submissive male agrees to immediately and enthusiastically satisfy Mistress by any and all means Mistress requests for sexual and sensual gratification.
  • submissive male agrees that sexual releases may be accompanied by being restrained as determined by Mistress.
  • submissive male agrees that Mistress may release submissive male for the means of sexual play but that no orgasm is permitted unless Mistress specifically permits one.
  • submissive male must always ask for permission to ejaculate.
  • submissive male agrees to use any sexual aids such as (but not limited to) strap-ones, vibrators, dildos, and other artificial aids to satisfy Mistress.
  • submissive male agrees that Mistress may use devices mentioned above in addition to other restraints on submissive male and submissive male will have no say in objecting to such devices. (Although begging up to a point will be allowed, once submissive male is told by Mistress to stop, the expectation is compliance. Failure will result in punishment both immediate and future.)

Non-Sexual Releases

  • submissive male agrees that Mistress may release submissive male out of good nature and that such a release from device is not grounds for sexual release.
  • submissive male agrees to abide by all directions from Mistress during such releases.
  • submissive male agrees to re-secure device upon command from Mistress.


As deemed of value in training by Mistress, or for her amusement and humiliation of submissive male,

  • If submissive male is caught by Mistress wearing panties, he will receive an immediate 20 strokes.
  • Mistress agrees that she will not require clothing that would be detrimental to normal public wear or that would otherwise affect public opinion, interfere with work duties, or that would unintentionally cause public humiliation for submissive male.
  • submissive male acknowledges that Mistress may adorn herself in various clothing to tease and/or torment submissive male and that submissive male is not entitled to a sexual release because of such adornment.
  • At any time, Mistress may blindfold submissive male and use permanent markers to decorate submissive male’s genitals in any way she sees fit.

General Understandings

  • Both parties agree that every day life decisions such as child development, household finances, and other marital decisions outside the bedroom will have no effect on terms of this Contract, and that such decisions made can have no impact on the terms of this Contract.
  • submissive male agrees and understands that Mistress may use various methods to tease and torment submissive male at any time. Furthermore, submissive male understands that he has no say in such teasing and that Mistress may continue at will and, in fact, submissive male desires that his limits be tested in this area.
  • Mistress understands that she is free to receive any form of sexual gratification needed from submissive male during periods of confinement and submissive male promises to provide same, enthusiastically and to the best of his ability.
  • submissive male agrees to disclose truthfully, when ordered by Mistress, any and all fantasies he may have in mind.
  • submissive male is aware that rewards – up to and including sexual release – are given for good behavior including but not limited to performing duties as specified by Mistress, pampering, dinner dates, gifts, massages, and other methods. Penalties shall accrue if these events are not forthcoming.
  • Both parties agree that modifications to this Contract may be needed during the period of this Contract and that such modifications can be made unilaterally by Mistress.

Penalties and Punishments

Mistress agrees that submissive male’s deviation from contract will result in mandatory punishments and discipline to obtain desired behavior.

  • Breach of contract by Mistress will constitute a cancellation of contract without penalty to Mistress.
  • Cancellation of contract will result in immediate release of submissive male from device.
  • Breach of performance by submissive male will be handled at the discretion of the Mistress as outlined below.
    • Unauthorized removal of device will result in a certain thirty-day period of lock up and denial for submissive male. Absolutely no sexual releases will be allowed for submissive male during this penalty period and submissive male may not discuss the subject of sex.
    • Unauthorized removal of device that includes a sexual release will result in a certain forty-five day period of lock up and denial for submissive male. Again, absolutely no sexual releases will be allowed for submissive male during this penalty period. Additional punishment may be added as determined by Mistress
    • submissive male agrees that additional restraining, flogging, private humiliation, servitude, and any other means of punishment may be administered by Mistress at any time to correct or punish infractions from contract or simply for Mistress’s entertainment or at her whim.
    • submissive male agrees that failure to accept punishment for infractions is means for immediate termination of this Contract and that such refusal could lead to other detrimental behavior on part of Mistress. 50


To reinforce correct behavior, Mistress may, from time to time and at Her total discretion, reward submissive male for good behavior by allowing him a certain number of minutes to masterbate under her supervision. submissive male must instantly strip completely when ordered to and Mistress must keep all her clothes on. Mistress will give submissive male the key to unlock his chastity belt and start the clock. The submissive male is never allowed to ejaculate during reward sessions, but may get as close as he likes. As soon as the time is up, the chastity belt must be replaced. The submissive male is never told how many minutes he has.

If keys are not already in the Mistress’s possession, upon signing of contract submissive male is to immediately secure said device and hand over all keys to Mistress. Terms of this contract commence upon transfer of keys.

Miscellaneous terms and conditions to further clarify the relationship

The Mistress is expected to use any and all means at her disposal to motivate submissive male to willingly and eagerly serve her for her pleasure and submit to her will. Failing that approach, she may use whatever force is necessary to deepen his worshipful submission to her, which is the goal of this Contract and the sworn duty of the Mistress.

To insure a successful marriage and to assure the submissive male is properly trained to meet the requirements of the Mistress, the submissive male will agree to the following regarding the penis, which will now be called the “marital penis”:

  • The Mistress will have complete ownership and control of the marital penis.
  • The Mistress will decide if and when the marital penis will be allowed to ejaculate. She may deny giving permission for any period at her sole discretion.
  • The Mistress may hint at or even promise relief, but in most all cases change her mind later and refuse.
  • The Mistress will decide the method used to cause the marital penis to ejaculate. She may, for example, have the submissive male masturbate in her presence, or She may choose Her preferred method applied by Her or Her designee.
  • The submissive male is not permitted to ask for any sexual favors, such as rubbing of the marital penis, insertion into any animate or inanimate objects (except as described below), licking or sucking unless directed or initiated by the Mistress.
  • The submissive male is not permitted to touch the marital penis without permission, except to shave his penis and balls under the Mistress’s supervision. The submissive male must keep his genitals free of hair at all times.
  • The submissive male will wear a chastity belt when ordered by Mistress. Wearing the chastity belt symbolizes the Mistress’s absolute domination and control of the marital penis.
  • The submissive male is not permitted to touch any Female or expose himself to any Female unless directed to do so by the Mistress.
  • submissive male agrees to purchase and use according to Mistress’s instructions any disciplinary equipment that Mistress feels may be necessary to further his training and obedience. submissive male must subtly bring the existence of such training materials and equipment to the attention of Mistress.
  • As training progresses, the Mistress shall raise her standards of performance, adjust MPPs, and make any adjustments she feels necessary to achieve A+ behavior in submissive male.
  • The submissive male is not allowed to put a lock on his balls.

To insure a successful marriage, the Mistress has the following rights:

The Mistress has complete ownership and control of the marital penis and She and only She will decide when it will be touched, rubbed, sucked or placed into or on any object whether animate or inanimate and when or even if it may ejaculate.

The Mistress requires the submissive male to wear a chastity device on the marital penis that may eliminate engorgement of the marital penis, touching of the marital penis, and has absolute control of ejaculation.

The Mistress has the right to deny ejaculation for the entire term of this Contract or to deny ejaculation until submissive male’s training is completed.

Should the Mistress instruct that the marital penis be allowed to ejaculate, in order to reaffirm and strengthen the submission of the submissive male to the Mistress, the Mistress has the right to dictate the method of recycling of the ejaculate. The submissive male must always ask for permission before any ejaculation and agrees to follow Mistress’s instructions. Wive will intentionally deny permission in most cases.

The Mistress has the right to dictate any method of recycling of the ejaculate in any way She sees fit to further the submissive male’s submissive training and obedience through the use of humiliation.

The Mistress has the right to demand sexual pleasure from the submissive male at any time without any reciprocal duties, which may include but not be limited to cunnilingus, fornication and body worship.

Since the Mistress no longer needs the marital penis for satisfaction, She may seek other means of satisfaction.

Upon demand, the Mistress has the right to have Her pussy licked clean by the submissive male.

Mistress may instruct submissive male to be the dominant one and act accordingly, at her whim. submissive male must comply. Mistress must provide specific instruction or training in her desired rendition of this role.

At any time indicated by the Mistress, but without the suggestion of the submissive male, the submissive male shall immediately strip and kneel before the Mistress, or take any position demanded by the Mistress, either restrained or not.

The Mistress has the right to administer punishment spankings at anytime, for any reason, including no reason at all.

To maintain discipline, the Mistress will spank the submissive male at least once a week during the scheduled discipline session.

Dress Code

To insure a successful marriage, the submissive male’s dress code is as follows:

For her entertainment and to further the humiliation necessary to strengthen the training, the Mistress sets the rules that dictate what her submissive male shall wear. For example:

  • The submissive male may be required to remove all clothes after a set time of day or after a particular trigger time, such as after dinner.
  • The submissive male may be required to wear clothes that allow him to be exposed after a set time of day or after a particular trigger time, such as after dinner.
  • Sexual devices such as butt plugs, chastity devices, rope binding, handcuffs, etc. are considered clothing.
  • Mistress may, for her entertainment, require submissive male to wear a slave collar and leash, an apron, or thong
  • Instructing the submissive male to wear clothes only suitable for women or sissified men. This may include under clothes such as panties or bra or over clothes such as a dress or skirt.
  • When alone at home and the temperature is adequate, submissive male may be instructed to wear only his apron.

The submissive male is required to advise the Mistress when his workday is easy and he is available to service the Mistress.

To insure a successful marriage, and to train the submissive male to meet the Mistress’s high standards, the Mistress will punish the submissive male for any of the following infractions. This is a minimal guide only and does not limit the Mistress to decide to punish for other infractions or for her entertainment:

  • Not following instructions or not completing job assignments to Mistress’s satisfaction.
  • Making any reference to sex, submission, or being a slave on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, except that he will present himself on demand to his Mistress for punishment and job assignments at her command.
  • Not satisfying his Mistress when directed to do so.
  • Not following the dress code.
  • Complaining or forbidding the Mistress to have sex outside the marriage as is Her right. 50
  • Touching his penis.
  • Ejaculating without permission. 50
  • Asking for sexual favors from any Female, including the Mistress.
  • Failure to anticipate the Mistress’s needs for comfort and affection.
  • Failure to read his Mistress’s mind in regard to any matter.

To insure a successful chastity marriage, the Mistress may punish the submissive male as follows. This is a guide only and does not limit the Mistress’s choice of punishment which is only limited by the Mistress’s imagination:

  • Spanking
  • Whipping
  • Binding him to the bed or other object for extended periods of time. During this time she may spank or whip the submissive male’s body. The penis or balls may be bound and/or stretched with any device the Mistress chooses. This will possibly increase the size of the substandard puny marital penis.
  • Restraining him with ropes, belts, chains or handcuffs
  • Prolonging the submissive male’s chastity period
  • Applying pressure to the submissive male’s balls to create discomfort. Since the submissive male does not own the marital penis and balls, the level of pressure exerted on the balls is entirely up to the Mistress’s discretion.

To insure a successful chastity marriage, the submissive male acknowledges that the following are privileges, not punishments:

  • Satisfying his Mistress, whenever and however She demands.
  • Allowing the Mistress to withhold her permission for his ejaculation to improve the marriage by making him more attentive and responsive.
  • Cleaning his Mistress’s pussy with his mouth on Her demand and after intercourse.
  • Dress code including chastity devices.
  • Punishment administered by his Mistress or Her designee.

To insure a successful chastity marriage:

The Mistress has the right to change or add to this contract at will and the submissive male must comply with the new conditions as if they were in the initial Contract set forth here.

The submissive male does not have the right to change any conditions under this contract without the prior written permission of the Mistress.

To enforce compliance with this Contract through possible humiliation, the Mistress has the right to expose the existence and content of this Contract and the slave status of submissive male to anyone. Mistress may order submissive male to drop his pants and show the chastity belt. 50

The submissive male must be completely naked when signing this Contract and the Mistress must be fully clothed so that the new power relationship is clear and established.

Upon signing this Contract, submissive male will provide Mistress with a set of permanent markers, blindfold himself and present his genitals to Mistress so that She may decorate her property appropriately.

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Sissified Orgasm Denial Cuckolded Small Penis Humiliation Chastity


Cruel Bitch Keyholder Mistress Wife

Males should be denied orgasms because

  • Women are superior
  • Men are inferior

Males should be allowed orgasms:

  • Never, ever
  • Only ruined orgasms
  • Thinking about this excites me so much I have to go masturbate

Teeth of Kali Chastity Device

The best male chastity device is:

  • CB-6000 with points of intrigue
  • Teeth of Kali bracelet
  • Barb wire with duct tape

Males should be cuckolded because:

  • Women are superior
  • Men are inferior

After my wife cuckolds me I want to:

  • Eat the creampie
  • Take her and the bull out to McDonalds

Chaste Sub Hubby Sissy Bitch

Submales should be feminized and sissified because:

  • Women are superior
  • I like pink

My penis is so small:

  • I clean it with a Q-tip and a magnifying glass
  • My penis is smaller than your penis!

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Males: The Useful Property of Females

An excerpt from a commentary Charlotte posted on Men Are For Use

Are we first that far, and it will happen within the next couple of generations, we will of course look at men as utilities we keep for different purposes: workers, servants and clerks etcetera but also homemakers and in some cases as trophy husbands. They are there to be used as it suits us and to attract our interest they will need to adjust not only their physical appearances but also improve their manners and attitudes dramatically from what is typical today.
When men are liberated from all the responsibilities they are too childish to meet, limited and restricted by structures and norms and in all things depending on women it will be only natural for women but also for males to look at the male sex as created only for the purpose of being subservient and beneficial utilities for the females. This will be even more obvious when science makes the male completely unnecessary and also unwanted in the process of breeding.

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Why Women Must Control Men’s Orgasms

A snippet from a comment Charlotte posted “Orgasm Denial – The Woman’s Choice.”

… Males are simple and in many ways primitive creatures that have to be tamed and controlled. The male sexuality is aggressive, dominant and suppressive and it is a sad fact that males forget all about rules and behavior norms and they also abstain from thinking the moment they experience a chance to instead allow their sexuality to take control of them and direct their actions. Essential in the process of taming and controlling a male is therefore to control his sexuality and effectively emasculate him.
Before I relatively early in our relationship equipped my husband with a safe high quality chastity device I already had him bridled reasonably well but I saw clearly that he still was not completely reliable but at times his sexuality took control of him and made him behave in ways that he later regretted and certainly was not proud of.
When I had purchased the chastity device and told him that he was going to be locked in it in future he was at the same time embarrassed and excited. …

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