F/m Guided Masturbation: Ruined Orgasms, Male Milking

Once a month this Mistress removes her submissive man’s chastity device. This his chance to achieve an orgasm.


The submissive man’s Mistress has strict rules about the time his chastity device if off. He is not permitted to touch his penis. Only she is. As with everything else in his even masturbation is under the guidance of the woman that that he submits to.

When she begins to masturbate the malesub, the Mistress checks her watch. He is permitted a set number of minutes in which to orgasm. The duration of time is adjusted by the man’s behavior during the month. She may allow him as much of five minutes masturbation or – if he has been wicked – a single minute.

If the male does not orgasm within the allotted span he is out of luck and will have no further chance at sexual fulfillment until the next month.

Sometimes he is just about to ejaculate when the time ends and she removes her hand. This causes a ruined orgasm.

When he is unable to cum during the period allowed since his chastity device if of his Mistress often decides to drain him of sperm by milking him with a prostate massage.

Milking a Man to Humble Him

Milking isn’t something that Alexandra and I are likely to explore but as long as I’m talking about genital manipulation the practice might as well get a passing glance.

I remember when a local dominant woman told me that she milked her men. That a man could be made to ejaculate without orgasm was startling.

My response was an ineloquent “Weird!” and I forgot about it.

Given my inclinations it is no surprise that milking would be added to to my catalog of fantasies. Knowing almost nothing about enforced chastity my image was of a S&M session beginning with milking. Having your sexual energies zapped must make things tougher.

Turns out this is a fairly common punishment scenario. In arrangements where a man is only milked and whipped it is must make the pain harder to endure. In relationships where the scene lasts a couple of hours or longer it would add tension to the early minutes. While having never tested it my guess is sexual arousal and endorphin potential would resurface in half an hour or less.

Within relationships where male chastity is an important (if not the defining) element milking can be taken to strenuous levels:

A particularly effective way of increasing an orgasm deprived male’s sense of sexual frustration between prostate milkings is to masturbate him once a day every day to just short of orgasm, then install a chastity device. I’d say this at least triples the urgency of orgasm denial. If you do this, you will need to milk him more often, maybe every 2-4 weeks. After milking, the cycle can be started over. One woman I know sometimes masturbates her hubby to just short of orgasm multiple times a day between milkings!

Prostate Milking Revisited

If not impressively sinister:

Prostate milking sometimes involves your keyholder placing ice around the cock and balls to reduce your enjoyment. Inventive mistresses and masters have even designed home made ice trays to freeze the water in a shape of a thick ice cock ring, which the chaste man must wear during the weekly milking session.

Prostate Information and Milking

Makes a good story anyway. How long would that ring last?

I don’t see such practices involving me (pending of course Alexandra developing new interests) but it is a curious practice. Forcing a male to eject seminal fluid sans orgasm is one of the most fundamentally humiliating practices I’ve run across.

Most interesting of all is that many of the stories written about it are composed by men.

Earlier: Orgasm Denial

As always I’m happy to hear from folks who practice something like milking.

Male Genital Torment Techniques

Penis and Testicle Punishments



Viagra is not efficient in this regard as it requires the subject feel stimulated and aroused. Prostaglandin works much better – it is an injectable which can only be acquired with a prescription and is injected into the cavernosum (shaft). It causes an uncontrollable erection which generally will not leave for hours, regardless of pain, fear, etc.

Too much “Caverject” (brand name for prostaglandin) can cause priapism – if an erection lasts more than three or four hours, get thee to an emergency room – it can be fixed if not left in that condition. It can become predictable though – 3/10 of a cc will cause about an hour long erection in my case – from there it goes up – 7/10 causes about three hours worth – reactions from individual to individual vary widely though. This is only available through a prescription and users are trained in its application by the prescribing urologist.


A good TENS works most admirably. Get one with two outputs. If the outputs have a common return, connect it to a short U-shaped electrode inserted into the urethra; the sources are connected to each of the nipples.

Use plenty of electrode gel. Start at a low frequency, about 10 Hz. and VERY SLOWLY ramp upwards in intensity (always use variable or intermittent mode). When at the highest level tolerable, bring up the frequency to 80 or so Hz.

Avoiding orgasm is NOT an option. It is forced, with 100% success. If the unit has independent dual outputs, put one polarity of each output on each nipple (with plastic clothespins and good jell contact); and one of each of the other outputs in the urethra as before and in the rectum. Ramp up pulse width, intensity to max as before at low frequency (which *prevents* orgasm and is utterly painful); then ramp up the frequency. Go slowly with the intensity.

Faster with the frequency from low to high. It is exquisitely excruciating.

Testicle Torment

If you squeeze the testicles, don’t forget the PLASTIC clothespins on the nipples!! MOST important! You can wrap rubber bands around the jaws for more effect. Do they slip off? Slice off the tips so that they are square on the end. Go to a costume supply store and get some “spirit gum” and paint on nipple before it gets sweaty. The clothespin will HOLD and only come off with a fight (or alcohol).

Erect Penis Punishment

The most insidious erection torture device is as close as the soda pop aisle. remove the cap; see the ring that is left on? Remove that ring with some prying, and put on the flaccid penis. You may find it is easier if you take a plastic baggie, push the open end through the toothed ring and wrap around the flaccid penis; pull the baggie through the ring(s) with the penis following. There are a wide variety of rings. Put a couple of those puppies around the penis, tie him in for the night, and the heaviest pain pig will be screaming for mercy by 3 AM!

The trouble with too tight tying of genitals is that they go numb, with some remote chance of lasting damage from lack of blood circulation (symptom: cold and blue).

Electric Dog Collar

Of late there has been increased usage of electric dog collars (remote control), strapped and locked around the scrotal sack as a means of effective control. Used properly, one of these will drop an man to the ground and curl him up in the fetal position. Applied a few times, the fear of experiencing it again generally extracts complete obedience.

Back to the electric dog collar, this can be used as an orgasm preventative. When it appears that the subject is about to orgasm, the touch of a button on the remote sends plenty of voltage through the testicles which will generally defer an orgasm. If the orgasm isn’t stopped by this, make it non pleasurable. This can be done by squeezing the tip of the penis at the point of orgasm – when the cum cannot escape, it is pumped back into the bladder by the contractions – completely harmless but very uncomfortable – pleasureless ejaculation.

Males Slave Milking Techniques (F/m Erotic Discipline)

Four Male Milking Humiliation Scenarios

1. Pretending he is a beast: This is a psychological game designed to let him orgasm, but pretend it is not for his pleasure that it is being done. This is where I put, or tie, slave in a kneeling position on a table or bed, where I can gain access to his penis by reaching between his legs from the rear. I might order something like….

“Up onto the milking table animal, we have to do this once a week for your health.”

I pull his penis backwards between his legs, and then grip it in my fist, so that the tip emerges beneath my little finger. Then I ‘milk’ him to ejaculation, as though one was milking an animal. I do this slowly with a steady pace. All the way up with my hand, and then all the way down. I pretend it is a necessary chore. Usually accompanying this with words and comments designed to suggest this……

“I really must get a milking machine, then I wouldn’t have to bother myself with this unpleasant business.”

I usually handcuff and gag slave for this process, and there are two ways to bring it to a conclusion.

Either I keep a steady milking pace right through and beyond his orgasm, squeezing the shaft as though wringing out every last drop. If he remains hard, then I keep going and try for another.

“I think maybe there is more of the nasty stuff to drain off.”

Or if I’m feeling cruel, I will just let go at the point of his first spurt….

“There that’s over and done with for another week.”

I walk over to the box of tissues and wipe my hands, leaving slave groaning in frustration as he wants the contact to continue through to a full orgasm. It’s amusing to see him thrusting into thin air unable to gain the satisfaction from the contact he desires.

2. Ejaculation without orgasm. I often do this while I am Queening him. (by that I mean sat upon his face.)

I have found, after twenty years of practice on slave, that I can tell when to stop manipulation short of his orgasm by two things. His moans and his thrusts.

My technique is to tie him spreadeagled on his back and first get him close to coming a couple of times using my full hand to masturbate him. At this stage I stop quite early to be on the safe side. Two or three early on the verge experiences like this gets him ready for the next stage.

Then I switch to fingertip manipulation and teasing. I just let my fingertips brush lightly over the shaft, frenum, and head of his penis, vibrating my hand quite fast, almost as though masturbating my own clitoris.

In this way, his moans intensify, and his hips rise up to meet the teasing, and he thrusts and moans in a certain way that I have come to recognise at the perfect moment to stop.

When I stop, I immediately start slapping his penis hard, back and forth, until he calms down. Usually at this time a little leakage of ejaculate occurs without any spurting.

If it doesn’t, I return to the full hand again, to bring him back up to his peak. To be sure he knows he is not to come, and what is expected of him, I might tell him…..

“It’s milking time slave.”

I sometimes tell him this is the best way to let him have a release, as it’s so messy when he spurts and he wouldn’t want to make me angry by hitting me with it. I tell him it’s a kindness to milk him in this way, as otherwise he would probably have to be punished for making a mess. -grin-

If he goes soft after the first leakage, I go away for twenty minutes or so and leave him tied to the bed. If however he is still hard I continue. I think it depends on how close it was to a full spurt as to whether he stays hard or not.

Either way, I then return to full hand masturbation a couple more times to get him ready again, and then back to the finger manipulation.

Because he never actually gets the satisfaction of a spurt, this process can be repeated until he is dry or exhausted. Or until I’m bored with it.

Often I will finish with some warning about his wanking…..

“There, now you’ve been milked dry, that’s more than any man should expect. So you will not need to sneak off and wank for at last another week. If you do, the punishment will be dire.”

If, as used to happen, he accidentally ejaculates fully. I would punish him with a caning him straight after any failures. I often issue a warning…..

“If you spurt, I shall cane you.”

slave soon learnt, perhaps unconsciously, to emit the right kind of signals, (moans and thrusts) at the right time. Either that, or the practice made me perfect. -smile-

3: Supervised Wanking:

I sometimes make him “milk” himself, sat upon his wanking stool across the room at a “safe distance” from me……

“Sit on your stool and milk your penis, no spurting or else you’ll be for it!”

The rules then are straightforward. He must sit there and wank while he looks up my skirt……..

“Look up my skirt wanker, and imagine I let you have me.”

Anything that comes out of his penis must ooze out gently, and never spurt as it would in a full ejaculation……

“No spurting wanker, that’s for real men who get to make love to a woman.”

He has to release his penis just before his peak, and let the ejaculate gently seep out and run down his shaft.

Over the years, escalating the punishments whenever he failed, has him brought him to a well trained state.

Now we have the remote control electronic zapper, I sometimes ensure he doesn’t get too much pleasure from these sessions by zapping his balls each time he lets go of his penis. Then he doesn’t know whether he is coming or going -chuckle-

4. Prostate massage:

This is often done with slave kneeling on the bed as in the first example. Combining a dildo in his anus with the milkling can transform the sensations he feels.

For full prostate and seminal vesicles massage, having him lay face down over my knees gives me greater control. The massage is done by inserting my well lubricated fingers, or sometimes a dildo, in his anus. I have a pack of disposable rubber gloves which allows me to be theatrical and clinical in the process. Rubber gloves should be used to protect the anal tissue from fingernails.

I often find slave remains erect after “milking” with this method, especially if I avoid stimulating his penis too much at the same time as massaging his prostate. For info on prostate massage for health reasons take a look at

Milking the seminal vesicles beyond the prostate may produce much more fluid. If you plan on restricting or denying him ejaculation it is arguably a “kindness” to “milk him off” this way instead and it may avoid fluid build up from prolonged stimulation without ejaculation. See

Ruined Orgasm Spanking

Forced Ejaculation

One of the methods for enhancing corporal punishment is to destroy an orgasm immediately after the male’s spanking.

Using one hand gently caress the sub male’s phallus. Arouse him to the point of erection and anticipation of pleasure without using sufficient pressure or speed to induce a climax.

With the other hand the woman massage the subject’s prostate gland – e.g., “milking” the sub male. This will cause the male to ejaculate involuntarily. His expectations aroused, then dashed will add disappointment and shame to the post-spanking physical pain.


Drawing by Jay Em.

Goddess, Please Ruin My Orgasms

Ruined orgasms is the key phrase bringing the most traffic from search engines.

Not a big surprise. A number of the runner up terms involve orgasm denial and enforced male chastity. Perpetually popular topics in Femdom. That is why so many telephone dominatrices make a living forbidding men to have an orgasm. Though rendering an orgasm unsatisfying is certainly extra mean and cruel.

The second most popular topic is female superiority.

Guess you guys are looking for matriarchal fascists who ensure you have as little physical sexual satisfaction as possible.

In your fantasies anyway.

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Ruined Orgasms vs. Enforced Chastity

Which is more sadistic: plain enforced chastity or ruined orgasms.

Enforced chastity simple means that you aren’t allowed to have an orgasm (which may or may not include orgasmless ejaculation via prostate massage, aka, male milking).

Or …

Ruined orgasms: a man is brought to the initial stage of orgasm but in such a way that it isn’t satisfying. I think the most common technique I’ve seen described is to remove the pressure and friction on the penis the moment the orgasm begins. So the neurological thrill is minimal.

Which is more sadistic?

Read more about male chastity and ruined orgasms.

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Making Her Husband’s Orgasms Pleasureless & Frustrating

Techniques for Ruining a Man’s Orgasm

I am looking for new ways to give hubby his orgasm without enjoying it. It can be painful, humiliating, hard to cum, or, preferably, all of the above. There are a few basic rules to keep in mind; he is not allowed to wank himself, he is not allowed to fuck me or anyone else, and he usually has to wear a chastity belt for several weeks between orgasms, so he is pretty desperate. To set the tone I will give a few examples of methods we already use.

1: we give hubby a large enema. With the enema in, he is tied standing in the middle of our cell. I get the key and take of his belt, put a penis vibrator on him and start teasing him with it, turning it on and of. I try to make him last as long as possible. He he looses a drop of the enema, he gets his balls slapped until his dick is soft again, he gets the chastity belt on again, and he will have to wait for another few days. If he starts to cum, I will immediately stop the vibrator. If he losses control of the enema while cumming, he will have to clean the floor with his hands tied on his back, using a little washcloth and his mouth to get everything into a bucket. Concentrating on holding in the enema takes away a lot of his pleasure.

2: We have a ‘fuck-stock’. It is more or less like a regular stock, a large piece of wood with 3 holes for his head and hands, standing on a column. The trick is a small hole in the column. The slave is put in with his hands and head, the top is closed, and then he has to move his dick into the hole and fuck it until he has an orgasm. The trick is that the hole is to small. His dick will only pass trough the hole while limp (a few slaps to his balls will take care of that). When his dick grows hard, it becomes more and more difficult to move his dick. When he is about to cum, his dick will swell a little more, and he is actually unable to move his dick. It is clearly visible that fucking the hole is already painful, but all slaves agree that the most frustrating and painful part is that they can not ‘shoot’ their cum. It just dribbles out after their dick gets soft again, and I understand that it gives no real feeling of orgasm that way.

3 He is tied up so he can not move an inch, usually against the wall. A penis vibrator is put on his dick. The he gets an electrode ring just after his dick head. The second electrode is just in front of his piss/cum hole. If he shoots he will get shocked because the cum itself closes the electric circle. This is my favorite way to make hubby cum. On the one hand he is desperate to have an orgasm because he has been teased and denied for weeks, on the other hand he is just as desperately trying not to cum out of fear for the shock he will get. Unlike the first method, he has no pain or discomfort to distract him, and by turning the vibrator on and off his torture can be delayed for quite some time. He starts sweating like a pig, he is trembling all over, after a while his entire body starts to shake and spasm without control.