She is Better Than You

She is stronger than you. She has more physical endurance. She is smarter than you. More quick witting. A more profound thinker. She is wiser and more intuitive. She is more honest and ethical.


Accept your place. As a male your only desire should be to serve your female superiors. You ask nothing because you deserve nothing. You obey quickly and unhesitatingly.

When she disciplines you with painful whippings you are thankful. Your suffering will make you a better slave of womankind. That is the best you can ever be.

She is everything. You are nothing.

Worship her.

Husband Humiliation Party

Mistress Wife believes in regularly spanking her subhubby. She also believes her husband’s public humiliation is an even more potent tool for keeping him subdued and humble.


At the end of every month she holds a large party for her female friends. Her nude husband is forced to serve as a waiter. Their women’s derisive smile never fails to cut into his heart as he waits on them. Their contempt and mockery is unmistakable.

This is one method a Mistress Wife uses to keep her husband enslaved.

F/m Frontal Whipping

A male labor slave is proving stubborn and disobedient. Instead of accepting his Mistress’ will he is argumentative and shiftless. She has chosen to teach him his place by whipping his chest until the deep welts bleed.


Frontal whippings are a form of corporal punishment that should not be neglected.

Men can become habituated to buttocks and back whipping and spanking. Whipping the man’s chest or the entire front of his body will be shocking the first few times it is used. Especially if frontal corporal punishment is only employed rarely. E.g., when the male has been exceptionally displeasing.

Seeing the whip flash forward increases the mental punishment because anticipation of the lash is intensified.

Seeing the anger in Mistress’ eyes as she disciplines him will deepen his shame and humiliation.

(See more Femdom drawings by Gene Bilbrew.)

Eric Stanton’s F/m Spanking Drawings

Eric Stanton, one of the most influential artists of female domination. He drew many scenes of women punishing and disciplining men with spankings. Many of the familiar drawings of F/m corporal punishment came from the comic book format stories of his self-published magazines Stantoons.

The four spanking drawings below are from Stantoons stories.





See many complete stories of dominant disciplinary women in Eric Stanton’s Stantoons.

How Much Humiliation?

Some dominant women find the male desire to be humiliated difficult to deal with.

For various reasons, humiliation is one of the hardest limits I have, either doing and especially receiving. I have nothing against it in principle, and I don’t mind other folks doing it but it’s just not something I myself could do as I am so vehemently against receiving it. Unless, of course, the person I was dishing out humiliation to was my ex-boyfriend, but that is a long long story, and I think it would go beyond humiliation into the realm of severe degradation. But I digress. I suppose I might could get into the stride of it eventually if it was truly something Hubby wished for me to do to him, but it is not something we have really talked about yet, as he knows my sensitivity for the issue.

He does, however, enjoy feminization, which he doesn’t think of as humiliating at all. I sometimes have to tell him “NO. I want to wear it FIRST, thank you.” when I bring home a new piece of lingerie. And yes, he gets a good spanking when he dares to look better in it than I do, which has happened…

Humiliation, I think, is all a matter of perception for the one humiliating and the one being humiliated. As such, I believe it has more impact if you know your play-partner more intimately than a “just a hello” basis. For example, Hubby has no compunction about dressing up in odd things (he has a passion for those oriental/east Indian diaper-pants whoosi-whatsis) and making him go out and about in public in a cloth diaper and t-shirt would be more fun for him than humiliating. He has enjoyed wearing make-up in public as well. (Yes, he is an exhibitionist that enjoys startling folks.) On the other hand, coloring some thick gel and affixing it to his nose (simulating constantly running snot) and making him go out and about would humiliate him beyond belief.

So, the trick with humiliation, I think, is to truly know what would mortify your partner, regardless of how small a thing it would seem, rather than going with what you think would.

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