Male Subbies Kiss My Cane

By Domina Cambridge

I’m a pretty strict Domme and use psychology and much as smacks to make my subbies toe the line. Subs need to remember that they are subs. I’m the boss.


Before and after each beating the sub must kiss the cane – or belt, whip, etc. I think this makes the sub feel more humbled by a spanking. Subs can never be to humble.

I love to hear what other dom ladies do when punishing their subs.

(Editor’s Note: I am of course happy to post any any dominant woman’s or even submissive male’s words.)

A Mother’s Advise to a Daughter Who is Getting Married

By Joanne Dunne

Daughter dear if you listen to me.
Your married life pleasant can be.
A perfect marriage daughter dear.
Is one where he will only shed a tear.

Rule him with an iron hand.
Only you will command.
Keep him under strict control.
Serving you will be his only role.

Humiliate him before your friends.
For his mistakes he must make amends.
Spank him morning, noon, and night.
It will keep him on the path that’s right.

Dress him in sexy lingerie.
It’s sure to brighten up your day.
Make him cook, and clean the house.
To prove that he is a loving spouse.

Keep him locked in chastity.
Sexual plesure is only for thee.
Take yourself a lover or two.
Tease him with what you won’t let him do.

Sit upon his upturned face.
That is for him a proper place.
Let him service you orally.
Giving tou pleasure is his duty.

Put him in a frilly dress.
As he kneels for your caress.
Him with a strap-on you’ll fuck.
His reward for being your sissy cuck.

Make him kneel and worship your feet.
As with a whip his ass you beat.
Treat his as your lowly slave.
Only he will be bound by the wedding ring.
This is how you should behave.

{My most sincere thanks to Joanne for sending this.]

Women Spanking Men : A Meditation


By Spankophile Subby

F/m Spanking: Some Thoughts

Ever wonder why Women are spanking men, beyond Women’s natural
superiority over men? Women are smarter than men and realize that a
spanking is unpleasant, humiliating, undesirable and degrading; that
getting a spanking hurts a lot, that it humbles the person getting
spanked, and this humbling seems to continue for a long time after
the spanking; and the real soreness and stinging from a spanking can
continue for days or weeks—all reasons why Women should spank men
but men should never spank Women.

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After the Submissive Man’s Spanking

Post Spanking Discipline

The dominant wife gave her husband a thorough spanking for accumulated minor acts of laziness, disobedience and impertinence. His discipline is as yet incomplete. Corporal punishment is only the first step in his penance.


A cold shower follows immediately after his spanking: this is to wipe away his sweat. Cold water is mandatory to keep the bath from being comforting or relaxing.

He then goes to the tiny room that he is kept in after punishment. Kneeling with head bowed he awaits his wife. Her withering and humiliating lecture outlines all of his sins.

Given pen and paper he must write and essay and apology. Usually he is forced to rewrite at least part of these until he wife grades them as satisfactory.

Providing him with a jar of water and a few slices of bread his wife chains him to the bed. He is locked in place to insure he has no other food.

When his wife frees him in the morning the slate is wiped clean and his failings forgiven.

His Stern, Strict & Uncomfortable Punishment

Reading her eyes we discern stern and strict dominance. Looking into the bound submissive man we see the fear she inspires. When she whips him the blows of her cane will be hard and deeply cutting.

The punishments she inflicts are no more brief than they are mild. A full hour of steady strokes is common. He’ll transition from tears and begging to drained eyes and exhausted moans.


The spanking bench he built at her instruction. As he writhes the rough, knobby surface will pinch and scrape his skin. When his punishment ends his skin will be red and aching both front and back.

Not sure how he displeased her he will try yet harder to please her with obedience and a humble demeanor.

Submissive Men Who Need to be Spanked by Women

Female Led Corporal Punishment


Two elements are often put forward as not merely necessary but desirable elements of a woman dominant relationship: male chastity and corporal punishment.

Is spanking and beating the male really essential. Not if the submissive man’s submission is genuine and fully internalized. And the woman takes no special pleasure in spanking her submissive men.

But most submissive men are also masochists. To be punished – even if for no reason – is an experience they hunger for.

And men need to be spanked and whipped to feel sure of the authenticity of the woman’s domination and power. Corporal punishment is an outward manifestation of the strength and power within.

Never to be forgotten: men are imperfect. Pain may be needed to curb misbehavior to enable the submissive man to live a better life under the control of his dominant girlfriend or wife.

So spank, paddle, whip and beat.

Ruined Orgasm Stories I

In 2006 I wrote a note about the F/m practice of ruining a man’s orgasm. It has continued to draw comments over the years. I thought I’d share some of those comments with you over a fes posts here on Female Led Relationships.

Chastity Control on a Sissy Sub

I have practised Chastity Control on my sissy sub for two years. There nothing funnier than ruining his orgasm after hes waited two months for it. I basically restrain him so he cant move, then masturbatedhim. At the moment he cums, I squeeze the base of his cock HARD between my thumb and finger. This complete ruins the orgasm, stopping the muscle contractions, and leaving and the semen to dribble out. This I follow with a stiff whipping, and the cock restraint is placed straight back on. This is usually enough to produce some very pleasing tears of pain and frustration, and of course, total obedience for two more months.

Punished for an Erect Penis

If I ever arrive for a spanking with an erection, I am told to get a towel and return for a milking. She calmly lowers my panties just enough to remove my hard penis, which is stroked methodically and without much talk in a very businesslike manner. The moment any spasm is detected, she lets go. My hands are behind my back and I ejaculate in a most unsatisfactory display of stupid male behavior. I almost dance around as my penis is looking for something…anything…to touch, but, alas, none is forthcoming. When I’ve stopped dripping, (I’ve messed the towel, of course), she simply pulls my panties back up. When I’d normally have them lowered for the bare bottom part of my spanking, instead, they’re pulled up into my bottom crack, leaving my bottom exposed for the spanking I’ve earned, but now my penis and other private parts are encased in the nylong panties. My penis is VERY sensitive and spankings are more painful just after a milking….and, of course, being milked is a humiliating way to start my punishment.

Ruin Orgasms Repeatedly

A side benefit to ruining an orgasm is the mistress is able to do it more than once, since a satisfying orgasm has not been reached. I love to combine a ruined orgasm with some kind of pain, esp. ballbusting. Not only does the male not receive an orgasm when his body expects it, but testicular pain is substituted. Paddling the testicles with my fingers as he’d dribbling out his ruined orgasm is very amusing for me.

Explicity Fantasy

Fantasize: After a ruined orgasm the slave has a short time limit to acheive ogasm. Of course the mistresses limit is always seconds to short. OR She ties the base of his penis tightly, after full erection & watches with amusemsnt as the poor thing pounds away until she is satisfied with its colour.

Sissymale Erections: Should They Be Permitted?

What ever resides in the depths of a sissy male’s heart and soul the creature was born male. It has a penis. During the early stages of feminization should the sissy’s penis be permitted to become erect?

Sissy males in variably locked in chastity devices. They have chaste, sometimes permanently denied lives. Allowing the sissy’s cock to hangout exposed is part of the feminized males humiliation: the organ is a subject of mockery and sarcastic pity. Allowing the penis space to become large and solid gives sissy memories that will magnify his frustration once his ‘manhood’ is locked behind steel and Lucite.

The available and erect penis permits special training. If its penis swells punish the sissy. Whip the sissy’s penis. But clamps on it. Teach him that an unwanted erection brings punishment. How a Mistress Owner will smile as the sissy stops having erections: fear of punishment leaves the sissy impotent.

Their is no better lesson to teach the sissy his lowly status as the least slave of woman.


Painful Punishment Stock

Bondage & CBT


A minimum of three weeks. The is the minimum time this slave will be punished for disobedience and unpleasing behavior.

The disobedient male slave will remain locked in this punishment frame most of that time. It will periodically be removed for elimination. And for brief exercise periods. This is to preserve the slave’s usefulness. The brief release makes the return of bondage even more unpleasant.

For most of the long, long hours the slave is left alone: isolated, uncomfortable and agonizingly bored.

Periodically a trainee Punishment Mistress will use the slave for homework. This aspiring female disciplinarian will explore the effects of testicle whipping. Unlimited use of the slave is permitted. It testicles with be beaten with varying intensity for increasingly long periods of time.

The slave screams. It cannot control that. But it never dares address any of the women who handle it. To speak would automatically add a week to its time in the painful punishment stock.