Slave Boyfriend On the Spanking Bench

A dominant young woman has taken control of her naturally submissive boyfriend. He is now her obedient slave.


Frequently she takes him to the spanking bench and straps him down. With her cane she delivers hard, hot, stinging blows that leave welts in his skin. She films the all punishment sessions. Later she watches and can better enjoy the expressions of anguish that passed across his face as she whipped him.


She makes him watch. Seeing her boyfriend cringe at the sight of himself beg and whimper makes her laugh.

He doesn’t know that she shoes the movies to her girlfriends.

Punishment of Single Men

A suggestion for the disciplining of unpartnered males (marriage has become lesson common and really isn’t a fit criterion).


For failures in deportment and laziness the male is to be punished with a bare bottom spanking.

For misbehavior connected to sex and sexuality the male genitals are spanked to force the connection between that kind of conduct and pain.

You probably have your own preferred divisions and disciplinary methodology.

Sissy Wimp’s Punishment

Brutal punishment and discipline like this has turned a once proud man into a servile sissy wimp.


His Mistress is genuinely merciless. If he drops anything, forgets a chore, is slow in responding, imperfect in protocol she beats him. There are no days without at least a couple of very harsh whippings.

Intensely sadistic she enjoys putting him in situations where perfect performance is impossible.

The shocked woman observing the whipping is getting her first lesson in female domination. Her stunned amazement will pass. Then she will begin an education that will change her relationships with men forever.

When she returned husband will be incredulous, disheartened but finally subdued.

Sadists Love Mirrors

This woman has been punishing a submissive man by locking him in bondage on the bed and giving him a spanking.


That mirror tells a story. She is a sadist. She enjoys spanking and discipline men so much she wants to see as much of her own performance as she can.

Any submissive man who wants to spend time with her must understand this. She will spank and hurt him just for fun. He does not have to offend her or merit a beating. She whips him just because of the excitement and energy.

Spanking Toys Are Where You Find Them

Spanking implements are often at hand even when away from home. This wife and husband were visiting a river near their home. She found his behavior offhand and inconsiderate.


Without much effort, she grabbed a branch and created a good old-fashioned switch. A corporal punishment device not sold in fetish catalogs.

Ordering her husband to strip and hold on to a tree limb she have him the spanking he so badly needed.

She enjoyed using the switch and will take this home where her husband will receive additional discipline.She’ll enjoy the evening much more than the trip to the river.

Boyfriend Becomes Kitchen Slave

This Domme has turned her boyfriend into a kitchen slave.


Not only does he wash dishes and scrub the floor and walls, he is also cooks all of her meals. She has ordered him to learn how to cook like a gourmet chef.

She demands perfection. A spot on a counter or anything imperfect about the food he prepares for her results in instant corporal punishment. She regards failure as disrespect. Since she is so demanding his punishment are frequent.

Never permitted to eat what he cooks he is permitted three bowls of slave gruel a day eaten from a bowl on the floor.

Women Training Men As Slaves

What does female training of the male to serve as her slave entail? There is no universal agreement. A women will use what experience has taught her will effectively condition a man to accept status as owned property.


  • Rules: Every enslaved male has rules that govern his life. Flawless obedience should be the goal of every slave man.
  • Pain. Only a man whose natural submission to women is perfect might escape the occasional need for corporal punishment.
  • Posture. The male may be required to keep his head bowed, forbidden eye contact, curtsey: move and hold his body in a way that reinforces submission.
  • Protocol: A slave man may be obliged to use address his Owner with a title. Ritual phrases may be part of any words spoken to her.
  • Bondage: Perhaps the most controversial aspect of male slave control. Physical restriction can keep a man out of trouble or mindful of his status as chattel.

These are elements train and maintain a man in slavery.

Women new to slave ownership may seek the advice of other Dommes. Each woman will evolve her own refinements and ramifications.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any advice to offer?