Sissy’s Bondage Bed Spanking


Disciplinary Domme prefers to use a belt for routine spanking her sissy servant. She loves to see the red marks on sissy’s buttocks become redder and redder. Connecting sissy’s butt plug with the mouth gag produces entertaining effects, especially when the belt strikes the plug.

Sissy is never tempted to forget that she her Domme’s maidservant or ever neglect her many chores.

Woman Spanks Him Ruthlessly

This dominant woman’s harsh cane whippings have taught her boyfriend to fear her. To heighten the effect of her punishment of him she has invited women to watch and laugh at his suffering. You might expect him to flee. But he worships her for how she ruthlessly exercises power over him. He will do anything, suffer any punishment to maintain her willingness to allow him to serve her.


How Women Punish Men

Charlotte writes about the punishment of men, particularly how she punishes her husband. An excerpt:

Typically the spankings are formal and given in a stern but calm atmosphere. Often I will have told him that I want to see him for ‘a little chat’ in my study at a certain time or when he has finished a certain chore. For instance is it not uncommon that I when we have dinner am made aware of offences or incidents during the day and I then inform him that I want to see him in my study as soon as he has done the dishwashing and tidied up the kitchen after dinner. Most times it is because his misdemeanour is so serious that it warrants a spanking but it happens that a number of smaller infractions and incidents of pouting and other kinds of bad attitude over a day or two are accumulated so it is obvious that he needs to be seriously punished. It also happens that I just sense that it is about time he is firmly reminded of his place and I then pick a minor offence as reason for severe punishment.

Read all of Charlotte’s words.

Formal Punishment Sessions

Malesub’s punishment spankings are often pictured taking place in bare rooms and basements. There is much to be said for disciplining a submissive man in more aesthetically pleasing settings. Ceremony and formality are appropriate for corporal punishment sessions.

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Curtains, cushions and candles create a ceremonious air and attractive environment. Here a Mistress can discipline her malesub enjoyably.

The malesub will prepare the punishment space. Then place him in a vulnerable position making his body available for the spanking or whipping to come. As he waits there is nervous apprehension grows adding to his punishment without his Mistress exerting herself. She may be sipping a glass of wine meditating on his distress.

To add to the decorous air her costume is elegant but simple. Basic black is perfect. Rather than heavy leather or PVC her costume allows ease of movement and evaporation of sweat.

She may lecture her malesub before beginning his physical punishment. Everything is arranged and proceeds with her pleasure in mind.

A female led disciplinary experience that will be remembered by both Domme and malesub should result.

Girlfriend Spanks Boyfriend

Dominant girlfriend expects her submissive boyfriend always be on time.

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She demands perfection from him: perfect obedience and perfect humility. She expects him to make her life easier. This includes cooking and housecleaning. He does the laundry and runs all of her errands.

He is a good malesub. She believes that her strict discipline and readiness to spank him is the cause of his good behavior. So she never accepts an excuse for bad behavior.