Submissive Men With Small Penises

Women sometimes choose men with tiny penises. A male with a small cock tends to develop submissive feelings as soon as he discovers his sexual inferiority. He has few of the illusion of the traditional masculine male. Thus he falls very readily under the authority of a strong woman.

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A small penis enhances punishment spankings. Mistress can remind him of his inadequacy. His shame will make the lashes or blows of belt, cane or paddle seem more intense.

Submales with tiny penises adapt readily, sometimes gratefully, to a life or chastity and orgasm denial.

When a Man Accepts His Inferiority

When a woman exerts the full force of her superiority, a male cannot resist. His instinct will be to obey and submit to a power greater than himself.


As he fully experiences his inferiority he will begin to see himself as a weak creature needing guidance.


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He will accept woman’s discipline as just now knowing that punishment will force him to a life of fulfilled obedience.

Husband Becomes Domme Wife’s Slave

Punished Slave Husband

This is the first day of this husband’s new life as his wife’s slave. The Domme Wife is a no-nonsense Mistress. She knows what she expects of her enslaved husband. He needs to learn his inferior position in the marriage and accept it.

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That is why she is spanking him as he washes the dishes. He must understand that discipline may come at any moment. The pain of her belt may cause the slave husband to drop and break a dish. She will punish him for that. The lesson: there are no excuses.

And she enjoys whipping and spanking him. She’ll do it just for fun whenever the whim strikes him. So when he’s punished the strokes and lashes will be brutal to insure he knows the difference between her entertainment and his discipline.

In a very short time, the husband will accept his status as woman’s slave. He will be humbly obedient and meekly attentive.

He will come to thank her gratefully for being permitted a woman who has so clearly proven her superiority.