Part-Time Slave of a Bitch Goddess

Evenings With a Young Bitch Goddess

Her personal ad was terse and titillating:

Bitch Goddess seeks part-time male slave and pain toy.

After much patience she found a male that fit her criteria. Good-looking and well built, very submissive and a pain slut.

Their relationship – the word seems almost too fancy – was very simple

Each day after work he went to her apartment, stripped of his clothing and prepared her supper. Then he waited at her door naked and kneeling with his head bowed.

Then, like a waiter, he served his young Mistress her meal.

Rarely was a word said. Only three statements were permitted to the servile youth:

Yes, Mistress

No, Mistress

Thank You, Mistress

Relaxing after her meal the slave was allowed to kneel at her feet in a ritual posture of submission.

If he had been allowed to look at her face he would see her lips curve into an anticipatory smile. For a time she held her need in check. Then the impulse out of her control …

She would grab his hair and slap him in the face or kick the clear lucite prison that confined his penis. The second part of the evening had begun.

It was always the same. He had a heavy leather strap. She whipped her slavew as with force and speed. Delighting in the red streaks forming across his skin. Happy in the whimpers he strove to suppress, the moisture around his eyes. She beat him until she until her muscles ached.

Lastly she pulled his head between her legs and allowed him to service her with his tongue. Some nights a tardy tear would alide across her thigh.

When is Mistress was satiated the part-time slave left without a word. To her mind he had ceased to exist.

And so it was five nights a week, every week.

On the weekend? Another story.

bitch goddess girlfriend

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Female Disciplines Male in Public

A short except from a long comment on public punishment of men:

I consider it to be my natural right to discipline my male when and as needed also in public as long as it not offend, disturb or harm other people. It comes very natural not in a restaurant to scold him loudly and slap him in the face but in general it is different outdoors and I do not need to restrain my anger when he misbehaves. What offends or does not offend people who see or hear us in these situations differs a lot but it is surprising how few negative comments and other reactions I have experienced. People seem in general to accept that when a woman scolds and slaps a man he probably deserves it. Several times I have got positive reactions varying from just supportive smiles to remarks like, ‘good to see that you keep him in line’ from passing women who had no idea why I punished him.

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Domme Wife Spanks Her Husband Daily

This dominant wife regulates her submissive husband’s life. He has a list of domestic chores that he must perform by certain times on certain days. Neither tardiness nor sloppiness are tolerated.


Before she sends him to bed each evening he must strip naked and stand before her.

If his performance has been completely satisfactory she congratulates him and gives him a firm but not harsh maintenance spanking.

If his performance as her servant was in any detail faulty, he receives a hard disciplinary spanking. The pain and duration are in proportion to his failure.

Her discipline insures that he is a husband who knows his place.

Mature Spanking Domme

Submissive men have worshiped this mature Mistress for decades; since she discovered her pleasure in dominance and punishment as a girl.


Even in late maturity, she turns most away. Only the most sincerely humble are allowed to serve her. She has never lost her taste for spanking men. Whip, belt, hairbrush, paddle all seem like natural extensions of her arms.

The male across her lap feels honored as her hairbrush smashes into his butt. He is so thankful for the pain of her discipline.