Domme Wife Spanks Her Husband Daily

This dominant wife regulates her submissive husband’s life. He has a list of domestic chores that he must perform by certain times on certain days. Neither tardiness nor sloppiness are tolerated.


Before she sends him to bed each evening he must strip naked and stand before her.

If his performance has been completely satisfactory she congratulates him and gives him a firm but not harsh maintenance spanking.

If his performance as her servant was in any detail faulty, he receives a hard disciplinary spanking. The pain and duration are in proportion to his failure.

Her discipline insures that he is a husband who knows his place.

Mature Spanking Domme

Submissive men have worshiped this mature Mistress for decades; since she discovered her pleasure in dominance and punishment as a girl.


Even in late maturity, she turns most away. Only the most sincerely humble are allowed to serve her. She has never lost her taste for spanking men. Whip, belt, hairbrush, paddle all seem like natural extensions of her arms.

The male across her lap feels honored as her hairbrush smashes into his butt. He is so thankful for the pain of her discipline.

Pre-Spanking Sissification

When disobedience requires that a submissive male be disciplined corporal punishment may not be enough. He should be punished in such a way that diminishes is masculine egotism.


Pre-spanking sissification may be a useful disciplinary technique. It will only be useful with men not routinely feminized. Use pink for best effect. Force the submale to dress up like a girl including a nice big bow for his hair.

After his spanking the submissive man should be required to wear his sissy outfit for at least an hour if not the rest of the day.

Dildo Discipline

When insubordination and recalcitrance require that a submale be disciplined corporal punishment may not be enough. He should be punished in such a way that diminishes is masculine egotism.


Dildo discipline is a great secondary punishment. The penetration of his anus, being on the bottom: these things crush his illusory manly pride.

When his punitive sodomy session has concluded he should kneel and thank the woman. That he chokes on the words proves that humiliation has reminded him of his place in woman’s world.

Maternal Spankings

Strict mamma punishes her sons for irregular, disrespectful and inappropriate behavior with hard spankings.


Disciplinary mom teachers her two sons to behave with regular spankings.


The sitting brother seems to be having intense and confusing feelings as he watches his mother spank him.


Regularly disciplined and spanked males will grow up to be good husbands.

Mature Maternal Discipline

He’s a strong young man, a popular athlete at his university.


At home he’s a well behaved, humble male. His mother has always disciplined him and continues into his early adult hood. Her will is stronger than his muscles.

His professors are often surprised by how respectful he is; his old-fashioned manners. If they could see this scene of mature maternal discipline, they would know why.