Why Are Women Better Than Men?

Woman as Superior Goddess

Not that I think they are.

But many of you – i.e., submissive and masochistic men – think women are better than men.

My own suspicion is that the primary appeal of this belief is that it justifies in the man’s mind his cravings for humiliation and pain. Enables him to overcome the social taboos that surround his kinks.

But if you believe in female superiority / supremacy what do you attribute the inequality to?

  • Biology? Do women have superior genes, some sort of chromosomal superiority?
  • Socialization? The differences in the ways each gender has been during childhood? Their upbringing makes girls full of sugar, spice and everything nice?
  • Spiritual, magical forces? Some sort of neopagan Goddess pervades the universe and imparts her holiness to earthly women?

Why is a woman better than you? Better than me?

Originally posted 2012-11-06 06:26:18.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. macguy4400 says

    Women are better than men??? It is the truth thou that women can and do rule over men. Look at the preponderance of submissive men who will submit to all types of degradation and humiliation just so they can be with a dominant lady for more punishment. Ok, sure I am one of them to some degree and find it very erotic to be tied, whipped, kneel, etc. just for the chance to worship at her alter. Women are not so much better, it is that they control their sexual emotions better knowing they can make a man do what ever they desire and they do get off by subjecting a male to all types of humiliating behavior. lol I am macguy and I am on yahoo and again looking for a trim dominant lady for the above.

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