Woman as Deity: Literal Goddess Worship

Literal Woman Worship

By Apollinaire

To give the place of the Deity to the woman is what I refer to as “worship”. (Perhaps the Christians should skip this section.) From the Christian point of view (among others) femdom is blasphemy, an abomination of the role of the male as the head of the family, established by The Creator. Women should submit to their husbands. Perhaps it is because femdom is the antithesis of this, I find it so appealing. (I’ve always been such a bad boy!)

Placing the woman in the position of God fulfills the human spiritual need in the submale; the need to worship and submit to something greater than himself. This can be manifested in many wonderful ways. Any part of the body and by extension clothing, even sex toys can be the object of devotion. Feet are likely the most common. Symbolically the lowliest part of the human, the act of worshipping the woman’s feet demonstrate that the submale finds the woman’s lowest part is higher than his own highest part. Of course, we know from whence the blood of the sacrament comes. (My favorite reward!) I think my favorite form of worship is kneeling down and placing a single kiss on the woman’s ass as a sign of deference, respect, humility and servitude. Beside the current social symbolism of being one who will sacrifice personal comfort for her mere approval (an ass kisser or brown noser, if you will), this is a very ancient symbol. It dates back to the beginning of recorded time and represented the sealing of a pact with the devil. That is, when one made a pact with the devil, it was sealed by kissing it’s ass.

Deep dark symbolism indeed! This does not necessarily make the submale or femdom Satan worshipers, though certainly not innocent either. Now bear with me, I believe that these desires can be projected upon humans by inorganic beings, and wonder if that is part of the reason for the proliferation of femdom. Even 20 years ago it was “rare” (That’s when I first realized my submissive desires [If it matters I was 10].), and now I see ads in every publication containing personals, selling professional mistresses. It would seem to be a booming profession and I wonder if they are just business women filling a need or are they truly turned on by the prospect of dominating a male. While I’m sure it is probably some combination of both, I’m quite curious to know what the attraction is in their eyes. Whatever the reason I am happy that it is growing in popularity, Hopefully this will lead to some desensitization in society at large and remove some of the stigma associated with being “pussywhipped”. Then again, that could be counter productive as that might reduce the humiliation associated with it. It is good though for more women to be aware of it. Hopefully they will come up with many wonderful new ways to dominate and humiliate their males.

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  1. Daydreamer says

    Before making such statements as:

    “From the Christian point of view femdom is blasphemy, an abomination of the role of the male as the head of the family.”

    Nowhere in the Bible can this be found.

    The New Testament was written in Greek. Translations today fail to make an accurate translations which allows for such comments as the above.

    “Women should submit to their husbands.”
    This is applicable only to Christian couples.

    The Greek word translated as “submit” is a military term where soldiers pledge to follow their appointed leaders.

    Submitting to her husband does not mean a wife can’t have independent thoughts, feelings or desires. Or that she must follow her husband’s command if he’s sinning.

    5:21 – (All Christians are to) Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.
    “Submit” here is not the same Greek word as in 5:22

    Following this verse are those defining a husbands duty to his wife, always ignored by writers such as this.

    25 Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.
    (This means he will die for her, if necessary.)

    28 In this same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself.

    29 After all, no one ever hated their own body,…

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