The Superior Female’s Rule

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What is this secret place of dark desire hidden deep within my soul? What brings me crawling to its rusty iron gate day after day, night after night trying to resist that delicious dose of Female Domination? Is it the heady smell of sweet surrender that lingers above this forbidden land like the heavy mist creeps in to obscure some lonely, distant moor? It is a sweet aroma to be sure, but it demands a heavy price for its intoxicating scent.

If it would only remain hidden behind those layered walls of guilt and shame, there would be no need to fear what i might do next. If i could only look the other way when an image suddenly appears to trigger a response from that secret, sinister place hidden way down deep inside. If i could only block my ears from hearing words that rush in to beat the drums for blind obedience, i might be saved. For these stir the air that carries the aroma; provocative words and images are what starts it swirling behind those wicked walls. This is what creates the current that carries it through that ominous gate that is but a pseudo sentry keeping nothing in and nothing out. This is where that sinful scent begins its relentless ride upon that seductive gentle breeze to find me.

With infinite patience and malice, it seeks me like it has so many times before to titillate, taunt and tease. There was a time when it came at me with a sudden intensity that refused to be denied; when it surged ahead to suck me in and hold me in its grasp. But that time has slowly faded. Endless journeys have worn a crooked path that has become an easy trail to follow. Where’s the rush? Where is the need to hurry when the one it seeks can so easily be found? And, although i attempt to shield myself with the strength of my convictions, why do i always feel the need to relinquish my control? With resolve and determination i struggle on; i bravely refuse the temptation to grovel at Her feet. But like all brash proclamations, the words are easier said than done. For one who has never tasted the addictive dose of the Superior Female’s rule, there is a fighting chance. But once that forbidden fruit is eaten, the taste lingers on the palette making everything else seem maudlin, banal and bland. Once you’ve felt the rush, you are only too eager to give in, give up and submit. You have only to fall to your knees willing to accept the price that must be paid to enter Her sacred garden where She rules with all the power and glory.

If She is strong enough to take my power, if She is strong enough to demand my obedience, then i must serve at the feet of the One who has captured me. i know it is wrong and it is this very dose of delicious degradation that drives me to feel the sting of Her hand and a longing to be aroused by Her words of humiliation that will have me groveling at Her feet to worship the Feminine power that i can never have. i beg for the privilege of submitting to the conquering Heroin to receive the discipline i so justly deserve, and so desperately covet.

Bondage & Discipline (F/m Psychology)

Woman Dominant BDSM

By Apollinaire

While certainly not a complete, or necessarily entirely accurate definition, I am here going to define B/D as the use of corrective corporal punishment of a severity that requires restraining the male. (That does not necessarily mean that it must be crippling.) In my view all corporal punishment must come as a result of the male having somehow failed the woman or in some way violated a rule. (Which gives the creative femdom pretty much free reign.) I am sure this desire arises in males that were raised by parents that found the solution to every childhood problem in corporal punishment. The “problem”, infraction, misdeed, whatever, created a gap in the family relationship. The punishment restored the closeness, made everything “OK” again. The submale with this in his personal history will surely expect the whip at the first sign of his woman’s displeasure.

Strangely, I detest pain and will do most anything to avoid it, but I live for the knowledge that my woman has that power over me. The only way to make that power real is for the woman to use corporal punishment periodically. With that threat hanging over my head I am always most eager to please. It is a mystery to me, how I am so turned off at pain and yet literally tremble at the thought of the woman that holds that power over me. It is much more a fascination with power than with pain. Pain is the ultimate expression of that power. The power to tie me down and whip my ass until I’m crying like a little girl, is the ultimate power any woman can have over me. I have endured terrible floggings and tortures, even had my penis pierced over 50 times in one session.

(I’d like to interject here, that I fail to see the importance of stretching ones threshold of pain. I mean how far can one really go. Is breaking a limb too far? How about amputating one? Would you ever consider killing me? It would seem to me the principle of the conservation of motion would indicate a lower threshold of pain be preferable to the woman as it would require less work on her part to demoralize and enfeeble the male. But, I have always had difficulty understanding the hard core S/M. I bear no animosity toward people of this passion, nor do I desire to belittle their activities. [I refer not to the pleasurable sensation of a stinging bottom, rather the need of some to take pain to the extremes.]) Frankly, I was disappointed. Pain, for the sake of pain, does not do it for me. Kneeling at the woman’s feet and feeling her absolute power, as she commands me with the mere threat of corporal punishment, knowing the reality of that threat, however, is almost enough to bring me to climax. It is the simple statement “or else” that makes me tremble and “suck-cum” to acquiescence. I most definitely find power, to be the pleasurable dimension at the core of all activities involving pain.

There is also much to be said for the feeling of helplessness that being bound arouses. It is an expression of submission, “not only am I willing to offer no resistance, I couldn’t if I wanted to”. It is also a desire for the safety and restriction experienced in the womb. A desire to return to the complete dependence on the mother. Spiritually, it is the Black Widow, who after obtaining her goal “confines” the male to the role of a tasty morsel. This confinement also frees the male of any responsibility and with it the guilt caused by the desire to live in this manner of relationship. It is not enslavement, it is liberation. Give me liberty or… ah, no, just give me liberty.

Ruined Orgasm Denial Wife

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Ideally a female supremacist wife who keeps your cock locked up in a CB6000 when is isn’t ruining your wife.

That is what the recent Google search stats suggest many hoping to find here.

Ruined orgasms if I remember what I’ve read involve masturbation where the pressure of the hand is removed just prior to ejaculation diminishing the thrill. Sounds like an esoteric art to me but certainly deliciously cruel in intent. Though some may regard forced orgasmless ejaculation using a device like the Aneros prostate massage something nearly the same.

There’s also another kind of milking that is rather the opposite of the ruined orgasm. Forcing a man to masturbate repeatedly – or perhaps masturbating him – until his penis begins to hurt. Another interesting form of erotic torment.

Oh, the mighty phallus: please it, confine it, hurt it – funny how it is so often the center of attention.

Joy in Being a Punished Slave

The quality of a male slave’s inner sense of his slavery, his inferiority to his female owners can be partly ganged by his response to punishment.

Many slaves will grudgingly accept punishment with fatalistic resignation. As the property of the women there is no escape from the whip.

Some will accept their punishment as deserved. They know that pain is something necessary to help them focus on their servitude to the superior sex.

Some males glory in their punishment. True they may be masochists. Those with the most internalized submission see it as an affirmation of female strength, power and will. They know that their suffering delights the Mistress who inflicts it and feel proud to give her that pleasure.


The male slave in this Japanese Femdom drawing clearly is experiencing happiness in suffering.