I am a Worthless Male (Slave Man’s Prayer)


Malekind’s Worthlessness


I recite this prayer during my daily chores glorying in my life as the servant of a Female Divinity.

by subjoey

I am a worthless male.
A tool for Women to use, it’s not degrading.
It fulfills me with purpose and significance.

I am a worthless male.
Receiving Her fluids, directly as well as mixed
in food and drinks, makes me feel appreciated.

I am a worthless male.
Getting spanked and inspected regularly,
motivates me to serve Her with all my soul.

I am a worthless male.
She spits in my face and mouth. I drink
Her saliva and piss. Her fluids nourish me.

I am a worthless male.
Serving as a Woman’s footstool gives me value
and makes me feel useful.

I am a worthless male.
Licking Her boots, cleaning Her house, serving
him, are my ambitions to feel worthy of him.

Submissive Men Need Self-Abasement

Submissive men respond will to being ordered to grovel and worship.


Man wants to worship woman. But often is inhibited and ashamed of this hungry.

Groveling, licking the woman’s shoes, licking the floor that she walks on takes the male ever more deeply into his slavery. The concrete expression of his inferiority fulfills him.

By enforcing a humble posture, self-degradation and self-abasement the slave becomes more devoted, dedicated and useful to the woman that allow him to be her servant or slave.

Treasured Male Slaves

Many male slaves are treasured by their Mistress Owners.

These slaves are complaisant, comely and pleasing. Compliance with her slightly whim is instinctive. Instant obedience has never needed the motivation of pain and punishment. But being an outlet for Mistress Owner’s sadism is humbly welcomed.

Inferior creatures though they are attractiveness and innate humility earn gentle, affectionate treatment.


Mistress Owner takes her favored slave for a walk.

Male Slave’s Spring Gardening Chores


The vernal equinox, spring solstice signals the beginning of gardening chores for slave men.

What Mistress Owner can fail to relish the sight of her slave at work in the garden and yard? There is the Domme’s pleasure in seeking a man laboring and sweating at her command. The slave will develop a handsome tan. It is even healthy for her servant.

With so much free labor available the Mistress Owner is free to plan large gardening projects.

Perhaps she will enjoy having her entire yard dug up and fresh grass planted. The slave can stand guard and insure no weeds or unwanted flora blemish the perfect purity of her lawn.

Flower gardens lend beauty to her property and delicious aromas to her home.

Fresh whole produce and lower food bills are the rewards of vegetable gardening.

The male slave will have no time for mischief or laziness.

Male Slaves: Be Silent or Suffer

The newly enslaved male often has trouble keeping its mouth shut. Some dare to complain or offer an opinion. Other recently enslaved men May grunt, whimper (outside of punishment) or make unattractive noises. These sounds may distract a woman from her work or private meditations.

A fresh slave male must learn and understand: slaves are always silent unless directed to speak.

This slave bondage and tongue restraint unambiguously reminds the slave that silence is mandatory.

The strapping limit’s the motion of the head and shoulders of the slave.

The tongue restraint will make the slave strive determinedly to suppress motion of the tongue. That is impossible. The tongue will move. And be scraped by the serrated edge of the restraint. The lingering tongue pain will remind the punished male of his choices: be silent or suffer.