Slave Boyfriend On the Spanking Bench

A dominant young woman has taken control of her naturally submissive boyfriend. He is now her obedient slave.


Frequently she takes him to the spanking bench and straps him down. With her cane she delivers hard, hot, stinging blows that leave welts in his skin. She films the all punishment sessions. Later she watches and can better enjoy the expressions of anguish that passed across his face as she whipped him.


She makes him watch. Seeing her boyfriend cringe at the sight of himself beg and whimper makes her laugh.

He doesn’t know that she shoes the movies to her girlfriends.

Slower Submissive Male Spanking

Some Dommes prolong the time of punishment sessions with submissive men to increase their psychological potency. This is done without the necessity of excessive physical punishment.


Slowly the subman to the part of the home devoted to his punishment sessions. Leading him by the ear is always an effective touch. Leisurely handle your disciplinary instruments, seemingly unsure of whether to use carpet beater, paddle, whip, tawse, etc.

Take your time positioning his body.

The whole time he will be thinking of his coming spanking. Your blows will seem to hurt worse than they ordinarily do.