Female Supremacy: Philosophy & Lifestyle

Authentic Female Supremacy


Female Supremacy has historically referred to various relationships between Women and males which have an appearance of some aspect of Female domination of the male. This fantasy “Female Supremacy” is typically sexual in nature and is designed for the purpose of providing some sort of satisfaction for the male. Since the Female is compensated by the male for performing a service to his benefit this does not represent Female supremacy; it is an ordinary business transaction.

Authentic Female Supremacy does not strive to serve the male. It is intended to serve the Female. It is really a question of intent. One cannot distinguish fantasy “Female supremacy” from authentic Female Supremacy by observation of specific acts of domination; the acts may be identical. Neither does the test for authenticity depend on whether the male derives benefit from the act. Because Woman is superior, and the male is by his nature intended to serve Her, it is to be expected that


the male will secondarily derive what he perceives as benefit from many instances of Her domination. Indeed, a Woman may not even be aware that Her domination of a male is perceived by him as a gift. The true test is whether the act is intended for the exclusive benefit of the Woman.

Authentic Female supremacy is more than an act or series of acts of Female domination. It is a philosophy and a lifestyle wherein Woman is considered superior to man and is entitled to dominate him and use him in Her service. The essence of the resulting life style is that Women are empowered to lead and command while men follow and serve Them.

The Syllogism. Women are superior to men. It is natural and desirable that the superior dominate and use the inferior.

Therefore it is natural and desirable that Women dominate and use men.

Woman’s Superiority. Women are superior to men because of Their biological design as Mothers and controllers of procreation. The reasoning follows:

(1) Since the number of offspring depends on the number of Mothers, rather than the number of fathers, the natural importance of Women is far greater than the natural importance of males. Consequently both Women and men are designed to assure that Women get what they need, even at the expense of men. It is that design that empowers Women to dominate men and use them to fulfill Their needs and desires. Similarly it is that design that causes men to submit to domination and exploitation by Women. It is inherent in the design of Females and males that

She serves Herself through him, and that he serves Her.

(2) Because Her survival is so important Woman is designed with abilities and qualities that equal or exceed those of man. It wouldn’t make sense for Her to be found wanting. It is argued that Women can do most anything males can do as well as or better, and She is, and can do many things he is not, and cannot do at all.

(3) Each Woman by Her design attracts many males to Her to procreate. It is She who chooses among the males. In order to be chosen by Her the male must compete to please and serve Her. The male is controlled by the superior Female, since he must submit to Her wishes and desires in order to fulfill his most driving need to procreate.

(4) As reflective beings Women and men not only live the reality of Woman’s superior design and function, but also have awareness of who they are. Women know they are superior, and men know they are inferior (at least at some level). This self knowledge leads in and of itself to Superiority in the behavior of Women and inferiority in the behavior of men.

The Nature of Domination and Servitude.

It follows directly from the nature of Woman’s superior function that Woman is intended to be able to control and use the male in Her service. It is natural that She should perceive it as desirable, satisfying, and pleasurable. It is similarly natural that the male should perceive Her control and manipulation of him as desirable, satisfying, and pleasurable.

We are designed to follow natures plans through doing what is satisfying and pleasurable. Therefore it is not only true that Woman is superior and can dominate the male, but also that it is good and desirable for both Women and males.

A philosophy is a guiding principle which assumes reality through day to day conduct of individual lives. Ultimately a philosophy gives rise to representative life styles. Female Supremacy allows for the emergence of many different lifestyles, since as free agents Women can order their lives, and the lives of males who serve them, in any way they see fit. One would expect day to day life to be more satisfying, whatever form it might take, since it would be ordered for the benefit of Women, and thus more satisfying to them and males who serve Them.

While it is impossible to describe a specific Female Supremacy lifestyle there are certain elements that would likely be common to any. Some of those elements involve Women and men as individuals in their personal lives, while others involve the larger social organization.

Personal Life.

Physical. Women would have at Their disposal the financial/productive resources of males. Earnings of men from work in the work place would accrue to their Female owners. Maintenance and upkeep of a Woman’s personal surrounds would be provided through the efforts of owned or borrowed males.

Emotional. Women would be respected and admired by all, and They would feel joy and power in Their superior Feminine nature; Women would feel secure in the Sisterhood of Women; Women would be freed from the threat of male aggression.

Intellectual. Women would be free to pursue and achieve the highest level of knowledge and understanding in Their grasp. men would be educated and trained as their abilities allow in skills and disciplines that would be of benefit to the Sisterhood. Both Women and men would be educated to understand the truth’s of Female Superiority and Female Supremacy.

Spiritual. The Feminine nature of the ultimate, whether it be the Goddess or Mother nature would be acknowledged and Women would be worshiped as the spirit of the ultimate Feminine. Women and men would learn the spirituality of oneness with nature, and the connectedness of all things.

The practice of Female Supremacy in personal life is partially or fully attainable within contemporary society. All it requires is the agreement of the participants. On the other hand achieving Female Supremacy in the larger society requires extensive restructuring. That restructuring can be facilitated, however by simple acts.

The Larger Society.

Economics. In the ideal Female society only Women would have the right to receive and spend money. Through the control of finances Women would control everything. males would be dependent on W@omen for their survival, and would be readily controlled and used. Within the context of present day society a number of simple acts would begin to place economic control in the hands of Women. (1) Women could take over the control of the earnings of Their males. (2) Women and men could make it a point to patronize Female owned businesses whenever possible. (3) Those making hiring decisions could make it a point to hire qualified Women over male applicants. (4) Similarly, preference in promotions could be given to qualified Females over males.

Law and Government. In the ideal Female society men would not have legal rights, and therefore could not vote, hold office, make contracts, or sue. males would within their ability be allowed to assist Women in implementation and technical development in any of these areas. Laws, policies, and contracts would in that way be written by Women and for Women. There are a number of implications for the present. (1) Women could instruct Their males on how to vote, thus effectively multiplying each Woman’s vote. (2) Female candidates could be supported and elected over male candidates if at all possible. (3) Candidates and laws that increase Women’s rights and benefits , and decrease male control could be supported and enacted. Support should especially be given candidates and laws that give Women preference or control over men. (4) Women could insist on having final say over purchases and contracts . (5) Changes in tax laws that favor Women over men could be supported. (6) Where a dispute exists between a Woman and a male the Woman’s point of view could be honored over the males, if at all possible.

Laws that punish men for acts against Women could be strengthened and their enforcement biased in favor of Women.

(Origin unknown.)

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  1. Was a very good read and totally agree. Every day should be Lady’s Day as it will become in the near future.

  2. I found this to be a well written essay supporting female superiority and explaining the implications of female supremacy in our daily lives through both individual and social context.

  3. very informative and well-reasoned article
    my Mistress/Wife has directed me to read the article 3x each day
    i must commit the article to memory and will be tested on its contents
    as a sissy inferior male my only prupose in life is to serve and satisfy
    the Superior Female who is my Mistress/Wife
    the world needs Femdom to cleanse itself of the inferior male

  4. I was more than happy to relinquish all our assets to my Mistress/Wife, leaving me her penniless submissive slave.

  5. Nice to see a sensible, down-to-earth piece of work on this topic for a change 😉

    i particularly like the paragraph which advocates that “We are designed to follow natures plans through doing what is satisfying and pleasurable. Therefore, since Woman are superior They are intended to control and use men to fulfil Their needs, and so it is only natural that Women should perceive Their superiority over men as desirable, satisfying, and pleasurable. Similarly due to a man’s natural desire to please a Woman, it is only natural that a man should perceive a Woman’s loving control and manipulation of him as desirable, satisfying, and pleasurable.”

    I fully agree that when done right, Female supremacy is good and desirable for both Women and men, and an excellent way for both to find true happiness though loving service and respect.

    Personally, i already live this experience, nd my Mistresss and i are very happy 😉
    i just wonder how long it will be before FLRs become truely mainstream…. ?