Slower Submissive Male Spanking

Some Dommes prolong the time of punishment sessions with submissive men to increase their psychological potency. This is done without the necessity of excessive physical punishment.


Slowly the subman to the part of the home devoted to his punishment sessions. Leading him by the ear is always an effective touch. Leisurely handle your disciplinary instruments, seemingly unsure of whether to use carpet beater, paddle, whip, tawse, etc.

Take your time positioning his body.

The whole time he will be thinking of his coming spanking. Your blows will seem to hurt worse than they ordinarily do.

5 Rules for Female-led Slavery

Rules of Female-Led Relationships

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1) Keeping him locked keeping him eager to please.

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An important part of male sexual reeducation should include experiencing the pleasure of surrendering sexual pleasure to his Mistress. Heterosexual relationships are enhanced by male chastity. Males are less complacent and more focused on Mistress’ wishes. Keeping him locked up is non-negotiable. His orgasms are not something that he has a right to by default.

2 ) In a Femdom relationship pegging is mandatory.

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He’ll at first. Normal. Mistress’ goal is to make bottoming a normal part of his experience. Men’s selfishness, masculine ego dissipates. He becomes humble and attentive. His submissiveness grows. He focuses on Mistress’ pleasure. Anal orgasms replace phallic pleasure. Slave should be pegged at least weekly.

3 ) He eats his ejaculate.

When permitted an orgasm, he cleans the filthy mess. Licks it up with tongue and swallows it down. This cures false pride, masculine vanity.

4 ) Sissify submissive men

Mistress Owner select her slave man’s clothing. Wearing pink, lacy panties pushes him more deeply into surrender. Require him to wear panties and stockings under his clothes when he away from home. Laugh at him. Intense shame is best for males.

5 ) Mistress disciplines her males daily

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Regular discipline of men reminds them of their inferior status. Mistress will use whichever implements she thinks most efficient. Force and duration of discipline and punishment is at her discretion.

Discipline is the most important educational tool. Spanking cures men of lazy, dilatory behavior. Pain will keep him focused on Mistress’ superiority.

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5 Reasons to Spank Men Daily

Men Must be Spanked Daily

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Carrie Hunter

Husbands, boyfriends as well need regular discipline.

Disciplinary corporal punishment:

  1. Minimizes male foolishness
  2. Ensures respectful behavior
  3. Curbs masculine egotism
  4. Enforces Mistress’ superiority
  5. Reinforces servility and obedience

Add your suggestions and refinements to the list.


Mistresses Spanking Men

There is nothing unnatural about a woman spanking a man. Or disciplining and punishing him by whatever method the woman prefers.

Spanking reaffirms her superiority and the male’s duty to obey.

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